Meet Cory Klicko: National Socialist Movement (NSM) Leader in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Poet, criminal, lonely fascist, and the leader of Wisconsin National Socialist Movement (NSM). Cory Klicko from Eau Claire Wisconsin.

Cory 1

Submitted to Enough is Enough. 

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

By day Cory appears to not even be able to hold a job or support his own children. This Nazi cant even ‘secure a future’ for his own kids. Public court records show that he had to be sued to pay child support.

By night he engages in armed robbery, obstructing an officer, bail jumping, driving while suspended, driving uninsured, and theft of movable property.

Statement From Chippewa Valley AntiFa: The members of Chippewa Valley Antifa really value the deep sense of community connectedness we have in Eau Claire and the surrounding communities. As our city grows and becomes more diverse, we want to insure that Eau Claire is a welcome place for ALL people, especially those who experience marginalization. Chippewa Valley Antifa is dedicated to squashing racism and fascism in their tracks and establishing that those ideas are not welcome in our community.


Cory 3

The most recent public court records show that Cory Klicko lives at 1211 S. Dewey St, Eau Claire WI 54701

In February 2017 lonely Nazi Klicko tried to organize a counter protest in Eau Claire WI against immigrants and refugees, but no one showed, not even the Wisconsin State NSM ‘leader’

Klicko said he’s not sure why the people who said they’d be there didn’t show up, but he plans to be at any future rallies because he believes in standing up for the security of our nation.

cory 10

Cory Klicko is listed on the NSM website as the leader of the WI chapter

You can contact Cory Klicko’s landlord and let him know that he is renting to a open but very lonely Nazi piece of shit by contacting Chase Collins who is the owner of  Live In Eau Claire  at (715) 514-1616 Chase Collins is also the owner of The Local Lounge Supper Club and can be reached at  (715) 895-8080

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