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#Athens: Statement by #Empros After Fascist Attack

emproslogo.pngStatement by Free and Self-Managed Theatre Embros after fascist Attack on Sunday. The fascist attack was repelled by antifa activists.

Video of the fascistattack on Emrpos in Athens, Greece on February 4, 2018:

Originally published by Empros. Translated by Black Cat.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Athens: Statement by Empros After Fascist Attack

During the nationalist rally on the 4th of Feb. 2018 in Athens, comrades at the city centre called around 17:00 to inform that a large group of neonazis (over 80 people) had gathered in a covered passageway at 20 Lekka and Kolokotroni street and headed unprevented and in an organized manner toward Monastiraki. A few minutes later this group attacked the Free and Self-Managed Theatre Embros.

At that time the art and photography exhibition ”Utopia” that had lasted three days was coming to an end, with over 80 artists having participated, and the ”Workshop for free expression” was also about to finish, so the building was kept open throughout the day in order to welcome a large number of visitors and help out the social kitchen ”The other” which distributed food to many people in the wider area. This is how we chose to respond to the danger of fascistization in the last few days. We must defend social space that allows all kinds of people to co-exist. We must fight for a world where there is no room for mass oblivion, for racism and the brutality of fascism.

The organized antifascist patrol at Embros, in which many people took part in order to keep the building safe, faced the fascists who,encouraged by the nationalist delirium of the rally, chose to target a theatre, a self-managed space of art, a space of the liberation movement which produces self-organized culture by everyone and for everyone. The patrol faced the nazi attack successfully by giving a clear and dynamic message. When we stand united and determined we can then face any form of barbarity.

Half an hour after the nazis were driven away, riot police appeared which remained in the area for ten minutes while more people in solidarity were coming into the building.

From 8 o clock onward, the assemblage at Embros, with a large number of participants, went on as usual while the patrol group was en garde. We will never abandon and we will always defend the liberated space that Embros is.

We would like to thank the comrades for their solidarian and responsible action. Smash fascists and tear down the borders that give birth to fascism and racism.

Strength to the defenders of liberated territories of the movement in every city. Ten-hundreds-thousands of squats against a world or organized sorrow.

Free and Self-Managed Theatre Embros

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