#WelcomeUnited Mass Deportation Alert in #Germany: Protests Announced

German authorities have at least  3 deportation flights scheduled for the coming week. The planes will depart from Düsseldorf, Germany. Activists announced protests against the deportations. Meanwhile the Welcome United campaign started in its second week. Yesterday there was a demonstration in Bochum, while today the cops had nothing better to do as to observe the monthly Welcome To Wuppertal breakfast in a church (!!!) with several police vans and additional cops in civil clothes.


Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Mass Deportation Alert in Germany: Protests Announced

German authorities have at least  3 deportation flights scheduled for the coming week. The planes will depart from Düsseldorf, Germany. Activists announced protests against the deportations.

Activists received information that there will be at least 3 deportation flights in Germany in the coming week. On Tuesday September 12, there will be 2 deportation flights from Düsseldorf airport; One to Kabul, Afghanistan and one to Kosovo. On Wednesday September 13, there will be a deportation flight to Serbia. Activists also stated: “everybody who is in danger of being deported to Afghanistan, Kosovo or Serbia should watch out and change accommodation during the next days. Please share this information!”

On Tuesday there will be protests against deportations at Düsseldorf airport. Activists demand to cancel the deportations. The protests start at 05:00pm (17:00) at Terminal B, Düsseldorf airport, Germany. Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/117025672332845/

Yesterday several hundred people took the streets to protest against deportations and border closures in Bochum, Germany. The demonstration was part of the ongoing Welcome United campaign in Germany. During speeches activists mobilized to protests against the upcoming mass deportations on Tuesday and Wednesday from Düsseldorf airport. The growing racism was also a topic several activists spoke about during the demonstration. Its expected that the fascist AFD party will win multiple seats in the upcoming general elections in Germany on September 24. A  Cars of Hope activist spoke about the situation on the Balkan route and demanded the freedom of movement for all people. Cars of Hope will travel to Greece again on Thursday to support refugees there. 

Image gallery: Welcome United demonstration in Bochum, Germany on September 9.

Another Welcome United demostration took place in Hanau, Germany yesterday.

Image gallery: Yesterdays Welcome United demonstration in Hanau, Germany.

During todays monthly Welcome to Wuppertal refugees breakfast in Wuppertal, Germany, several police vans and additional cops in civil clothes observed the breakfast. The breakfast was the start of the second Welcome United week. Its unknown if the cops needed to learn some table manners or had other reasons to observe people having breakfast.

In the second Welcome United week there will be a lecture about antiziganism (on September 12th with a speaker of Antifa AK Hagen) and an info event about the criminalization of humanitarian sea rescue in the Mediterranean (on September 14th with activists of the „Sea-Eye“ mission). In the meantime, further discussions and actions take place every day. Pay attention to the announcements and spread the dates – the whole program is available on a special website for the days of action: wcuwpt.noblogs.org.

On September 16 there will be a Welcome United demonstration in Berlin. The demonstration will start at 01:00pm in front of the German ministery of interior (corner Alt-Moabit/Invalidenstraße/Werfstraße in Berlin, Germany). Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1348795305156514/

crowdfunding10sMutual aid: On September 14 Cars of Hope Wuppertal will arrive in Greece to support refugees who are trapped in the EU member state, some for more than a year now. Cars of Hope will be active in Athens and on Lesvos. A few members of the Enough is Enough collective will join them. They will work together with refugees and distribute food, sanitary products and other basis needs. Our work with refugees is only possible because of the many donations we receive. Read more about the support work with refugees in Greece by Cars of Hope; here and in this interview.

Please support the Cars of Hope Wuppertal Crowdfunding Campaign for refugees in Greece: https://www.youcaring.com/cohsupportrefugees

You can also support the work of Cars of Hope with donations on Paypal account:

Paypal account: carsofhopewtal@gmx.de

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