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Avalanche: Anarchist Correspondence, Issue #12

Avalanche: Anarchist correspondence, November 2017, issue #12 and editorial. Deadline for issue number 13 is Fewbruary 1, 2018. We re-publish the PDF files of Avalanche #12 in English, French and German. Avalanche-EN-12

Originally published by Avalanche.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Avalanche: Anarchist Correspondence, Issue #12

Anarchists always appropriated means to spread anti-authoritarian ideas and struggles to feed the dialogue and subversive action. It is in this sense that this publication is also intended as a tool, more precisely that of providing a space to nourish the international debate between anarchists. That is why these particular pages create space for struggles that spring from anarchist activities; autonomous, direct and self-organized struggles; struggles that go towards the destruction of power in all its forms; struggles happening today, yesterday or that are announcing itself.

For reading and printing (& distribution), the pdf can be found on (in english, french and german).


[Portugal] Theme park and living laboratory; the future of (two) cities?
[Italy] Against the TAP, let’s block everything
[USA] A Year Of Making Noise
[Argentina] For the anarchist comrade Santiago Maldonado
[Chile] To have one’s sight on the enemy
[Spain] The nonsense of privacy and the necessity of action

The next issue will be published in February 2018.
The deadline for contributions is the 1st of February and the texts can be send to


To develop our projects, to establish an international correspondence, we need – among other things – persistence. A quality that is often not paid much attention. Like a butterfly, it is common for many to flit about from being interested in one thing today, something else tomorrow, and already move on to something else again the day after tomorrow; what was interesting before is already forgotten. This attitude has nothing to do with what Marxists have always maligned as the revolutionary impatience of the anarchists, which is to insist that attacks on the existing order are possible and necessary, as bad as the “objective” conditions may be.

However, the question remains; in so doing does one develop a projectuality, or does one become a mere victim to the circumstances they find themselves rebelling against, running in all directions like a startled chicken. Let’s not make illusions. The rope around our throats gets tighter and tighter – or, if we prefer this metaphor, we find ourselves increasingly pushed to the margins, along with lots of other people. Will we persist with our ideas? And as a consequence, look for means and ways to attack the digital restructuring of capitalism which is tirelessly pushed forward in universities, parliaments, labs… going forward, attacking, with the goal of destroying it. Or will we find in ourselves a critical but ultimately sympathetic disposition with regards to possibilities of “smart cities” and the internet of things? A similar question can also be posed when considering the rise of the neofascists. Will we persist that fascism is just one modality among others for how to govern a state and administer capital, and consequently not only aim at fascism but also continue attacking democracy and indeed politics itself, with the intention of destroying them? Or will we be content with defending “the best of all possible worlds” or “the lesser evil”, standing together with churches, unions, and liberals?

Maybe I put too much emphasis on persistence when considering these questions. So it goes. Certainly an insurrectionary projectuality must also be capable of recognizing when some paths ought to be abandoned, or when something is no longer worth the effort. It may be because of toughening conditions, but lately I experience more and more erosion of principles: former comrades who proudly tell me that they have been voting and so forth. Suddenly one’s enmeshment in capitalism, one’s contradictions, and the times when one can’t fulfill one’s own claims to coherence all becomes general excuses. Of course one must reflect upon one’s contradictions, but it must also be said that the subversion of the existing order isn’t an easy task that could be realized in the time between today and tomorrow.

Therefore we continue to address all anarchists that have an interest in sharing their projectuality, analysis, reflections, experiences, and proposals for struggle, which recognize themselves as engaged in a combative anarchism that tries to contribute to an informal international without center or hegemony. Because we insist that an international correspondence is necessary to try to overcome one’s limitations and potentize one’s qualities. Starting from local struggles aiming to create rupture, from intervention proposals for an insurrectionary anarchist presence in a social upheaval or from an individual path of scattered attacks, Avalanche is a collective attempt to sharpen our perspectives and practices, by counterposing each of them against the other.

An enemy of the state, mostly somewhere in the territory controlled by the Austrian state.

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