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Call for a #Balkan Internationalist #Antifa Rally in #Thessaloniki on March 10

Solidarity is our weapon. In Greece, Turkey and Macedonia, the enemy lies in banks and ministries.

Originally published by Vogliamo tutto e per tutti.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Call for an #Balkan Internationalist Antifa Rally in Thessaloniki on March 10

Solidarity is our weapon

In Greece, Turkey and Macedonia, the enemy lies in banks and ministries

Patriotism is the principle that will justify the training of wholesale murderers”, Leo Tolstoy

We will not beautify the situation. It is more than evident that those who participated in the two rallies for the “Macedonian issue” in Athens and Thessaloniki are not fascists in their majority. If most of them were fascists, Greece would have entered a civil war by now. Here starts the dangerous part, however. Someone stated that “political hegemony does not concern majorities, but content. It is clear that fascism was hegemonic in those two rallies”. The rallies provided the opportunity to a heterogeneous rabble and the right-wing scums of the greek society to mobilize under the flag of patriotism, of national unity, and the threat of an imaginary foreign enemy. Those who participated in the rallies, yes those non-fascists that we mentioned before, walked (even if they do not admit it) side by side with far-right party members, neo-Nazis, militaries, the church, and many other ludicrous personas of the far-right circus. Their presence in the rallies strengthened and normalized the HOMELAND-RELIGION-FAMILY dogma of the greek far-right, in other words, they legitimized nationalism dressed in the light cloak of patriotism. Simultaneously, the rallies were embraced by the most violent actors of the greek far-right (Nazis, autonomous fascists, far-right hooligans, and so on) who, with the tolerance of the police, found the opportunity to attack squatted buildings (such as the Libertatia squat in Thessaloniki that was burned down) and Free Social Centers (such as the Scholio in Thessaloniki and the self-organized theater Empros in Athens).

Rebuild Libertatia // Η LIBERTATIA ΘΑ ΜΕΙΝΕΙ from Rebuild Libertatia on Vimeo.

On January 21 in Thessaloniki and on February 4 in Athens, the most conservative limbs of the greek society were activated, using patriotism as the vehicle to mobilize the far-right extravaganza, as it is represented by “prestigious” generals and with the blessing of their christian brothers. Nevertheless, do not get us wrong. This short of mobilization was actually organized by the democratic axis (namely, the parties and parliamentary forces that take distance from the Nazis of Golden Dawn). The retired general Fragos Fragoulis [one of the main organizers of the rally in Thessaloniki and prominent member of the christian-patriot wing of the greek far-right. He was also in charge of a military exercise in 2011 in northern Greece, when soldiers were dressed as riot cops and practiced methods of demonstration repression] stated: “I do not serve any parties, I only serve our homeland”. This particular case constitutes the most expressive example of how patriotism serves nationalism, so the latter may penetrate society and become part of the democratic axis. This is not news. At the end of the day, the rallies acted as a symphonic orchestra where a heterogeneous mob of patriotic voters, conspiracy theorists, christian orthodox fundamentalists, and apolitical crowd consciously or not backed up the nationalist crescendo and sturmabteilung, the first violins, the neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn and fascist hooligans.

Undoubtedly, fascism was the great winner of the two rallies. The fascists succeeded in showing off their hegemony clothed in a cloak of patriotism. We experience a period where the far right is on the rise in the western world. At the same time, anarchist and leftist grassroots movements are unable to play an important role in the sociopolitical arena. There is more to come. The name issue of the neighbor country has come again to the front due to the pursued enlargement of the EU and NATO, two supranational mechanisms of economic and military power, as well as the greek capital’s lust for further expansion in the country of Macedonia. Greece is already a member of these mechanisms and Macedonia aspires to become one. Through the name negotiations, both states aim to achieve favorable conditions and to strengthen their position against each other in a future alliance within NATO and the EU.

In other words, the name issue is again re-opened to serve economic, military and political interests of those in power. For this reason, nationalism and polarization are set in place on both sides of the borders. At the same time as poverty, control, exploitation, and exclusions are intensified, the greek state attempts to establish social “peace” amongst exploiters and the exploited through the imaginary community of the nation and through the narrative that “our” enemy is a national threat and not class struggle. Samuel L Johnson once said, “Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel”. We say, “At the same time as they steal your life, they feed you with nation and race”. The dilemma that we need to face is either we support the powerful who talk about patriotic responsibility and call for national unity or we are part of the antagonistic and subversive part of the society. Because the enemy is not a national threat. The enemy is in class struggle. Our enemy is the state, capital, and their fascist reserves. Our struggle does not only go through the deconstruction of the patriotic myth, but also through the continuous claim of the urban environment, where we have to question with our discourse and stop with our actions all kinds of fascists. We call for interventions and actions in our workplaces, schools, universities, public spaces, squares and coffee shops, in every centimeter of the public sphere. Our struggle is against exploitation and repression of humans by humans, for a world of equality, solidarity, justice and freedom. Our struggle is internationalist, against homelands and borders, against nationalism and xenophobia.

Despite the large numbers in the nationalist rallies and the burned down of Libertatia squat, we shall not forget that both Athens and Thessaloniki also showed an impressive antifascist stronghold. Despite their attempts to damage squats and social centers, the fascists were largely repelled by an organized, determined, multi-formed and militant antifascist movement. Antifa in Greece showed its reflexes and did not let the fascists turn the rally into a victory day for them. The message is clear: we will be there in front of them always.

The coming days are special. It is our class, political and internationalist duty to become the blockade against local and foreign nationalisms as well as against the new wave of nationalist delusion generously produced by media, the church and political parties concerning the so-called “Macedonia issue”. Against geopolitical state antagonisms, which have turned the planet and especially Middle East into a war zone, we shall raise solidarity amongst people and we shall make clear to those in power that we will not become a meatloaf for their weapons. Instead of divided and bloody Balkans of nation-states, we shall work for a Balkan peninsula without scars of borders and religious/nationalist divisions. We shall work for making the Balkans a space for free movement for both locals and migrants, the Balkans as a great Commune, the Balkans of those without power.

Solidarity with the Free Social Center Scholio, the Libertatia squat and the self-organized theater Empros

Our allies are the squats, the self-organized projects and those who struggle against the world of power

Against repression, poverty, fascism, xenophobia, nationalisms and the war of the powerful, we call for internationalist struggles for the subversion of state and capitalist barbarism, for the social revolution, for anarchy and communism.



Anarchist group from Athens, Vogliamo tutto e per tutti


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