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Live Blog: The Eviction of #ZAD #NDDL Started: #ZADResist!

Read also Live Blog Day 2 of the eviction of ZAD (April 10, 2018): here. At 03:22am this morning the cops arrived at the D281 at Ardillières and Bois Rignoux. The evction of the ZAD occupation started. If you want to contribute to our live blog; You can send your pictures, videos, reports and analysis. Go to our submit page: hereClick at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information. 

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Live Blog in French: here.

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10:20pm We will end with our live coverafe for today. But we will be back tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

09:40pm Most demos in solidarity with ZAD across Fance have now ended. 

09:33pm ZAD: It seems like cops are driving with trucks on Chèvre street. They didn’t manage to do that this afternoon. People are asking for support. They think the cops might try to arrest people as revenge.

09:22pm Meanwhile in the ZAD… Cops are at the entrance of Chèvre street (at the Bison side). 

09:04pm Cops also attacked the demo against the eviction of ZAD in Toulouse, France.

Image by @Ian__Pinson

08:59pm Demo against the eviction of ZAD in Rennes, France now marching to university. Cops are following them. 

08:32pm Cops attacked protesters against the eviction of ZAD in Rennes, France. The cops try to prevent the demo to go into the city center.

08:31pm Clashes during protests against the eviction of ZAD in Nantes, France.

Image by @FranceNews24

Spontaneous protests against the eviction of ZAD also in Toulouse, France

Image by @cametoulouse

Spontaneous protests against the eviction of ZAD also in Saint Étienne, France

Image by @Lateralux

08:15pm Most protesters left Belleville in Paris. Cops removed the barricades. The protesters went to the occupied Tolbiac university for an assembly about the resistance against the eviction of ZAD. 

Skirmishes in Nantes…

08:02pm Protesters against the eviction of ZAD start build barricades on train tracks in Rennes, France (video)

07:55pm Cops attacked the demo against the eviction of ZAD in Nantes (video)

07: 37pm Carrefour Bellevile still blocked. A first barricade in Paris (Image below).

Image by @JFPellissier

07:27pm In Paris protesters blocked Carrefour Belleville to protest against the onmgoing eviction of ZAD (Images below. Images by @JFPellissier


Video from the demo gainst the ongoing eviction of ZAD. People chanting “The whole world hates the police!”

Livestream from the demo against the eviction of ZAD in Nantes (France).

06:47pm In Caen (France) protesters are blocking a main crossing to protests against the ongoing eviction of ZAD. (Image below)

Image by @jurneveles

nantes9a06:40pm More and more people come to protest against the eviction of ZAD. Gatherings are taking place in many French cities. (Image from Nantes)

06:35pm Teargas at the ZAD camping.

hambacher3neieActivists of the occupied Hambacher Forest (Germany) supports call for worldwide solidarity actions against the eviction of ZAD:

06:15pm More and more people arrive at the gathering against the ongoing eviction of ZAD. The gathering is in front of the prefecture in Nantes, France (video).

05:07pm Another good news: a construction machine got bogged down trying to destroy a platform in a tree! MUHAHAHAHAHAAH

Solidarity from Minneapolis, USA

Over the weekend a banner was hung in so-called Minneapolis reading Defend la ZAD. We take this opportunity to send a message of strength to the ZAD occupants on the eve of their eviction. The autonomous zone established in France has been the source of endless inspiration for rebels near and far—it will live on, regardless of what happens on Monday. Originally published by Conflict MN.



04:30pm To join us at the camp of white hair at 17h: It seems that the best is to park on the d81, south of the crossroads of the saulce, then walk to the camp “white hair” (in front of the pits black). It is still possible to come by Vigneux de Bretagne. According to our information there are cops: on all the D281 Ardillères Wood Rignoux to Mancelière Richard Frenelière and Carrefour de la Saulce is blocked.

04:20pm The shed of 100 noms has just been destroyed. For now, no other cabin has been affected.

CrimethInc History of ZAD:

03:41pm Tweet below: Le cartel des cantines de luttes de Rennes feed the rebels..

03:28pm 13 tractors vigilant against the cops since 15 hours on the D81 to ardillères.

03:14pm Evictions, how to react?

- at 17h on the camp of the white hair (in front of the Fosses noires) 

- at 18h tonight in front of the prefecture of Nantes 
- at 9pm tonight at la Wardineto in public.

