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#Philly Reportback: Drop the #J20 Charges Rally

Reportback and image gallery of the “Drop the #J20 charges rally in Philadelphia on November 11.


Originally published by Philly J20 Solidarity Facebook page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all the Enough is Enough J20 reports; here.

Philly Reportback: Drop the #J20 Charges Rally

Thanks to so many who came through to show support. Despite unseasonably cold weather we danced our asses off, called to drop the charges and raised awareness about our upcoming trials.

Moreover we triumphed over the unnecessary antagonism of the Philadelphia Police Department who pushed us off of the plaza in front of the Rocky Steps and on to the sidewalk stating ridiculously ‘the grey squares are private property. You must stay on the brown squares’. In fact the ‘grey squares’ of the Plaza are part of Fairmount Park which is as public Philly property as it gets. We stood our ground and used their ridiculous aggression to illustrate how law enforcement stifles, harasses and silences those who dissent.

A very helpful member of Up Against The Law googled videos of past demonstrations on the Rocky Steps and kept engaging the cops and pointing out how they were out of line and eventually they conceded. We took the grey squares with a cry off ‘we’ve won the grey area.’ And after all that’s what we’re fighting for right? Some grey area in a world marked by straight line thinking and black and white authoritarianism.

Long live the grey area! Let’s get our communities what they need and deserve. Let’s stand up for those who stand up for all of us. Let’s defend J20! If you want to get involved in ongoing efforts to support J20 defendants please message us (Warning; Facebook link).

Urgent! We need your support to organise and provide mutual aid on Lesvos and in Athens. Please support!

crowdfundingdezember2017englishSome of the Enough is Enough team will join Cars of Hope to support refugees on Lesvos and in Athens in December and January. They will arrive on Lesvos at December 17. The work of Cars of Hope is based on mutual aid and one of the groups they will cooperate with on the Greek island is the No Border Kitchen Lesvos crew.

Cars of Hope needs your support for their work with refugees on Lesvos and in Athens. You can support them with direct donations on their Paypal account or by joining the Cars of Hope crowdfunding campaign (Donations by bank transfer or credit card) at:

Here is a video that we produced in September 2017 (on Lesvos):

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