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Water Protector Support: Happi AmericanHorse Held Captive By The U.S. Empire

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Happi is currently being held captive by the U.S. Empire around his traditional Lakota homelands (so-called Bismarck, North Dakota). He is in Burleigh / Morton County Detention Center. Any and all funds will be used for his freedom. As a frontline warrior, he took courage during the #NoDAPL struggle by putting his body in front of earth-destroying construction equipment and stood up for the people. Happi continues to inspire with his humble and happy spirit.


Lakota Warrior Happi American Horse Is being framed By The Morton County Police

Write Happi: Burleigh Morton Detention Center -Dale AmericanHorse JR- PO Box 2499 Bismark ND 58502

Leave Happi A Free Message: 701 354-3292

Donate To legal Fund: Support

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