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Statement on #Catalonia by Some of the Enough is Enough Team

We are not exactly enthousiastic about states and nations. Not about new states and not about old states. In less than 24 hours there will be a public and binding referendum on Catalan independence from the Spanish state. We won’t … Continue reading

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#Paris: Chronology of Solidarity Actions With Those Accused in the Burned Police Car Case

The trial is ongoing for nine people accused of participating in the burning of a police car on May 18th 2016 in Paris. Because solidarity attacks continue to occur throughout the French territory around the trial dates, here is an … Continue reading

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Skillshares Camp in Progress in #Hambacher Forest

This year’s Fall Skillshare Camp has been filled with numerous workshops on the diverse subjects ranging from anarcho feminist theory and practice to multiple direct action skills and strategies. Image: Skillshares Camp started in Hambacher Forest with numerous workshops and … Continue reading

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#Catalonia: The Powder Keg Catalán: “Rajoy or Republic”

We entered a decisive week for the future development of the so-called “Catalan conflict”. This Sunday will be the referendum called by the Generalitat, with a more or less plausible and guarantor result depending on the repression that the Spanish … Continue reading

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Statement by #Embat on #Catalonia

For Embat , it is key to take advantage of this window of opportunity to articulate the popular movement and to take this role not only in the 1-O (The referendum on the first of October) issue and independence, but … Continue reading

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#EZLN: The Popular Movement and the Electoral Strategy. An Indigenous Candidate for Mexico

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) took a surprising twist to their history back on 10 October 2016, one which could yet shape the future of Mexican politics. Together with the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), which they are integrated … Continue reading

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#NoG20: Cops Raided Apartments and Store – Demo to #Billwerder Prison on October 1

On Wednesday more than 100 cops raided 14 apartments and a store in Hamburg and the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The cops confiscated 7 iPhones during the raids. On October 1 there will be a demonstration to Billwerder prison in … Continue reading

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#OverTheFortress Libyan Coast Guard Attacked Rescue Boat: Shots Fired

On September 26, a Mission Lifeline rescue boat was attacked by the Libyan coast guard. We publish a statement by Mission Lifeline from September 27. Image: Libyan coast guard attacking a mission lifeline rescue boat on September 26. Image by … Continue reading

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What is communisation? – Leon de Mattis

One thing is now certain: in the capitalist world, our situation can only get worse. All that was previously taken for granted in the form of ‘social benefits’ has been, once again, put into question. However, this transformation is not … Continue reading

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#France: State Repression Against #Indymedia #Grenoble and #Indymedia #Nantes

Following the publication of a communiqué claiming responsibility for a fire in a garage at a Grenoble police depot (gendarmerie) during the night of September 20th/21st, Indymedia Grenoble and Indymedia Nantes have been threatened by the French police.

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