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#CNT & #Embat on #Rambla Attack in #Barcelona; Solidarity with the Victims

Statements by the National Confederation of Labor, CNT, and Embat, the libertarian organisation of Catalonia about yesterdays terror attack on the Rambla in Barcelona.


Originally published by Kaosenlared; here (CNT) and here (Embat). Translated by The Free.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

CNT on Rambla Attack in Barcelona

From the National Confederation of Labor, CNT we show our utmost grief, indignation, confusion and pain at the attack suffered this afternoon in Barcelona.

Once again it has been the people, the civilian population, the ordinary people, who have suffered the consequences of wars that are not theirs. Once again the people put back the suffering and the dead.

This time the location has changed, the place has changed. This time has been hit the heart of Barcelona. But again the objective has been the same: the civilian population unarmed and innocent.

Whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, London, Paris, Berlin, the Mediterranean or in the fences of Melilla, we return to becoming propitiatory victims, in collateral damages of a war between sides that we do not know, that does not repair media or Limits to reach their goals, who does not know the meaning of the word “love.” Gangs for whom power is above people and life. Gangs that do not represent us.

We are sure that no vile and despicable act like this will succeed in becoming what we are not. They will not be able to confront our class brothers and sisters. To be sure, this creeping act must serve to see us reflected, to understand us and to reinforce our moral convictions of solidarity and mutual support between people and peoples.

In front of those who preach intolerance, persecution of the different or religious, racial or class superiority, we stand as a brave, diverse and struggling people.

All our love to those who suffer.

CNT, August 17, 2017


Embat on Rambla Attack in Barcelona

Embat, the libertarian organisation of Catalonia, wants to show its solidarity with all the victims of the events of today 17 of August in Barcelona.

We believe that, in the first place, grassroots organizations must defend above all the serenity and support of all those affected.
We also believe it is important that we strengthen our critical capacity and analysis with calm, without falling into paranoia.

We know that liberticides will want to take advantage of this tragedy to cut freedoms and attack the movement against tourism and gentrification or what resists impoverishment.

If we confirm the hypothesis of Jihadist attacks, we must continue to demand an end to hypocrisy by the institutions. Demand an immediate end to any aid to the West financing of the Islamist and Jihadi movements (used as subsidiary armies to the Middle East wars), blocking countries that provide material coverage (well known by all) and explicit support to populations and movements such as the Kurdish Liberation Movement (YPG,YPJ, SDF) that are at the forefront of the battle against the Salafist and Jihadi groups”.

Embat, August 17, 2017

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  1. Also CGT Catalunya made this

    : Secretariat Permanent del Comitè Confederal de la CGT de Catalunya
    17 d’agost de 2017
    Hoy nos ha tocado de cerca. Esta tarde en las Ramblas de Barcelona ha habido un ataque contra los y las peatones que ha provocado un número indeterminado de víctimas. Mientras seguimos con atención y preocupación las diferentes informaciones que nos están llegando, desde la Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) de Cataluña queremos hacer patente lo siguiente:
    – Mostramos nuestra solidaridad con las víctimas de este ataque. Una solidaridad que hacemos extensiva a todas las víctimas civiles de ataques, hechos por grupos armados y ejércitos, en diferentes lugares del mundo hoy mismo y otros días del año.
    – Hacemos patente, de manera clara, contundente e inequívoca, que la xenofobia, el racismo y el odio entre culturas son expresiones del fascismo. Los trabajadores y trabajadoras de todo el mundo tenemos otros programas de lucha para transformar la sociedad, que pasan por la libertad, el internacionalismo, la solidaridad y el apoyo mutuo.
    – Igualmente queremos manifestar que la militarización del espacio público, como la que hace meses que estamos sufriendo con policías armados con ametralladoras en medio de las calles de muchas poblaciones y barrios, no es la solución real para evitar hechos como los que han pasado hoy en Barcelona. Lucharemos, pues, para evitar que esta situación tan trágica sea utilizada por los diferentes gobiernos para endurecer la legislación penal, con la excusa de la lucha antiterrorista, y aumentar la represión y la militarización de nuestro día a día.
    Paremos el fascismo, venga de donde venga.
    Secretariado Permanente del Comité Confederal de la CGT de Catalunya 17 de agosto de 2017

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