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#Lesvos: Clashes in #Moria after Police Violence

Last night clashes broke out in the Moria refugee camp after cops hit a woman in the camp. On Saturday and Sunday there will be demonstrations across Europe at the second anniversary of the EU Turkey deal. One of the demonstrations will be at Lesvos. In April activists of the Cars of Hope collective will be on Lesvos to support refugees and document the situation. 

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Lesvos: Clashes in Moria after Police Violence

In a statement on their Facebook page Refugee 4 Refugees wrote: 

“Last night was for many on Lesvos a sad and terrifying night. Late afternoon some people inside Moria camp saw the police hitting a woman. As a normal, human reaction they got angry. This resulted in a big fight between many men who live in Moria camp and the police. The police used an horrible amount of teargas against them, even in the areas and tents where families with kids live. A lot of people had breathing problems. Together with three other NGOs we took the families that were standing outside to our warehouse around 200 meters from Moria camp. There they were able to calm down a little bit and drink something.

One of our main goals as an NGO is to empower the refugees, that’s why many of our volunteers are people who live in Moria. Unfortunately one of our amazing colleagues was taken yesterday night by the police, among hundreds of men who until now still remain in detention. He had nothing to do with the fights, because when this all started he was working with us in the warehouse. This shows, together with the use of the teargas and flash grenades, that the police can’t control the situation here anymore and that they’re violating human rights on a daily basis.

Earlier this week a man tried to electrocute himself because his family was allowed to leave to Athens, but he had to stay on Lesvos. People are sick of waiting, literally sick of waiting. People wait for more than 6 months for their first interview and for more than a year for a decision. And in the meantime they are forced to live in the inhumane conditions of Moria camp.

We will stay as long as needed on the island to be there for the people, help them wherever we can and give them a little bit of their dignity back.”

Refugee 4 Refugees, March 14, 2018

Refugee 4 Refugees worked together with activists of No Border Kitchen Lesvos and Attika Human support (Warning Facebook Link)  last night. The refugee 4 refugees warehouse was opened to bring people into safety. 

No Borders Kitchen wrote in a statement on their Facebook page that cops rounded up about 300 men earlier today. The also mobilize for a demonstration on Starurday (March 17): 

lesvos17m“Broad Demonstration against the second anniversary of the EU-Turkey deal!
This Saturday the 17th of March 12:00 @Safos Square!

But this is not the only place where demonstrations will take place that day. 
Don’t let the Anniversary go by unnoticed! Find your local initiatives and get to the streets!

With the anniversary of the EU-Turkey deal coming up, it will be two years since the European goverments signed this deal with the devil. The despot Edrogan keeps bombing Afrin while the Eu looks on, forcing even more people to flee their homes. They claim to represent fancy words “civilisation” and “democracy” but turn a blind eye to the suffering of millions, that they have an active part causing. The last three days are again an active example of how this suffering is ongoing.

” Police shoot gas into family place, kids vomit blood now”

Over the last three days one Syrian man attempted to killed himself. He survived but is in the hospital in critical condition. The next day another tried, and was also hospitalized. The inhuman treatement and hopeless situation that Moria represents what europe is today: A Fortress, that treats “unwanted people” as mere “units” that are only sub-human. Today again the police is rounded up 300 people in a pogrom as retaliation.”

No Border Kitchen Lesvos, March 15, 2018

On March 31, the first activists of the Cars of Hope collective will come to Lesvos. Activists of the group will stay the whole month of April on the island. Apart from documenting the situation they will support refugees on the Aegean island, just like they did in December and January. Cars of Hope will distribute Food, sanitary products, SIM Cards and other things people need for their daily life. The collective also collected many shoes, undewear and other things that are needed which will be shipped to Lesvos and brought to the Attika warehouse and the Refugee 4 Refugees warehouse next month. Part of the Cars of Hope crew on Lesvos will also be native speakers in Arabic and Farsi. At the moment Cars of Hope is working with refugees in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Cars of Hope is asking for your support to make it all possible. You can donate on their Bank account:

