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#OverTheFortress: European Union-libya Agreement to Come, is a Crime Against Humanity!

*DEFEND MEDITERRANEA  statement, solidarity and antifascist mediteranean network against Defend Europe identitarian expedition and Fortress Europe Project


Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

European Union-libya Agreement to Come, is a Crime Against Humanity!

One year and a half after European Union-Turkish disastrous agreement which led bi multiplication of awful and unbearable camps in Greece and Turkey, leaders of the richest continent on Earth are about to start over for the worse.

This time, it’s on African coasts that the Fortress Europe Project is going on, in partnership with lybian puppet regime and on the initiative of the french president, in exchange of huge military resources and a large sum of money which may be three times higher than the six billion dollars offered to the Dictator Erdogan in 2016.

Under the preparation of this agreement, italian military vessels increased the number of their patrols towards the South and Lybia, unilaterally changed its territorial waters limits from 12 to 70 nautical miles. At the same time, italian authorities seized an NGO rescue boat and arrested its crew while further miles in the South, off Zuwarah coasts, lybian coastguards shot live bullets to move away another rescue boat.

In the meantime, fascist militiamen expedition is sailing freely on the Mediterranean Sea with no other obstacle than us, antifascist activists, for several weeks, causing them troubles and building every possible obstacle: fears, cancellations, leaks, change of course, engine failures and getting them to be a tad ridiculous.

Several people in charge of this anti-migration ship were all of a sudden freed from their custody in the North of Cyprus, territory under Erdogan’s control, and so, despite the fact that charges against them were very serious and the investigation prolonged. Tamil asylum seekers who denounced the scam were deported to Sri-Lanka. Afterward, despite their xenophobic declarations, explicit threats and failure to respect the maritime regulations, they were never bothered by the authorities which clearly chose to let them pursue their projects..
Several European Union ministers also expressed their benevolence towards these Defend Europe fascist militiamen and even Austria Interior Minister congratulated them.

In reaction to this ongoing violence, NGO ships are one after the other regretfully forced to leave the main search and rescue zone, leaving migrants’ boats in the hands of european fascists and lybian coastgards sadly well-known for their nasty racket, torture and sequestration habits. As we witness the death of thousands migrants these last months (more than 2200 this year and 4500 last year) while all rescue ships were still there, it’s hard to imagine the extent of the humanitarian disaster to come for about ten thousands families constantly running from war, poverty and repression.

In fact, as long as justice and equality won’t be established in these countries, nothing will stop human immigration. As long as european neocolonialists will pursue their project of making Africa a vast field of ruins, nothing will prevent these families’ willingness from escaping war, death and violence. Nothing will push back political opponents and ethnic or religious minorities who run from persecutions while western leaders’ complicit silence is surrounding them. Nothing is more dreadful for entire populations, women, children amongst them, than being beaten, raped, recruited by force in armies or forced to work in camps (numerous cases reported it). Above all, no-one can deny that human history was patterned by journeys, odysseys and migrations.

How much longer Europe will continue to build walls and iron shields?

In every way, the coming agreement between European Union and Lybia is a crime against humanity, for both individuals escaping an unbearable life and individuals running away at all costs, but who will die on an even dangerous and difficult path.

These past weeks, we did our best to prevent this fascist ship (or at least slow them down) from stopping NGO rescue missions and save our brothers and sisters offshore. But, despite of our actions, confronting colossal forces, witnessing grotesque agitations of these landlubbers, we don’t think we will achieve a lot.

That’s why, through this statement, we decided to alert as much people possible because it’s our duty and our responsibility , wherever we are, in Europe or in Africa, to stand against this new wall between us. A wall made of tears and blood. Every wall, is one too many.

Against this wall and those who rule by fear and by dividing us, let’s take action together, across Mediterranean Sea, from Paris to Tunis, Tripoli to Rome and beyond.

The fight goes on!


*DEFEND MEDITERRANEA is an antifascist, antiracist and solidarity Mediterranean activists network who were actively involved in C-star ship’s blocking in Suez, then in Cyprus and prevented them from stopping over in Crete, Sicily and then in Tunisia.

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