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Rouvikonas: Call for economic support

Statement by the anarchist Rouvikonas (In English Rubicon) collective.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Rouvikonas: Call for economic support

The American writer John Steinbeck wrote in the past: «If you’re in trouble or hurt or need – go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help – the only ones». We, Rubicon, have come up with a manner to get over our problems, to solve them in numerous imaginative ways, we have learnt to lick and heal our wounds and any trauma to render us more experienced and stronger. Now, there is an urgent need for economic support to the collective and we are publishing this article today for this reason.

The disgraceful authoritative propaganda talks about the impunity of the members of Rubicon, while a vulgar rhetoric is undertaken especially by the opposition party that we cooperate with power centres that provide us a kind of retreat. The reality, of course, shatters all these lies and slanders.

Whenever we faced the authority of judicature, either the few times our persecutors were able to arrest us (not because of their inability but due to robust strategy) or when we chose to hand ourselves to them after occupations of buildings, the sentences assigned to us “stretched out” the inflexible boundaries of the penal code. The numbers talk for themselves. Only for four first-instance verdicts, 31 of our members were sentenced to 482 months of imprisonment redeemable with cash, 12 months with suspension and a fine of 14.400 euro. In the case of the attack at the tolls on the road of shame, in Kiato, it would be probably preferable for the judges, instead of breaking the glass of the counter, to rob them. Otherwise, there is no explanation for the penalty that was more fitting for a felony. Not to mention the ridiculous verdict following the peaceful occupation of the Spanish embassy in that, due to the lack of lawsuits and other evidence, the prosecutor retrieved the act of the “disruption of domestic peace” on which (s)he based the 6 months of imprisonment and the advice “if we want to protest, we can stand outside the buildings». In any case, we are not seeking for reason from the authority, because there is no reason. We are not looking for leniency either. We are well aware of the fact that they are coming up with plans to classify Rubicon as a criminal organisation, or as one that falls under the terror-law 187A. They may go ahead and do that. The decision will be theirs and so will the consequences. We know that whenever we stand across the courtroom, we are condemned for our ideology and this is a title of honour. They shall continue their foul play, we will continue our own struggle and history will be the future judge.

In the months to come, the appellate court is to try the four cases that yielded hundreds of imprisonment months, at the same time with the introduction of other first-instance ones. Paying off the penalties is the smallest price every fighter is called to fulfil to avoid the galleys of bourgeois democracy. As a collective, in the text of our political identity we have already stated that we provide absolute coverage and legal protection to all of our members and this is what we will do again.

So far, the economic resources for our actions and the payment of the penalties were ensured by the contribution of our members, last minute concerts and other demonstrations of solidarity. Now, due to the need of collecting a much higher amount of money, not only for the payment of the penalties that are to come but also for the continuation and the intensification of the struggle (which is what we plan to do), we address a wide calling to our working-class family. To the poor, like Steinbeck said, to the oppressed, to the ones belonging in the lowest social classes, to those that experience oppression and exploitation, to all of those that in our words and in our actions find a part of their dreams for a different world, to

our comrades all over the world that have chosen side and fight in their own way the beast of authority.

Hence, we ask a little from a lot. And indeed, coming back to our introduction, we know that they will be the only ones to help. The only ones! They themselves know why…

For obvious reasons we will not provide any accounts, but only a phone number and an email address so whoever wishes to assist, to come on contact with us first, ensuring by this way their absolute anonymity.

Telephone: +30 6947456739
The struggle continues, the river rises…

Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas/Rubicon

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