Further details to tell you how to access the zad despite the police presence

03:13pm No more: the cabin is currently under attack. Little by little the state destroys our habitats, hoping to erase our lives. It only reinforces our rage and anger!



02:51pm Chevrerie: The cops attack the lodge with tense shots

02:27pm Solidarity message of the SUD railway workers union (PDF file, French):

02:11pm Our solidarity with you from Gipuzkoa, Euskal Herria. (Basque Country)

Image by


01:57pm Climbers arrive at 100 noms to evict rooftop mates.

12:16pm MEDIC: request for support, the medic team needs liminent oleo-limestone (what is spread on the ass of the kids, it is everywhere) and cleaning tissues for a baby  in individual packages. And chocolate;) To be deposited at the Black Pits.

12:45pm  France: Cops are also evicting a student occupation in Nanterre right now. The students across france are protesting against Macron’s neoliberal reforms. There were several attacks by fascists against protesting studens. Like for instance on Friday. More info: here.

Image by



12:12pm NOE BERNARD: 2 people are stuck on the spot with 4 goats. we have solutions to host them but not to move them. We need a large vehicle, if you have one contact the emergency number (06 43 92 07 01) they will pass the info. Thank you !


11:56am A dozen cops advance to the east, to the Chèvrerie.

11:54am At 100 Noms, the cops gave people 5 minutes to leave. They do not have the eviction order papers, claim that the prefect have the evition order. There are cops all around, ourfriends are on their roofs. (See images in the Tweet below)

11:53am Tweet below: ZAD activists on a roof to prevent the demolition…

The eviction of ZAD continues. Cop propaganda video:

11:31am An armoured cop vehicle, a caterpillar, was attacked and burned.

11:29am The cops are at the entrance to the 100 Noms Road, 100 Noms have asked to see the bailiff and the eviction orders. These are in the hands of the prefect (and not on the spot) but the cops ordered the inhabitants to leave by telling them that they would intervene.

11:21am 50 people currently occupy city hall in Forcalquier in solidarity with ZAD. Thank you for that! Images by


11:15am Radio Klaxon (Zadist pirate radio) calls for occupations of the center of power. Like for example the ongoing occupation of ciy hall in Forcalquier. In Nantes a rally in front of the préfecture is tarting right now. 

11:10am Part 2 of the press confernece by Zadists (French)

11:00am Press conference by Zadists some minutes ago (French)


Lama is being destroyed.


The west side boards of the D281 were demolished.


One of the diggers descended from its plateau at Lama level.


Three people left the Port Tower, we do not know if they were arrested. Two diggers and a dump truck go from close to 100 noms (where they did nothing) to the north.


Klaxon radio was struggling this morning. Comrades from Indymedia Grenoble have created a relay, big thumbs up to them and them. You can find the ZAD pirate radio here:

Mainstream media (Franc3) video from this morning:

  • 09:33am The prefect Nicole Klein will hold a press conference at 11:30 at the town hall of Notre Dame des Landes with Mayor Jean-Paul Naud … A good listener ….
  • 09:02am 

    The cops in disorder on the ZAD, want to stay. According to the first disaster Collomb: “The police we will maintain, as long as it is necessary, so that there is no new occupation” … It promises …

  • 08:47am 

For the moment, 77 rallies are announced in solidarity with the ZAD. Thanks for your support. Resistance !!

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  • 08:21am The cops are at the crossroads of the Fresnelière and would deploy in 3 directions: the paquelais, vigneux and the sandstone They are also on the way to the Friche towards the D81 They are also positioned in the field between the road and the 100 names.
    • 07:48am

      Gerard Collomb announces that 40 places which represents 100 people are to be expelled. He announces that the cops will remain on the zone “as long as it is necessary […] so that there is no new occupation”. Grand seigneur, he adds: “We will destroy these buildings but we will propose a relocation to each, there will be no people on the street”. In addition, a convoy arrives from Fay with moving trucks, a backhoe loader, bikers …

    • 07:43am

      The cops are now in the east of the zad, around the Far West and the tower. GMs, armored vehicles and construction machines whose corporate logos are masked were seen coming from Fay de Bretagne.

    •  06:50am

      Correction. There are no cops at Saulce, they were journalists … Often the journalists do the work of the cops, the kick of the mates confused.

