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#J20: An Update on Our Comrade in Prison

On Friday, July 7th, Dane Powell became the first victim of the #DisruptJ20 arrestees to be struck with a jail sentence. Dane is a father, veteran, water protector, and active community member, but will now forever be known as one of the first political prisoner of the Trump era. Today, he needs your support more than ever. An update.


Originally published by DC Legal Posse.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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J20: An Update on Our Comrade in Prison

Dane Powell was recently transferred from the DC Jail to a federal facility, which is luckily much closer to his family. His transfer is finally complete. We and his loved-ones have been in regular (but somewhat sporadic contact) throughout the transfer process. Now that his transfer is final, all of us can be back in touch with him!

Dane continues to amaze us all with his capacity to take on this challenge, and to rise to it, at every turn. Please know that Dane is really looking forward to hearing from everyone!

☆☆ Dane’s Birthday is NEXT Thursday (September 7th). It would be so wonderful if everyone who reads this update could send him a birthday card right away (and a gift from his wishlist ONLY if that is financially manageable for you). Amazon Wishlist Link:

Some of the rules and regulations in federal prison are different from DC Jail and others are the same. Please carefully review all of this updated info. Thank you!

Dane Powell
BOP Register number 82015007

Jail Mail

Jail Mail Address
Dane Powell
BOP Register number 82015007
Federal Correctional Institution – Low
PO Box 1031
Colman, Florida 33521, USA

Jail Mail Regs

  • Hardcover books may be sent from publishers only
  • Paperback books may be sent by friends & family (at most 2-3 at a time)
  • Magazine subscriptions are okay
  • Photos: 25 photos or less may be sent in personal mail, so long as the content is permissible.
  • Return Address is required
  • Greeting cards are okay with no music or noise maker built in. Send him a birthday card as soon as you read this because his birthday is next Thursday (September 7th)
  • Some drawings are allowed on envelopes, so long as it is permissible content and doesn’t obstruct address information

☆ It is important to remember that ALL MAIL will be opened and read by BOP staff. Please daft your jail mail accordingly!


Dane has a new commissary account. DCLP will be feeding that Commissary account from Dane’s Generosity Fund, at Dane’s instruction and in accordance with his wishes.

Please donate what you can (if you can) there OR make a selection from the Amazon Wishlist, which has been updated with the latest transfer details, as to mailing address.

Generosity Link:

Amazon Wishlist Link!!!


Visits are also monitored, and require pre-approved authorization. Additionally, there are limits upon how many folks can be listed (beyond primary family). Luckily, because he is back on his home turf, his friends and loved-ones have his visitation covered. Please reach out to us well in advance of any planned travel to Dane’s neck of the woods, if you wonder if a visit might be possible.

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Please support the Cars of Hope Wuppertal Crowdfunding Campaign for refugees in Greece:

You can also support the work of Cars of Hope with donations on their bank- or Paypal account:

Paypal account:

Bank account for donations:

Name of account holder: Sozialtal e.V.

Iban: DE80 3305 0000 0000 6968 49


Description: Cars Of Hope

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