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#Virginia Educators Organize!

West Virginia teachers have ignited a fire, and it’s spreading. Tidewater education workers’ assembly on March 9, 2018.

Originally published by Tidewater IWW Facebook event page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Virginia Educators Organize!

As of March 5th, the statewide teacher’s strike in West Virginia will be entering it’s 8th day over 3 school weeks. Teachers launched their statewide strike despite threats from West Virginia’s Attorney General that it would be declared illegal, and they’ve stayed on strike despite an ‘agreement’ between the Governor and the unions leaders that would have left other public-sector workers behind. The unity and solidarity of West Virginia teachers has become a strong example across West Virginia and the entire country.

As of March 4th, workers at Frontier Communication have gone on strike across all of West Virginia AND Virginia. It seems undeniable that the example of the teachers has given them a huge example of the power of a mass strike.

Over the weekend it also came out that there was significant talk about a statewide strike from teachers in Oklahoma. At least 25,000 teachers have joined a secret Facebook group calling for a statewide walkout. This would be a huge for West Virginia, Oklahoma, and the entire country. Teachers in West Virginia and elsewhere have been very excited about this, immediately linking up the #55Strong hashtag with #77Strong (referring to the number of counties in West Virginia and Oklahoma respectively).

Teachers of all counties of Oklahoma are poised to strike soon, and will reveal a strike date Friday March 9th.

All across Virginia and the country, teachers are meeting to discuss the historic events unfolding in West Virginia, the implications for our own schools and workplaces, and potential strategies and actions moving forward. If you are a teacher or education worker in the Tidewater region, come join the discussion about education worker’s organizing, how we can stand in solidarity with the brave teachers of WV, and learn about Virginia labor law and steps towards building a campaign in your workplace or in our region!

Bring a co-worker, a friend who work in education, a former teacher/professor of yours, and sympathetic students! Let’s take up the charge that our neighbors to the west have begun, and work towards a better future for ALL educators and students!

Friday March 9, 2018, 17:0020:00 EST

Norfolk, USA.

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