    •  06:39am 

      The cops arrived at La Saulce by Vigneux. They make summons.

    •  06:36am

      The cops told reporters that they would not let them go “in their device” to take pictures. Nice way to control the info by being the only source of videos and photos!

    •  06:21am

      The large backhoe previously seen on the D15 has just been unloaded at the Ardillières.

    •  06:13am

      Tweet Gérard Collomb, sinister of the interior: “This morning, from 6am, the @Gendarmerie will begin an operation of expulsion of the illegal occupants of the grounds of Notre-Dame-des-Landes.In accordance with the announcements of the Prime Minister the January 17, it’s about ending the no-go zone. “

    •  06:08am

      A tank carrier with a backhoe loader, two motorcycles and two trucks on the road from Temple to Fay, towards Fay. It is therefore at least the third backhoe.

    •  06:01am 

      There are 8 new vans, 4 of which are covered, a second backhoe, which descend the D281 southwards from the Ardillères.

    •  05:55am

      And, surprisingly, the cops did not keep their word! The 10 trucks posted Ardillères advance on the D281 to the south with a machine on trailer type tractopelle.

    •  05:49am 

      A dozen more vans head for the area from Fay de Bretagne road. The keufs ​​say they will stop at the crossroads of the Ardillères for now, finally good word of keufs.

    •  05:45am 

      “People wishing to gather information, advice, etc., during the sad police operation in progress, can visit the local of ACIPA in the town of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (next to the town hall).

      The room will be open from 9:30 on Monday, April 9 (to be defined for the following days).

      The ACIPA “

    • 05:40am

      Clashes take place around the road. The cops do not progress anymore, we imagine that they wait 6 hours, legal time, to begin evictions with usher.

    •  05:30am 

      One arrest reported and one injured.

    •  05:22am

      There are cops on the parcel north of the route des Fosses Noires, to the east of the real reds.

    •  05:13am

      The D81 is barricaded after the crossroads of Saulce towards the Rolandière.

    •  05:07am

      The cops left the Limimbout barricade. 9 sheeted trucks are parked in the rear market on the route des Fosses and 9 others are on the D281.

    •  04:54am 

      The cops are also north of Limimbout. The barricade on the spot was inflamed. Moreover, the cops are no longer on the road from Bison to La Chèvrerie.

    •  04:52am

      An anti-riot grid is placed on the route of the Black Pits at Youpi Youpi level

    •  04:38am 

      The GMs are walking up the road from Bison to the Cheverie. The cops are deployed at least Bison bastard Planchettes (about forty truck visible) + 2 armored vehicles and trucks Bâchés. We had news of the mates who are surrounded in the tower, they are fine. There had been a fire at Lama Faché that the cops extinguished. At least sheeted trucks are going up the road of the Black Pits since Lama Faché. The cops are also around Youpi Youpi

    •  04:24am

      About fifteen tractors have positioned themselves along the route des Fosses noires.

    •  04:24am

      Finally, the gendarmerie tank returns to the D281.

    •  04:19am

      The journalists are blocked by the cops at the entrance to the D281. A tank of the gendarmerie goes up the road of the Black Pits since Lama Fâché.

    •  04:12am

      Correction: In fact, there are no cops at La Mancelière Richard.

    •  04:02am

      The cops progress on the road of the Black Pits since Lama Fache, they are at the level of the real reds. Cops gas. They are also going up the Mancelière Richard towards La Grée. They are at the crossing level of the Chèvrerie.

    •  03:54am

      The cops advanced about fifteen meters on the route des Fosses Noires towards the west. They are also at the level of Mancelière Richard

    •  03:41am

      The cops are unfolding all over the D281. There have already been arrests. Cops gas at Lama Faché

    •  03:34am

      The barricade in front of the faded Lama tower began to burn. The cops summons and returned to the field by the route of the Black Pits. They are all around the hut of angry Lama. Comrades are in the tower.

      In addition there are 70 trucks of cops in Vigneux, near the entrances of the zad.

    •  03:30am 

      The cops have reached Faché Lama’s level. A barricade was ignited to hinder their progress.

    •  03:22am

      ALERT ALERT! The cops arrived on the D281, by the Ardillières and Bois Rignoux. They destroyed the barricades erected at night by tractors and are currently at the level of Planchettes and 100 Names.

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