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#BreakSilenceOnAfrin Statement of Kurdish refugees starting a hunger strike.

Statement by Kurdish refugees that started a hunger strike in Athens, Greece in solidarity with Afrin.

Originally published by Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza Facebook page,

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Statement of Kurdish refugees starting a hunger strike in solidarity with Afrin

On Sunday 18/3, the army of the fascist Turkish state, along with FSA soldiers and the jihadists, entered the resisting city of Afrin. What followed was looting, tortures and decapitations of Kurdish fighters, and the expulsion of 200,000 civilians, the majority of whom are in the surrounding mountains deprived of food and water, physically and mentally injured by the orgy of violence and brutality.

We, as Kurdish political refugees living in Greece, declare that our soul and our mind are with our brothers and sisters in Afrin.

We ask for the solidarity of the Greek people and we start today 19/3 a hunger strike in front of the Greek Parliament, demanding from the Greek government to finally take a position; the Greek government, which unfortunately, like its allies in the EU and NATO, has remained neutral and unmoved in front of these developments.

The people of Afrin, our people, will always be free

Kurdish hunger strikers, March 19, 2018.

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