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Reportback: Fascist Provocations Against Anti-Fascist Demo in #Barcelona

During yesterdays anti-fascist demonstration in Barcelona, Catalonia, fascists again and again provoked the demonstration and threatened anti-fascists. The demonstration against the increasing number of violent fascist attacks on the Catalan territory was applauded by some neighbours, others joined the demonstration. … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough: We Need Your Support to Continue

Some of the Enough is Enough team are in Barcelona at the moment to continue our work on a documentary about the situation in Catalonia. On December 17 we will travel to Lesvos (Greece) and later to Athens to produce … Continue reading

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#Oakland November 17: Rally and Walkout at Pitt – Disarm Pitt Police

Friday November 17, 2017, 03:30pm (EST), Towers Patio, Oakland (Ca). Last year on November 17th, shortly after Trump’s election, around 100 students, workers and community members marched together in the streets of Oakland to demand an end to student debt … Continue reading

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#Refugees #Netherlands: Support Resistance Against Eviction – We Are here

Support Resistance Against Eviction. We Are here. Friday 17th of November from 07.30am Nienoord 2, Diemen, Netherlands.

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Moonee Ponds (Melbourne): Husk Collective

Statement from Husk Collective, active since August 2017.

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Tattoo Shop in Orange Park, Florida is a Fertile Ground for Violent and Pedophilic White Nationalist Criminals

Neo-Nazi named Trevor Thompson (A.K.A. Trey Hooligan, D.O.B. 09/07/1980) Continue reading

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Activists Barricade #Perth Border Force Office in Solidarity With #Refugees on #Manus

Today members of the Refugee Rights Action Network and Whistleblowers Activist Citizens Alliance Western Australia (WACA WA) have barricaded the doors to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Perth in solidarity with the men on Manus who have … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary University: Remembering “Communiqué from an Absent Future” – AB

Recently, Antifa’s presence on campus–militantly battling fascistic speakers and influences–has given rise to key questions. How can we continue to radicalize the university? How can we turn it into an engine for revolutionary experimentation and coordination on a mass scale?

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#Anarchism #CAB: For a Theory of Strategy

Essay by the Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira – CAB).

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#Philly Reportback: Drop the #J20 Charges Rally

Reportback and image gallery of the “Drop the #J20 charges rally in Philadelphia on November 11.

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