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#Germany: Call for Support and Spontaneous Demonstration for #Hambacher Forest Following #Cologne Court’s Pro-RWE Decision

The ongoing court case to stop RWE from cutting one of the last remntants of ancient Hambach Forest took place on Friday in Cologne. The decission was postponed from Monday to Friday to possibly reduce number of supporters showing up in court, resulting in the same number of about 40+ attending the trial.


Originally published by Hambi Bleibt!

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our reports about Hambacher Forest; here.

Germany: Spontaneus Demonstration for Hambacher Forest Following Cologne Court’s Pro-RWE Decision

The ongoing court case to stop RWE from cutting one of the last remntants of ancient Hambach Forest took place on Friday in Cologne. The decission was postponed from Monday to Friday to possibly reduce number of supporters showing up in court, resulting in the same number of about 40+ attending the trial.

The expected biased pro-coal verdict was read out rather quickly empting a court of sad, some crying and many expecting that precise outcome and getting ready for another winter of repression and resistance. The BUND fur Natur which originated the case against the RWE was hit with the costs of the trial while in the hallway the company bigwigs basked in the lights of TV crews as their power plants pumped more mercury, CO2 and particulates into the atmosphere, poisoning, emptying and destroying communities and habitats. In response to this not just injustice but a mockery of justice and pure capitalist spectacle a demonstration with many banners, signs and a mobile treehouse info-point has formed and walked to the Cologne Cathedral and Train Station, with chants calling for Climate Justice, Saving and Remaining of Hambacher Forest and Stopping of Coal. When arriving at the traditional location for manifestation and actions on the steps in between the “Dome” and the trainstation, speaches of solidarity with the forest were made by supporters and call for resistance voiced by Hambi Folks.


After 5 years of occupation this is a difficult and at the same time mobilizing call for the Hambacher Forest Struggle. Difficult as we are about to face another winter of deforestation, and the biggest lignate clima-killer hole in Europe getting yet larger at the expense of this priceless forest and now also being a home to over twenty treehouses and 5 Barrio occupations. This is also a mobilizing moment as never before have there been so much attention at the climate struggle in the Rhineland coal mining region with many years of persistent resistance, with Climate Camp, Ende Galaende and decentralized actions against this planetary monstrosity of injustice and polution that RWE working in tandem with local state instutions symbolizes. Mobilizing even more so now because of recent state imposed false and destructive solutions offered at COP23. As the realization daunts that we are the last line of defense against a future of climate, food and ecological collapse, self-organized support groups have been forming in Bonn, Cologne and Achen. Preparing demonstrations, actions, info-points and support and resupply visits to The Forest.

kolner-dom-430x258Also even though the number of people in the Forest have swelled recently a constant call goes out for people to organize in affinity groups in your locations and support by journeying to the Forest or through remote solidarity actions. If your are in one of the surrounding towns and would like to be part of the solidarity group just send an email containing in the subject line town name and what type suport function would be possible for you to

In Solidarity with all Anti-Post-Colonialist, Anti-Extractionist and Anti-Authoritarian Struggles World-Wide.

Hambi Bleibt!!

Update: Start of deforesting and evictions

According to police, RWE will start on monday clearing work in the Hambach forest. We hope and know that as many people as possible will be in the Hambach forest from Monday morning 3:00 clock to defend it. (First preparations and actions started today, see live ticker below)

We assume that this year they intend do a complete eviction (all tree houses + meadow occupation).

Because it is impossible to enforce this year’s clearing without evicting tree houses, we are prepared for it. We’ll prevent the deforesting! Here are some suggestions:
The last clearing season has shown that 2-3 weeks are enough to destroy about 70 hectares of forest.

If you have the opportunity to come over for the next few weeks, then do so! You are needed here more than ever. Here on the spot we need people who occupy the clearing area as extensively as possible. Temporary tree occupations with mobile platforms are prepared and we will provide you with all the material and equipment you need. But also people who can help providing the tree houses, help with press and public relations work and provide emotional support are incredibly important. Since it may be that especially weekdays police in the forest is present, you can call before to ask if it is possible to come into the forest without being checked by police. Every Sunday at 9:00 clock begins an action and climbing introduction. Meeting point is the round house in the meadow.

If it is not possible for you to come for a week or more, you’ve got still the opportunity to be here for one action. For example, you could use an affinity group to prepare a blockade on the access roads (see action map) by which the clearance vehicles come.
Right now it is important to stay up to date and to make known what is happening here as widely as possible.

Update Repost of todays Live Ticker, November 25, 2017

For more updates:

The most actual on top

5:25 p.m. Finally we were able to contact all the prisoners.

5:20 p.m. One of the arrested people was only allowed to telephone now, more than twelve hours after the arrest.

04:10 p.m. One more activist released, three still in custody. Although people were waiting outside the police HQ, the cops brought him to the other end of Aachen.

03:00 p.m. One more activist released. Four are still in custody.

02:30 p.m. One activist was released.

01:00 p.m. Some information in the earlier ticker has been corrected (deliberately false information by police). The railroad blockade is completely evicted, it is not sure since when. Already very early, paramedics were arrested, this information reached us only now because they were not allowed to call us. All activists from the rail blockade are in police custody in Aachen. Come along and show your solidarity!

11:30 Police and Secus withdrawn from the forest.

11:00 Barricades were built near the exit of the former motorway behind the earth ramparts. The police tried to stop this, both police and activists have withdrawn. Several barricades were erected.

10:35 3 Police vans in Miketown.

10:10 Many Secus at Miketown, police protection spotted for the clearing work.

09:55 Security near people at a barricade at Miketown.

09:50 Two further clearing machines spotted near Miketown, driving east.

09:45 Machines withdrawn after successful blockade.

09:20 RWE begins to clear the undergrowth near Miketown.

09:20 Police are at a tree house at the edge of the forest. Three police vehicles.

08:45 The rail blockade is still standing. The technical unit seems to be stuck in a traffic jam.

08:30 There is still no contact with the blockade, but the tracks are still blocked.

06:50 The contact to the blockade is broken off.

06:00 The police requests to dissolve the blockade.

05:50 The security service wants to check all the sections of the Hambach Railroad.

05:40 About 20 cops at the blockade. They still seem pretty haphazard.

04:50 Security calls the police and explains how to get there.

04:45 Three cars of the security service spotted.

04:40 Several activists have blocked the tracks of the Hambach Railway. The coal train stands. On Indymedia, you can find this action statement (German).

02:00 According to uncertain sources, a transformer was set on fire. But we don’t have evidence for it.

Radical Walk in the Forest Sunday 2PM


First one of regular Radical Forest Walks will take place this Sunday at
2 o’clock in Oaktown. Come support those in the forest, assist in
ongoing projects, engage in discussion and reflection on 5 years of the
forest struggle and help document the occupation, its treehouses,barrios
and barricades and spread the word of the struggle through
autonomedia/social media channels, Sundays are repression free so kids
and dogies are ok to bring with you..
Please check the oline wish list if you would like to contribute.
See You in the Forest!

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  1. […] As expected energy giant RWE started with uprooting the next section of the Hambacher forest today. Riot cops secured the arean shoving people from a hill and using pepper spray. The activists in the Hambacher forest (near Cologne, Germany) continue to resist and are calling for support and ask people to come to the forest. […]

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