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#DefendAfrin “Let’s meet in #Brussels against Turkey and #NATO on March 27”

The Platform for Afrin issued a call for a march to protest the Turkish invasion in Afrin and NATO on March 27 in Brussels.

Originally published by ANF News.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

“Let’s meet in #Brussels against Turkey and #NATO on March 27″

The Platform for Afrin issued a written statement to call for a central march and rally to be held in Brussels on March 27.

The statement starts with, “Tens of thousands of people will join the NATO protest in Brussels on March 27 and stop the massacres and the genocide,” and continued with:


“The fascist Turkish state carries out massacres and invasion attacks in Afrin using all the opportunities and weapons NATO offers, as well as the silence and support of international powers.

The second largest army in NATO is implementing a genocide in Afrin with open approval for the massacre by Russia. NATO is directly responsible for the massacre inflicted on a civilian population, using all opportunities and resources of NATO.

The people of Afrin have put forth the Resistance of the Age and stupefied imperialist states and their tool the fascist Turkish state. Since January 20, the peoples of the world have been witnessing the most noble resistance of human history. We are faced with the duty to increase the resistance of the peoples which will foil the plans of the imperialist states and international institutions who have offered silent support for the massacre of the Kurdish people. The murderer Erdoğan is glad of this silence, but he can be stopped if we turn everywhere we are into the grounds of resistance.


The genocidal operation against our people in Afrin is implemented barbarically by the Turkish state with the permission and approval of imperialist states. Hundreds of civilians, women and children have been massacred by the fascist Turkish state’s army and the murderous Al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army and ISIS gangs to date. Together with the anti-fascist and peace movements from Kurdistan, Turkey and Belgium, we will be in Brussels on March 27 to be the voice of the people of Afrin.

As the Platform for Afrin that includes 94 organizations and institutions (Kurdistani institutions and organizations, revolutionaries and democrats from Turkey, Assyrian-Syriac people, Armenians, Alevis, Êzidîs, Muslims, Christians, women’s and youth organizations), we are calling on the Belgian and world public:


The true owner of the dirty war and invasion attacks in Afrin is NATO. NATO’s support for the massacrist Turkish state, NATO resources and weapons are being used in the genocidal war in Afrin. Our call for all Belgian people who are anti-war and pro-peace, all unions, NGOs, antifascists, politicians and for the women’s movement is to join the European central march we will be holding on March 27 to stop the NATO war in Afrin.

We are calling on all our people and our allies to participate in the protest against NATO on March 27 in Brussels.

We are calling on all peoples to participate in the march to dismantle this dirty alliance.”

The Platform for Afrin announced that the march will start from the Place Rogier Bruxelles on March 27 at 12.00.

Facebook event page:

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