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#Afrin: The Turkish Invasion Continues To Mislead The Media

Statement by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Afrin: The Turkish Invasion Continues To Mislead The Media

It is clear that the Turkish aggression state does not only fight Afrin and its people militarily using the latest air and ground weapons , but there is an intensive media campaign waged by the Turkish government to mislead the local and international public opinion about the effects of its military campaign from the humanitarian point of view (killing civilians, children, women and old people) or destroying the infrastructure in Afrin.

The Turkish state has made the terrorist organisation of Daesh and Al-Nusra before its invasion on Afrin, also Turkey made media desk beside the military desk, to circulate news and information to the Turkish and international media as the Turkish government wishes. 

This Turkish disinformation is based on denying the existence of civilian victims or targeting the homes and property of the civilans. This is the story which is circulated by high officials with no shame.

According to the daily pictures and videos of the civilian victims coming inside Afrin as a result of daily aerial and artillery bombardment of the Turkish occupation army and Daesh/ Al-Nusra terrorist organisation in the local and international media, the Turkish state resorted to a new trick to deny the Turkish daily massive violations against the civilians, which is the pursuit of the social networking pages of some activists who are against the Turkish invasion, and searching some Facebook pages which are not formal and do not represent us and then take any inaccurate or unreliable picture published by those activists on their Twitter or Facebook without verification of its time and place.
The Turkish media desk exploits these individual lapses in a desperate attempt to support its misleading media campaign, and Turkey knows that this virtual world does not represent our forces and official media.

We also think that some of these accounts are fake and made by the media desk of the enemy and the Turkish media desk is behind the publication and fabrication of such pictures and deliberately promoting them.

Lately, the Turkish invasion government has prepared a number of such individual lapses and published them to deny the existence of civilian casualties as a result of its brutal attacks on Afrin region.

We at the Media Center of SDF , challenge the Turkish aggression media and its intelligence to reveal any falsification, alteration or error in any news, image or video published by the media center of SDF or YPG and YPJ official website, Facebook or Twister, as well as by autonomous bodies in Afrin such as (KRC,health council,Defense).
We confirm that the number of civilian martyrs or wounded, are accurately documented and by the triple name in the hospitals of Afrin.The civilian martyrs or the fighters are buried in official funeral ceremonies by the people of Afrin, under the eyes of the press cameras and the local and foreign media and no way for falsification.

Though we are not responsible about what is published by personal accounts of some activists, we call on the activists who are sympathetic with Afrin against the Turkish invasion to check any image, video or news before publishing by returning to our official website or rely on what is published inside Afrin through professional journalists and media Known to their credibility, to prevent the Turkish media to exploit any mistake or gap emanates from them. Also we do not need fake or unreal images. The documented and confirmed images and videos inside Afrin are more than enough to further condemn the Turkish invasion army and its Syrian allies for crimes against humanity.
We stress that the Turkish invasion state is the one that accused of media misleading, which is daily practiced by the Turkish state not anybody else.


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