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#MayDay: From #Paris to our friends scattered across the world

“We could therefore do this: Instead of commemorating may 1968, we could
try organising a beautiful month of may 2018.”

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Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

From Paris to our friends scattered across the world

From this country where we search for our breath, breathing   an air that
is everyday becoming more rare, where we feel evermore alien to it’s
reality  ; from this country could only rise among our ranks this
sensation of deterioration, eating us from inside by means of emptiness,
by means of imposture and deception. As second best we wrote, talked,
the adventure was one of literature, the commitment platonic. The
revolution  was tomorrow, the possible revolution, how many of us still
believed  in her?

Pierre Peuchmaurd, More alive than ever (1968)

The embers shines under the ashes of Macron’s anesthesia. His government
knows that. This is why this government avoids all trials of criticism. This is why he attacks only the weak or the ones who declare themselves defeated before the battle even starts. It is the «  no-battle  strategy  »  : a war where the victory consists in avoiding all the decisive battlefields.

There is no support for the government’s manœuvres outside of the governmental spheres themselves, notably it’s media. What we do witness is a massive indifference , disaffection, lassitude as well as a demoralisation. Demoralisation accentuated by the owners of the public spaces day after day.

Nevertheless since the abrupt end of the movement against the «  loi travail  » , there are also a number of diffuse energies, a set of imperceptible desertions that discretely draw their path. There is a large inflammable element in suspension, element that only awaits a chance to reform  ; a chance that wouldn’t be a mechanical repetition of the outmoded tactic of the «  cortège de tête  ». Moreover, in spite of the wise communication, lavish in wrong-footing, surprise factors, and false pretenses the first   effects of the politics that are actually carried out are being felt. These concrete modifications of life create discontentments that don’t fade away, let alone all the genius communication in the world. Everyone isn’t on the edge of a nervous breakdown, but the general burnout isn’t far. So why not break all this down before being ourselves broken down  ? Rather than waiting for the government to give us a chance, that he will never give, to stop the deadly train in which he urges us to jump, why not create the occasion for ourselves  ? Why not decide of our own chances  ? And after all if the list of reasons to engage in revolution are all there why not agree on dates to concentrate forces  ?

Apparently some wish to commemorate may 1968. We honestly do not care much for may 1968. We did better. Our graffiti’s of spring 2016, downgrade the ones of may 1968, to the «  can do better  » category, in quantity as much as quality. Between «  le monde ou rien  » and «  il est interdit d’interdire  », no need to argue. There is a world between what is incisive and what is laborious. Our riots are undoubtedly better organised, better equipped, and have no need for trotskyste or maoiste public order services, no need for endless general assemblies, no need for leaders. All was carried out in fluidity, multiplicity, intelligence of the situation. The thing is that since we are still here, there is no one to commemorate us. Agreed, we didn’t block the whole country. The occupations weren’t scaled to the situation. The unions completely fucked up on the general strike side of things. Also agreed we weren’t millions like in 68. Also we are facing a massive perspective problem  : before one could build upon the existing world, now on the one hand the world is completely fucked on the other what functions is so horrible that there isn’t much else to do other than sending it to the scrapyard. In other words before one had to re-appropriate what was there, now we also have to break things down and repair them. Let alone the fact that we are ourselves in a pity state. Taking all this in consideration we have a lot of work requiring a lot of imagination, a lot of sensibility and a fair share of disposition to metamorphosis.

There are four things to be remembered from the may 68 experience  :
1. The so called vandals all-ready existed.
2. There are no successes without blocking the country.
3. Taking things on the angle of destruction of the earth, loss of meaning of everything, zombification of people, aberration of the social order, triumph of technocracy, growing sadness, capitalism made a point of realising with method all that was said of it in may 68.
4. Considering that in 68 by organising abundance the power was granted a rioting response, he then thought that by organising shortages he would maybe gain peace. Not so sure about the peace aspect, but we sure know something of shortage, as we are undoubtedly easing into it.

All in all we do not care for may 68 as much as we couldn’t care less for Cohn-Bendit being friends with Macron and Debord in the nationale library. But most of all it is not a good enough reason not to give ourselves a rendez-vous in the coming month of may. We won’t let Macron unfold his deadly plans peacefully for ten years. We won’t let our faces be trampled on while reciting lines of Molière. We wish to tear to pieces the disaster.

We could therefore do this  : instead of commemorating may 68, try to organise a beautiful month of may.

Slowly making the pressure rise around the protest of the railway workers & co on the 22nd of march (what would be a strategy that outdates the police headquarters as it itself outdated the «  cortège de tête  »  ? Why not organise on that night a large discussion open to all on what could be done in may?).

Establishing links with those who wish to act as much as they witness the fact that the powerfull «  union headquarters  » aren’t anymore an «  adequate struggling tool  », to remain polite.

Between the 22nd of march and the 31st of that month carry out actions that make it clear to the government that evictions=fight, be it for the ZAD or migrants or occupied spaces.

In April remain present, alert, but most of all prepare a truly revolutionary 1st of may in Paris. The two last ones where quite something, in spite of the growing ferocity of the police tactics. Moreover being sure that considering the date there will be a bunch of Italians, Greeks, Americans, English, Belgians, Germans that are somewhat tripping on may 68 or what happened in France theses past years. Obviously we will have to think of explicitly inviting them and making them feel they are more than welcome.

As for the following times, all is to be built , occupations, blockades, strikes, start-ups to be whipped off the map, nights of elaboration, wild demo’s like the ones we do not dare to carryout anymore, announced demo’s, a vast messing-up of the yuppified city center of Paris. We won’t be missing targets or opportunities in may 2018. For all that to happen we should from this day start encountering all the available forces from all horizons.

In short push our advantage(what the hell you are celebrating may 68 and rioting should be illegitimate, occupation illegal, a fainting power unimaginable, revolution impossible and happiness banished??!!)

Push our advantage to the breaking point. See you in a minute, round the corner, for a private chat  !

Nothing has ended, all is starting

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  1. […] The first demonstration was a demo in solidarity with the striking railway workers and students. But there were also some Zadists. Macron is getting increasingly nervous, as the actions of striking workers, students and Zadists are more and more connected and May is coming closer. The state wants to remember May 68, which will have its 50th anniversary this year. People are determined to give Macron something to remember: May 2018: Nothing has ended. All is starting. […]

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