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Under the Hoods of the New York Ku Klux Klan

In the small city of Gloversville, New York, you’ll find a plethora of abandoned factories and homes due to economic downturn.  Times have been rough for the residents of this historic city, where glove making was once the center of its economy in a now bygone era.


Fast forward to 2018, and Gloversville is home to a burgeoning group of Ku Klux Klan, terrorizing their LGBTQ and POC neighbors with targeted campaigns of hateful harassment.

Among others, a local lesbian couple has been targeted by this group with threats of “slitting dykes’ throats” and “hanging n*ggers and sp*cs in trees” on an unrelenting basis.  In addition to verbal harassment, the group has proudly hung KKK and confederate flags in the windows of their home to unnerve their neighbors, distributed Klan recruitment literature, and repeatedly rallied their racist, homophobic brethren to engage in an assiduous campaign of online harassment against these minorities.


Left: Coty and company hang Klan memorabilia in their windows in an attempt to intimidate their neighbors.   Right:  Gloversville residents report KKK fliers have been distributed across the city by the New York KKK chapter.

Meet the New York KKK:


Nate Coty – Exalted Cyclops (aka Chief Officer) of the New York Ku Klux Klan – and Joleen Coty

Nate Coty ( and his wife Joleen Coty – formerly Joleen Hogan – ( reside at 10 Temple Street, Gloversville, New York.  These “racists of a feather” began dating in May 2004, were engaged July 4, 2010, and married May 27, 2013.  Nate currently works independently as a tattoo artist, and while Joleen also shares an affinity for tattoo work (her first piece being a dragon’s eye tearing through skin on Nate’s calf), her exact employment status is unknown at the time of publication.


Nate also operates a Facebook profile under the pseudonym “Whiteman EC NY” ( and a Twitter account ( from which he directs his campaigns of harassment and posts a torrential river of racist and anti-Semitic filth.


Whiteman EC NY (aka Nate Coty) calls upon his racist brethren to harass community members

Salinda Coty (aka Salinda Brown) & Dylan Brown

Salinda  and Dylan also reside with the former’s parent(s) at 10 Temple Street.  Salinda is currently employed as a stocker at the Gloversville WalMart (329 S Kingsboro Avenue Extension, Gloversville, NY – Phone: 518-725-2403) and has at least three different Facebook profiles (,, and which are in various states of use.  She describes herself as a product of both St. Johnsville High School in St. Johnsville, NY and Fort Plain Junior & Senior High in Fort Plain, NY.



ALPLA INC. 106 Central Ave. Cortland, NY 13045. United States. +1 607 250 8101.

Dylan ( – believed to be born May 10, 1994 – is currently employed at Excel Logistics, a subsidiary of DHL (161 Enterprise Road in Johnstown, NY – Phone: 518-762-0002).

Richie Retos:

Less is known about Richie Retos (, however, he currently resides in Altamont, NY, and thoroughly enjoys Nate’s disgusting streams of racist memes and sprinkling in the occasional “white power” comment when he’s feeling particularly emboldened.  His last known phone number, as of March 13, 2017, is (518)928-5292.

According to Facebook, Richie is married to a Dezsarai Ann Swart ( & who lists her residence as being Albany & Guilderland, NY, respectively.

What Can You Do?

While approaching these dangerous racists in person is highly discouraged, there is plenty that can be done to show them that this disgusting, hateful ideology is not to be welcomed, nor will it be accepted in our communities.  Share this message far and wide on social media.  If you can safely do so, post fliers in your community warning your neighbors that this ideologically (and maybe physically) violent filth was until now lurking in the shadows under their very noses.  Call the employers named above and ask them if these are the types of people they wish to have representing their companies.

The property occupied by Nate, Joleen, Salinda, and Dylan is owned by Jennifer Garren.  Garren owns approximately 50 properties in Gloversville, and according to business listings, can be reached at (518) 725-5667.  Call Ms. Garren and inform her that she is allowing dangerous and potentially violent Klan members to occupy one of her residences and harass tenants.

The citizens of Gloversville and its surrounding communities deserve to know that this hateful rhetoric exists.  Furthermore, a message must be sent to these racist extremists that such hate, abuse, and harassment will not be allowed to fester and grow unchecked.

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