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#RefugeesGR Protest in #Athens: #EU Shame on You! Equal Rights For All!

Earlier today people marched from the Greek Labor Ministry to the European Commission’s office in Athens, Greece. The protesters demand equal rights for all people.


Image: Protesters in Ahthens demanded equal rights for all people, to stop deportations and to cancel the EU/Turkey deal.

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Refugees protest in Athens: EU Shame on You! Equal rights for all!

Earlier today people marched from the Greek Labor Ministry to the European Commission’s office in Athens, Greece. The protesters demand equal rights for all people.

Among the protesters were many Afghan refugees. In an open letter that was delivered to the EU office in Athens, the protesters demand to: “Immediately halt all deportations”, to “Designate recently arrived Afghans as refugees escaping conflict” and to “Enact family reunification.” The protesters also demand to cancel the so-called EU/Turkey deal.

“Right now in Afghanistan we have Islamic State and the Taliban warlords, as well as NATO, all at war, while US President Donald Trump has said he will intensify the military presence in the country”” one protester who identified himself only as Mohammed told the ANA-MPA news agency. “There is a state of war. Under no circumstances can Afghanistan be deemed a ‘safe country.’ How can they send people back there?”

Asylum procedures take a long time in Greece. Ali, another protester told reporters: “I am trapped here. I can’t get a job and I can’t go to school. I have lived in camps for the past two years.”

During the demonstration a speaker told that the International Organization for Migration threatened refugees in case they wanted to join the protest. “If you attend the protest then you get no food or supplies.”

Cars of Hope activist René Schuijlenburg activist confirmed that refugees are trapped in Greece. During an interview with Enough is Enough on August 5, Schuijlenburg said: “Since the start of the EU-Turkey deal in March 2016, refugees are not allowed to leave the Greek islands. So more and more refugees are stuck in huge “open air prisons” like Lesvos. If people do manage to reach the Greek main land, they face the next challenges. The European borders are closed and there are fences between Greece and Macedonia, but not only fences. Almost all countries on the Balkan route have build walls and fences at their borders.” Schuijlenburg will be back on the Balkan route next month to support refugees, and hopes many people will support the project (More information at the bottom of this page).

The EU/Turkey deal also lead to dangerous situations at sea. Again and again there are reports that Greek and Turkish coastguard ships are carrying out illegal pushbacks and in some cases attack refugee boats.

Greece is not the only EU member states that deport refugees bach to the war zones in Afghanistan. Countries like Germany and Sweden also play with peoples lives by deporting them to Afghanistan.

crowdfunding18aSome people of the Enough is Enough team will join Cars of Hope on their mission in Greece (Athens). Support refugees in Greece! Crowdfunding campaign: Click at the banner (at the left) to donate.

Read more about the support work for refugees in Greece by Cars of Hope; here.

Please support the Cars of Hope Wuppertal Crowdfunding Campaign for refugees in Greece:

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