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Riot Turtle on #Lesvos: Total Chaos in #Moria

During the last days we spoke with a lot of people who are forced to live in the Moria refugee camp. Their stories are showing the total chaos in the Moria refugee camp.

We would like to thank Arash Hampay for this video.

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

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Riot Turtle on #Lesvos: The Total Chaos of the Asylum System

During the last days we spoke with a lot of people who are forced to live in the Moria refugee camp. Their stories are showing the total chaos in the Moria refugee camp.

As I wrote on January 5; new tents are popping up every day. On January 6 we spoke with a few people who are living in the new tents. In the first tent people were singing and more and more people came to the tent. One of the refugees was a singer and gave a kind of private concert. He was keeping up the spirit, although he has a lot of pain. He showed us his leg, he has an open fracture (Image below) but doesn’t get sufficient medical treatment. The doctors made an x-ray of his leg and confirmed his leg is broken. He got crutches and that was about it.


Another man told us that he was detained for more than one year on Lesvos and Athens. After he was released in Athens they send him back to Lesvos again. Until today he doesn’t know why he was imprisoned and then released again. Another man was so fed up with the conditions people are forced to live in (in the Moria camp), that he applied for a “voluntary” return to Pakistan. Instead he got permission to travel to the Greek mainland where he never asked for. It’s total chaos.

If you watch children playing at the sanitary facilities, you wonder that there was no major outbreak of diseases yet. Which doesn’t mean people aren’t sick. Many are coughing and scabies go around all the time. Many people are traumatized because of the violence they experienced in the cities and villages where they lived and are now traumatized again in Moria. Some are aware of that and try to get help but often they hear: “Sorry there is nothing we can do.” So people like Arash Hampay try to organize help for many of these people. We (me and others of the Cars of Hope collective) and many other activists do similar things to support people as good as we can. But it’s like wiping with an open water-tap; the water keeps coming…

I also spoke with a refugee who said that some volunteers just don’t understand the problem. He said: “It’s important when people come here to support people but they need to have a clear vision. The real problem is that we are stuck here in this open air prison. So the support to fight against border closures should have priority. But some don’t have a clear vision and just want to provide food, clothes etcetera. How long do they want to do that? Some of us are stuck here for almost two years now. We need freedom. We need open borders.” He also told us that there are some groups that have that vision. Groups that understand that we have to fight against the border closures. One of these groups is No Border Kitchen. Personally I think he is right; we have to step up the fight against the huge open air prisons on the Greek islands, against the border closures. 

On Thursday I will leave Lesvos and travel to Athens to support some of the refugee squats there. But the Cars of Hope collective is working on plans to develope a permanent base on Lesvos and I will be back on the Island soon. 

You can support our work with refugees in Greece. You will find our crowdfunding campaing at

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Riot Turtle, January 8, 2017.


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