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#Greece: Kidnapping of Anarchist Prisoner Konstantinos Giagtzoglou has Caused an Uprising in #Korydallos Prison

Anarchist prisoner Konstantinos Giagtzoglou was kidnapped by “anti-terrorism” cops  copsfrom Korydallos prison in Greece this morning. We publish 3 announcements from Korydallos prisoners. Last Update 01:29pm

Originally published by Athens Indymedia (here announcement 1, 23 and 4). Translated by Black Cat.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Greece: Kidnapping of Anarchist Prisoner Konstantinos Giagtzoglou has Caused an Uprising in Korydallos Prison

Announcement at 7:15 am Today at 6:45 antiterrorism units invaded Korydallos prison and proceeded to the violent kidnapping of the anarchist hunger striker Konstantinos Giagtzoglou.

Konstantinos resisted as much as he could, but the antiterrorism cops along with other uniformed and hooded police officers stormed in his cell and assaulted him. Next they handcuffed him and removed him violently while he had almost passed out. The wing of the prison was locked at the time and the prisoners were banging on the doors and insuting the cops. At this point the prison is not open yet and the cells remain locked.

Announcement at 7:39 am Konstantinos Giagtzoglou has just left the prison in the van of the Tansfer Unit which is escorted by a strong police force of the antiterrorism unit. The hunger striker has been kidnapped without being given the chance to take his clothes, his belongings and his medications. The prison is not open yet, since there is a fear for the reactions of the prisoners. This is the second time within the last month that the antiterrorism units invade the prison and kidnap a prisoner from the A wing of Korydallos. All of these take place against the backdrop of a leftist Syriza government that ”supports human rights”.

Announcement at 8:41 There is an uprising in Korydallos prison right now. Following the kidnapping of Konstantinos Giagtzoglou by the police, prisoners are breaking the doors, cells are being opened and part of the prison is now occupied. The A, D and C wings have so far exhibited very dynamic actions, as a response to the kidnapping of the anarchist hunger striker K. Giagtzoglou. More info will follow…

According to this tweet (below) by the Prisoner Solidarity Network, the prisoners now control the largest part of the prison

Announcement at 8:53 Prisoners have confiscated wireless radio transceiver and keys. These actions are within the context of mobilizations for the return of the kidnapped anarchist K. Giagtzoglou back to Korydallos. Prisoners demand to speak to a delegation from the Ministry of Justice.


Image by Athens Indy media.

Tweet above is a translation of this tweet:


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