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Thousands Stopped Fascist Alt-Right in San Francisco and #Berkeley

The fascist Alt-Right planned  two rallies in the Bay Area on Saturday and Sunday, but both rallies were confronted with massive counter protests. Saturday’s rally in San Francisco was cancelled by organizer Joey Gibson and on Sunday anti-fascists pushed the fascist Alt-Right out of MLK Civic Center Park in Berkeley.


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Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Thousands Stop Fascist Alt-Right in San Francisco and Berkeley

The fascist Alt-Right planned  two rallies in the Bay Area on Saturday and Sunday, but both rallies were confronted with massive counter protests. Saturday’s rally in San Francisco was cancelled by organizer Joey Gibson and on Sunday anti-fascists pushed the fascist Alt-Right out of MLK Civic Center Park in Berkeley.

On Saturday thousands of people converged across San Francisco to confront an Alt-Right rally organized by Joey Gibson, which was cancelled by Gibson on Friday. Gibson blamed local politicians for his decision to cancel the rally, after local authorities announced permit restrictions. Militia members were not allowed to bring guns and other weapons to the fascist Alt-Right rally. Gibson’s aim was to undermine the permit restrictions by canceling the rally and instead announced to hold an unpermitted “press conference” in San Francisco on Saturday.

Gibson’s wannabee press conference on Saturday was a complete disaster. He had to hide in an apartment with co-organizer Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman. Police blocked off the area where the press confernece was held and thousands of anti-fascists occupied the intersection. Thousands of counter protesters marched across San Francisco. Workers from the ILWU along with other workers took part in the counter protestests, chanting “Down, down, down with the fascists, power, power, power to the workers.”


In their online press conference, Chapman and Gibson claimed that neo-Nazis such as Richard Spencer and Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo (who has come to various events alongside Chapman) were not welcome to the cancelled event, but Gibson and Chapman were joined by members of the Alt-Right group the Proud Boys as well as white nationalist livestreamers from The Red Elephants (TRE) on Saturday.

Image gallery: Anti-fascists counter protests in San Francisco on Saturday.

Kyle Chapman, the white nationalist who called for the fascist rally ‘against Marxism’ on Sunday in Berkeley, was arrested on Friday. Chapman, a Daly City resident, is charged by the district attorney with possession of an illegal weapon in the form of a stick. Berkeley police officers wrote in charging documents that he was seen beating people with the stick and dousing people with pepper spray on March 4.  According to East Bay Express Judge Mark McCannon told Chapman that he can’t possess any weapons until his case is resolved. “You are to have no weapons of any kind — sticks, knives, pepper spray,” the judge said during a court hearing in Oakland on Friday morning. McCannon also imposed a stay away order on Chapman, preventing him from being within 300 yards of Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center, where Chapman repeatedly clashed with counter-protesters in spring. As another condition of his bail, Chapman must submit to a search of his person and vehicle by any law enforcement officer at any time. After the court hearing Chapman was released on bail.

On Sunday thousands confronted and shutted down a fascist rally in Berkeley, California. The fascist “No Marxism in America”  rally was called for by Kyle Chapman. The anti-semite concept of what fascists call “cultural marxism,” promotes the idea that Jews are breeding out whites and are using African-Americans and immigrants to do it.

Amber Cummings, another organizer of the fascist rally in Berkeley, announced that the rally was also cancelled and deleted the Facebook event page. But several Tweets made clear that fascist Alt-Right activists would come to protest in Berkeley. 

Among the fascists that showed up in Berkeley, was Juan Cadavid along with members of the Alt-Right livestreaming outfit The Red Elephants, who also livestreamed the press conference in San Francisco.

Although local authorities and the UC Berkeley did everything they could to demobilize for the counter protests, thousands of people took the streets in Berkeley on Sunday. Many of the were determined to prevent the fascist rally and wanted to take MLK Park, where the fascists wanted to held their rally. Cops were searching people who wanted to enter the park, but could not prevent that protesters started to drive out fascists from the park.

Around noon a big Black Bloc and other counter protesters that followed the Black Bloc marched to the park. The front banner said: “Avenge Charlottesville, Protect Your Community.” Riot cops put on their gas masks and threatened with teargas grenades, activists tried to protect the protesters with shields in case the cops would attack. But shortly after that, people started to climb over the police barricades and took the park. The cops moved out and left. The fascists were driven out of the park, among them were Juan Cadavid and Joey Gibson. For the second day in a row, the fascists were unable to rally in the Bay area.

It was a bad weekend for fascists in the US. Apart from the massive counter protests in San Francisco and Berkeley, there were solidarity demonstrations in New York and Ohio.

Image gallery: Anti-fascists counter protests in Berkeley on Sunday.

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