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San Diego CA: The True Intentions Of The Patriot Picnic

Originally Posted By San Diego AntiFascist & AntiRacist Coalition


Hansel Orzame ( Hanzels FB ) is a proud boy from West Covina. One of the 11 proud boys who came down from the Riverside / IE area. While doing counter intelligence work we discovered their plans to bring multiple weapons to the park including two pistols. They were deeming the area gang infested full of ” La Raza ” , ” Brown Berets ” , and ” Antifa “. This is the true definition of terrorism. This is why debate is not one of our tactics . These people need to be met with full force and stopped.

The other proud boys involved in this convo :




Hansel urinated on one of the murals in the park and was arrested by the pigs. Causing a stir of infighting among the ” patriot ” side. This pretend pastor who use to produce porn likes to urinate infront of kids at a public park . Hit up his church and let them know.
Email: Phone: (626) 965-4300


” Patriots ” throwing up White Power hand-signs.

” this is your chance to leave with a police escort ”

” we want a police escort..yes ”

” sorry ? ”

” we’de probably be torn limb from limb if we didn’t have one ”

” this is your one and only chance to go ”

is how the conversation went between Pig #1 & Pig #2.
Pig #1 being the vile racist prick Roger Ogden who organized all this nonsense.

On February 3rd a bunch of racist white nationalists showed up to Chicano Park with the intentions to deface murals and raise an american flag in the center of the park. The group of known violent agitators and provocateurs was a mixed bag of internet trolls, fake 3 %ers and fascists from all over the west-coast. Their group spent most the time cooped up like racist chickens fighting with eachother and getting arrested. Our group spent ALL the DAY & NIGHT protecting eachother by not letting these known violent fascists into the park. Following the direction of the Chicano Park Steering Committee & Brown Berets De Aztlan local community self defense organizations came together and defended the park.

The main organizers behind this shithole / shitshow of a ” Picnic ” were :
Kris Wyrick & a new spring up group of nationalists called United Patriot National Front.




( UPNF on Nov 4th in L.A. )

Ryan McAdams was one of the ” Bordertown Patriots ” who assaulted activists at a border wall protest in December..the video that was posted by The Red Elephants has since disappeared. Ryan McAdams was present with former Proud Boy Harlan Pankau & Luke Dennis of Last Revolution Media. They tagged along with Joey Gibson all day.







Roger Ogden has been obsessed over Chicano Park for 5+ years. Roger wants to destroy the beautiful murals in Chicano Park after confederate statues were toppled across the nation in 2017. During May Day last year a handful of fascist trump supporters tried to crash the march..Roger was among them and quickly identified through various videos. Recently he has targeted local activists for harassment . Paid the legal fees of racist attackers. Organized fascist gang meet ups with the Proud Boys and United National Patriot Front. But most importantly he has put the plan in motion to invade Chicano Park on Feb.3rd with his fascist goons and raise an amerikkkan flag in the center of the park. This is AZTLAN!!! not AMERIK.K.K.A …get it straight rodger-boy. Make no mistake…Roger organized all this shit and it has spiraled out of control into a festival of infighting between all of them. The far right in SD is pathetic.


Joey Gibson spent most of the day scurrying around running from communists . Every attempt Joey made to enter the park was cut off. He returned later in the day after the police had left and was cut off a third time. His debates were mindless anti-mexican & anti-indigenous bullshit. Hiding his racism behind his “patriotism” like always this comedian left San Diego with his tail tucked and crying about everything. Nobody cares, Joey…

Joey runs away from communists in San Diego ( Video Link )


( Erin Sith , Joey Gibson, Ryan Mcadams, Haley Adams, Luke Dennis, Jourdin Davis )

A post made by Joey Gibson ( after he pissed his pants ) claiming some little slice of so called ” unity ” after a day of infighting and getting ran off.


Antonio Foreman on the right talking to the cops like always.




Bobby Maxwell


The Based Spartan Bunch


Jesse Suave on the megaphone. Travis Greer & Joey Gibson conversing in the back.


Sweaty boi

By 12:20pm the right wingers were squirming to exit the park. A large crowd of people followed them while the rest of us stayed at the park to defend it from further attacks. They were followed up the avenue for a while until they rushed back to their cars and hotels.


Jourdan Davis looks on as they are escorted away by the pigs.

These are some of the profiles of people who attended the ” Patriot Picnic ” and live-streamed or posted about it. They all instigated racist violence at one point or another during the day.

Taiho Decker attempted to pepper spray one of our comrades towards the end of the day.


Joey’s side of the beef.

The infighting is real ! ( Watch this )

More infighting between Patriot Prayer & UNPF

At the end of the day none of these racist fuckers got into the park and accomplished their plans of raising an american flag in the center. Since 1970 this park has been the heart of San Diego and nothing can change that. United Patriot National Front, Bordertown Patriots, Patriot Prayer, & all the other alt-right & alt-lite groups that showed up EMBARRASSED the fuck outta themselves. They spent the whole day infighting and disrespecting a sacred space. They WILL continue to try and hide their patriotism behind racism and we will continue to expose it !


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