Name of the bank: Volksbank im Bergischen Land
Accountholder: Hopetal e.V.
Description: Cars of Hope
IBAN: DE51 3406 0094 0002 9450 87
You can also donate by PayPal: or join their crowdfunding campaign at:

There will be many demonstrations across Europe on Saturday and Sunday. In a call the Refugee squat City Plaza in Athens wrote: 

Stop the EU Dirty Migration Deals

Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza: International call for the 17th March 2018 – European day against all anti-migration policies between states

People from all over the world flee war, poverty, torture, political, ethnic as well as religious persecution and slavery with the hope to arrive and settle in Europe. But even inside the EU migrants face terrible conditions. Instead of fighting against the causes of migration, the EU is doing everything to stop people from coming. It externalises its borders through deals with other states in an attempt to keep the suffering of refugees out of sight. These arrangements aim to keep people from reaching EU-territory and easily aggravate the situations in transit countries.

The 2016 deal between the EU and Turkey is a prime example of this strategy: Turkey is paid billions of Euros by the EU to detain refugees in the country. The EU’s money therefore directly fuels the nationalist war-mongering policies of Erdoğan that recently lead to the invasion of Afrin in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, killing dozens so far. Migrants are systematically kept in detention centers and deported from the EU to Turkey without even checking their reasons for asylum.

As a consequence, far less people manage to reach the Greek Aegean Islands, where the conditions are especially horrible following the deal that refugees may not enter the Greek mainland. They have to stay with little food, water, electricity and bad sanitary conditions in overcrowded “hot spot” camps, where asylum claims are systematically rejected. People on the islands have repeatedly voiced their discontent through protests, riots and hunger strikes.

In Libya, too, everyday migrants are imprisoned in private detention centers, tortured and sold as slaves. They suffer extreme exploitation and violence. The EU is funding the expansion of these detention centres. Meanwhile, by implementing the Malta agreement, Europe is training and technically supplying the Libyan “coastguards” to carry out so-called “rescue operations” that are in fact illegal push-backs to Libya.

In the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, migrants are illegally and directly sent back to Morocco. The EU’s funding supports abuse, beatings and killings by the Moroccan and Spanish police. Those who try to reach the Spanish mainland by sea face a life-threatening trip. In Spain refugees are usually trapped in detention centres where they are virtually prisoners.
The named deals are not the only agreements, however; similar ones with other states and regimes such as Eritrea and Sudan are either already implemented or being planned.

Also within the EU, the so-called migration management is steadily increasing; 2017 saw the continued building of fences and intensified border controls across the Balkans. New fences have been erected in Bulgaria, for example, where the right-wing leader, Krasimir Karakachanov, pushes for military force against migrants. Germany, Austria, Sweden and other European countries continue to deport people back to Afghanistan despite persistent bombings in the country, and are introducing new measures to deport minors back to Morocco.
In the meantime, the Dublin-Regulations are forcefully keeping migrants in the EU’s external countries or deporting them there. By keeping up inhuman deportation practices within the European Union they continue to maintain exclusionary policies of oppression.

But all of this does not go unnoticed – we continue to fight against all of the EU’s racist anti-migration policies, dirty deals and its deadly consequences! The eurpoean anti-migration policy has many sides, so let’s show up their connections and unite our struggles!

On the occasion of the International Day Against Racism and two years after the signing of the EU-Turkey deal we will take again the streets on the 17th of March! Join our fight Let’s fight together against the EU-border regime and struggle with us for a world without nations and borders!

Take action wherever you are and be part of this international day of action!

Stand up against the criminal regime of Fortress Europe!
Stop Europe’s funding of slavery in Libya! 
Stop the EU Dirty Migration Deals!
Stop Wars on Migrants!
For freedom of movement and safe passages!

Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza

Please contact us: 
Twitter: @17m18ActipnDay

You will find the main Facebook event page  at:


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