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#CNT #Catalunya & #Baleares: To the working class of #Catalonia

Statement by the CNT branch of Catalonia & Baleares on the ongoing state repression. 

Originally published by CNT.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

CNT Catalunya & Baleares: To the working class of Catalonia

We want to stress once again that we are not in favour of any borders and any old or new states. You can read more about our position on the Catalan process in this statement of September 30, 2017: here.

You can read all our articles about Catalonia here.

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Here is todays statement by the CNT Catalunya & Baleares about the ongoing repression by the Spanish state:

As unions of the CNT of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands we want to position ourselves while we are facing the authoritarian attitude of the State in these moments of extraordinary gravity.

The imprisonments, the constant police aggression to the citizen mobilizations, the attack to the freedom of expression, the suppression and / or reduction of the most basic and elementary rights (pensions, housing, energy, etc.), the constant threat that suffers the model that instructs and educates our daughters and sons, the resurgence of fascism, are an unequivocal example of the uncontrollable escalation of reactionary values ​​that are being deployed against the people of Catalonia and that is also being seen in the rest of the State.

We must be very clear that this tyrant and repressive State is the direct heir of the Francoist judicial and government structures that designed the so-called transition, the regime of 78, and that they shied away from their responsibilities and that they amnestied their criminal post-war criminals. The CNT already denounced it at that time, paying a very expensive price in the form of beatings, repression, infiltrations, assemblies and police murders, which ended with a calculated marginalization. 
We want to make it very clear that the anarcho-syndicalists will enforce our values ​​of solidarity, mutual support and direct action and put them at the service of the cause of social progress and the working people.

We call on the entire working class of Catalonia to rediscover and use all the mobilization tools that have been most successful throughout our history to rediscover the strength we have if we act collectively and massively.

The CNT, as the historical organization of anarcho-syndicalism in Catalonia, takes a step forward to declare publicly that it will make all the necessary efforts to combat these moments of injustice and dictatorship. For this, in these moments in which many people want real changes, we will soon publish a program of action to give shape to a society where self-management and the participation of the working class in the organization of the economy are the guiding principles.

Permanent Secretariat of the Regional Committee of CNT Catalunya i Balears.

«Disobedience is the true foundation of freedom. 
The obedient must be slaves. ” 
Henry David Thoreau.


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