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#BlackD17 Live Blog: Protests to Commemorate #AlexisGrigoropoulos and Against #NoG20 Raids

On this day, in 2008, Alexis Grigoropoulos was murdered by cops in Athens, Greece. Alexis was 15 years old. Today we will publish a live blog about todays actions against statet terrorism. We will report live from several demonstrations and actions around the globe, including Athens, but also from the demonstration in Berlin against the repression of NoG20 activists.

If you want to contribute to our live blog; You can send your pictures, videos, reports and analysis to Click at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information. You will find the updates at the bottom of the page.


Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

#BlackD17 Live Blog: Protests to Commemorate Alexis Grigoropoulos and Against the NoG20 Raids

You will find background information about the state murder of Alexis and protests around the murder in the past years; here.

You can read the call for todays day of action against state terrorism; here.

There is also a call for a Black December, which you can read; here.

In Greece there will be actions and demonstrations during the day. The main demonstration in Athens will start at at Propylaia at 06:00pm (18:00) local time (05:00pm CET). The first offical demo in Athens will start at 12:00pm local time (11:00am CET).


Yesterday, german cops raided more than 20 apartments in 8 German states. The raids were related to the NoG20 protests in Hamburg earlier this year. Last night there were spontaneous protests in several German cities. Tonight there will be demonstrations in Berlin and Freiburg.

Read the call to resist repression after the police raids in Germany (translated by the comrades of Insurrection News); here.

11:20am: For people who understand Greek, Radio Fragmata will broadcast the whole day at From 06:00pm local time (05:00pm CET) there will be live reports from the demo to commemorate Alexis.

11:30am: First clashes broke out in Propylea, Athens (images below, Images by Twitter account @th1an1):

12:23pm: Clashes are continuing around Propylea. Students demo about to start (Images below).

12:39pm: Livestream from the students demo to commemorate Alexis in Athens, Greece at:

01:42pm: An image from around 01:00pm, near the university in Athens. Image by Twitter account @ChristofakisN


01:48pm: Video of the clashes during the students demo in Athens to commemorate Alexis a little bit earlier.

03:09pm: Comrades from Berlin were prepared for yesterdays wave of repression by German cops. Before yesterdays raids they already agreed that they would take the streets one day after “Day X”. We will report live from tonights demo in Berlin. The demo starts at 07:00pm (19:00) at Kottbusser Tor (Image below).


03:20pm: We take a break to eat something and will be back at 05:00pm for our live reports from demonstrations to commemorate Alexis and the demos against the wave of repression against NoG20 activists in Berlin and Freiburg (Germany). In between you can read this letter from Nikos Romanos from 2015: “Requiem for a Journey of No Return

05:20pm: We are back to continue our live coverage.

05:32pm: More and more people arriving at the opening gathering for the demonstration to commemorate Alexis in Athens, Greece.


05:42pm: Around 1000 people now at opening gathering of demonstration to commemorate Alexis. But more people still arriving.

05:49pm: Thessaloniki: Demo to commemorate Alexis started marching.

06:00pm Athens: Demo to commemorate Alexis started marching.

06:16pm Thessaloniki: Images (by @chris_avramidis) from the demo to commemorate Alexis.

06:18pm Athens: Images (below, by @th1an1 ) from the demo to commorate Alexis.


NoG20: German police requests German media to voluntarily hand over all the material (also unpublished material) from the NoG20 protests. Ralf Martin Meyer, police president of Hamburg also said the cops might confiscate the material if the law let’s them. The cops have send the requests to NDR, ZDF, N24, RTL, Sat.1 and N-tv. N-tv belongs to RTL and according to NDR, RTL have send the cops the material.

06:30pm Berlin: Before the demo against repression against NoG20 activists there is a Demo against deportations of refugees right now. 


06:47pm Berlin: Cops are checking id’s and bags at Kotti in Berlin. Watch out and take care!

07:00pm Alexis: Clashes between police and protesters in Thessaloniki now (Image below by @CostasKantouris)


07:23pm Berlin: Demo against repression of NoG20 activists about to start. Banner says: “Fire and flames for the judicial authorities. Images (below) by @lamda14

07:41pm Athens: Clashes in Exarchia now.

07:54pm Athens: Clashes in Exarchia district are intense. Images by @th1an1

07:55pm Berlin: Plain clothes cops around the demo against repression against NoG20 activists. Image by

08:09pm Berlin: Demo against repression of NoG20 activists ended now. One detention (for climbing!). On Saturday there will be another demo against the repression of NoG20 activists in Berlin; Saturday, December 9, 02:00pm (14:00), Platz der Luftbrücke, Berlin. On saturday there will also be a NoG20 repression demo in Göttingen (image below). The demo in Göttingen will start at 04:00pm (16:00) at the Platz der Synagoge. 
Athens: Some videos from the ongoing clashes in the Exarchia district tonight:

Another video from Athens tonight:

Video from Thessaloniki tonight:

Greece: At least 25 protesters arrested, several banks and stores damaged, cars torched during demonstrations in Greek many citiestoday  to honor the memory of Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Images by @th1an1

Another Video from the clashes in Thessaloniki tonight:

Exarchia (Athens) tonight:

10:30pm: Solidarity from Antifa Wuppertal (Germany) to Greece & beyond. For a Black December! (images below)


10:59pm Athens: Clashes in Exarchia are ongoing. Impossible to breathe near plateia, but people fight the cops in side streets.

A few last images from Athens tonight. Images by @rozahfourioza

00:00am We end our live coverage now. Thanks for reading and take a look below.

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