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Union Station, Washington DC – Around noon on Saturday January 20th,  hundreds of activists gathered in support of the J20 defendants and the Black Lives Matter movement. In front of Union Station, two activists scaled the two opposing gargantuan flagpoles which fly the banner of this great nation.


These two activists had a banner drop in mind. Strapped in harnesses they performed a highly technical ascension of the poles about 30 feet high with a cord stretched in between them to secure the banner. One misstep could be fatal.


The police kettled most of the activists around the flagpoles and cordoned off the area with caution tape. Two consecutive orders to disperse were given by the police. After the second warning and before the third a brief speech was given by the activist community expressing love and solidarity with the banner droppers for their skill and the inevitable sacrifice of their freedom at the hands of the state. The speaker lead a procession of activists right outside of the police line as demonstrators waited for the unfurling.


In full view of the public and within eye shot of the Capitol building down the street a giant banner fell like a sail dropped from the mast of a ship catching the wind. The message on the banner read more like a warning than a request: “DON’T TRUMP OUR COMMUNITIES”, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, “J2018”. 


When asked to describe the event, one activist stated “It was incredible.  We helped the local anarchists hand out cupcakes while the climbers unfurled the banner and were subsequently arrested.  No cupcakes for the cops.”

A J20 defendant at the event had a message for his supporters and codefendants:

Message to supporters/codies:

“The stranglehold of the powerful is slipping. Death throes flailing in all directions. Tiresome methods of quelling dissent. We learn, adapt, and grow faster than can ever be squashed. Full speed ahead.”

Comments about Union Station:

“Fearless. Hoisting themselves higher up the mast towards the Stars and Stripes. Unreachable American Dreams. Delusions. Wind fills the sails of freedom. A message for the future. The writing is on the wall.”

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