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#Athens: Solidarity For Injured Comrades of Themistokleous 58 Squat

Last week the anarchist Themistokleous squat was attacked. Four people were badly injured during the attack.


Originally published at Contra Info.

Read all our reports about Themistokleous 58; here.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Athens: Solidarity For Injured Comrades of Themistokleous 58 Squat

Themistokleous 58 is an anarchist squat and housing project for people with and without papers in Exarchia, Athens (Greece).

On August 16th 2017, Themistokleous 58 was attacked in a fascist manner by mafia and recognized members of other squats, as well as people who sold tobacco and other substances near Themistokleous 58. These thugs attacked with metal bars, wooden sticks and knives, aiming for the heads of Themistokleous 58 squatters with intent to kill.

As a result, four comrades of Themistokleous 58 (three anarchists and one refugee) are left in serious condition. Three comrades are now out of the hospital with injuries including broken hands and legs, brain hemorrhaging, and stab wounds to various parts of the body including the head.

One comrade remains hospitalized with serious head injuries.

Future medical treatment is necessary for all.

Themistokleous 58 squat is always in need of financial support, but now more than ever during this troubling time. Some injured comrades will have lingering medical conditions that Themistokleous 58 does not have the means to cope with alone.

Let’s show solidarity for the comrades of Themistokleous 58, who have always shown solidarity for us!


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