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#Lesvos: Inhumane and Illegal Detention Case Linked to EU-Turkey Deal

Pressrelease by Lesvos Solidarity about the inhuman and illegal detention in the Prokeka prison in the Moria refugee camp of 31 year old K.M.


Pressrelease by Lesvos Solidarity Facebook page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Lesvos: Inhumane and Illegal Detention Case Linked to EU-Turkey Deal

PRESS RELEASE: Inhumane and illegal detention case linked to the EU-Turkey deal

Lesvos Solidarity calls for the immediate release of a vulnerable case currently unnecessarily detained in PROKEKA, the prison within Moria refugee camp. His is one of many inhumane and illegal detention cases linked to the EU-Turkey deal.

The individual; known as K.M, is a 31-year-old citizen of Pakistan, and has been a refugee in Greece since 2016 after being forced to flee due to religious persecution.

His detention is purely administrative. His case is on-going and his previous rejection from the Asylum Office has legal reasons to be contested.

Despite his co-operation with the Greek authorities, longstanding health problems, and having a safe address to return to on the island, K.M been imprisoned in one of the most notorious refugee facilities in Europe.

Along with 16 other detainees, K.M is locked in one room for 23 hours per day. Suicide attempts within PROKEKA are numerous.

“K.M lives a punishing life. Every single day he is submitted to conditions that, according to International Law, consist of torture,” said K.M’s lawyer.

“Cleanliness, heating, food, communication and dignity within PROKEKA are absolutely unacceptable and degrading for every detainee, not to mention for a person suffering from both depression and a longstanding illness.”

The most recent UNHCR coordination meeting acknowledged that the provision of medical services in PROKEKA is poor. K.M’s requests to see a doctor are only sometimes granted, and always with an average delay of 48 hours.

The judicial authorities have been made aware of K.M’s worsening physical and psychological condition, however twice they have refused to order his release, despite this being an option legally available.

“This example of detention is unnecessary and dangerous. We raise our voice against the inhumane detention of any human asking for international protection. Detention should be an exceptional measure that should only be implemented in exceptional cases. This is an example of bureaucracy before humanity and it causing irreversible damage to a large number of already vulnerable people”, said Efi Latsoudi from Lesvos Solidarity.

Lesvos Solidarity (WARNING Facebook link!) January 3, 2017.

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