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#Germany Spontaneous Demo After Cops Raided Guesthouse of Resistance in #Wendland Because of #YPJ / #YPG Banner

Yesterday we reported about the raid by 100 masked and armed cops against the Guesthouse of Resistance in Wendland because of an YPJ / YPG banner. After the raid there was a spontaneous demonstration in the evening hours, where cops repressed people again. 

Originally published by DE Indymedia. Translated and edited by Enough is Enough.

You will find the German version of this article: here.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Germany Spontaneous Demo After Cops Raided Guesthouse of Resistance in Wendland Because of YPJ / YPG Banner

After yesterday mornings police raids more than 100 people took part in a sponstaneous demonstration in Lüchow (County Wendland), Germany. The powerful mood and the great attendance in the small province town Lüchow felt really good. The whole operation of the cops was somehow bizarre, if you know that the only reason for their operation was that they wanted to confiscate a banner. This continued with the police operation during the demonstration on the streets in the evening. 

During a speech on the demo somebody said: The henchmen need (BFE (a special police unit to secure evidence), SEK (an anti-terrorism unit with machine guns), Staatschutz (state security, a police unit for politival “crimes” and so on to remove a banner with more than 100 cops with machine guns. We would take scissors in cases like this. 

This bizarre and disproportional police operation continued during the spontaneous and unregistered demo last night. The masked and armed cops with helmets sealed off the streets and again and again TRIED to stop the demo. A small group was kettled for a while and the cops used pepper spray. A bizarre cat and mouse game in the small contemplative town of Lüchow. It was so disproportional that many people got cynical but we also had a lot of fun in Lüchowlast night. We knew similar things from the big cities in the past months, it was all a bit whacky for such a small town, something that was also evinced from bypassers and the local press. 

At some point suddenly the banner that was confiscated in the morning hours showed up during the demo. Of course it wasn’t the original banner, jus a copy, but still… The cops seemed to be a bit overstrained with the odd crowd on the streets but since when do we care about the cops. 

The cops noted the personal data during an id check because of an alleged banned flag (According to the German federal government the YPG and YPJ flags are NOT banned in Germany, but the cops don’t care). According to regional daily Elbe Jeetzel Zeitung the cops started several criminal proceedings against particpants of the spontaneous demonstration.

We have experienced repression today, but a lot more solidarity – on the streets and between us.

Their repression missed its mark. It brings us together. 





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