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Live Blog: The Eviction of #ZAD #NDDL Day 2: #ZADResist!

We are a bit late today, but now we will continue our Live Blog of the ZAD evicion. At 03:22am yesterday morning the cops arrived at the D281 at Ardillières and Bois Rignoux. The evction of the ZAD occupation started. Today the cops continued with the eviction at 04:02am If you want to contribute to our live blog; You can send your pictures, videos, reports and analysis. Go to our submit page: hereClick at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information.

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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ZAD Pirate radio: here and here.

Our Live Blog ZAD eviction Day 1 from yesterday, April 9 is here.

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09:55pm We will end our live coverage of the ZAD eviction for today but tomorrow is day 3 of the eviction and we will be back with another live blog. Thank you for reading!


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This flyer was spread during todays action in solidarity with ZAD New York City (in front of the French consulate. Images below by @woodbinenyc


There seems to be an eviction order for Tolbiac and other occupied and blocked schools and universities. Evictions could start tonight or in the very near future. Stay alert! (Tweet below)

08:35pm ZAD: meanwhile the clashes continue ..; always in front of Vraies Rouges; We hear grenades explode every 5 minutes or less when there are several in a row.

For the moment, the goat farm has unfortunately been evicted and destroyed. as well as the chevrerie, the port, the tour, no name

The Boite Noire (Black Box) was evicted but obviously not destroyed, At this time no place has been destroyed in the East Zone.

..and another offensive grenade .. (30g TNT)

..and one more

The machines, therefore, came to clear the debris of the huts destroyed yesterday. 
We are at 14 am in front of the Vraies Rouges for today and it’s still not over. They can still legally destroy cabins.

08:24pm Controls at Ardillères. Cops searching cars and people. Cops were seen walking in the fields.

Solidarity from Poland : You will find links and polish translations at this Facebook page:

Report from the medical team: The medical team informs us of a non-exhaustive assessment of this very tense day.

At least 30 people were treated at the medics point medicalat Gourbi, while mobile teams took care of minor injuries that were not accounted for.

2 severely injured people had to be brought to hospital, and 4 people with severe injuries were also treated.

Most of the injuries were caused by grenades (including in the face or chest), rubber bullets (again at chest level), and tear gas fire. This list does not take into account the exposure to the very very large number of tear gas that wwas fired all day long.

Moreover, since the end of the afternoon, many shots of GLI-F4  grenades (which had for example caused the very serious injury at the foot of a protester in Bure last August) were noticed. The medic team is very concerned for the days to come.

07:32pm People in 

Livestream solidarity gathering in Nantes, France.

07:23pm Protesters and cops are standing face to face in Nantes.

07:19pm Solidarity gathering in Saint-Michel, Paris right now. Image by @Petit_HommeVert


Video of a demo in solidarity with ZAD in Saint-Nazaire, France (Demo is ongoing)

06:55pm Many cops around the gathering in solidarity with ZAD in Nantes. People did not start to march yet. Last night the cops attacked the solidarity demo in Nantes. 

06:41pm Cops block a vineyard direction Fay, at the boissetiere crossing (north of st yves, rosier baraka) La Fremiere, (qqs km suburb st du tertre – pink house no controls at the moment.)

13 min: Gendrames posted just after Tunnel de Temple, direction Zad

Cops in La Haie, north of Ardillères

Cops at the entrance of Vigneux (village), on the axis in the direction of zad

1 car + 2 cops at the rosier crossing.

06:21pm First people started to gather in solidarity with  ZAD in front of the prefecture in Nantes, France.


06:20pm 2 big trucks transporting diggers arrived on the D281.

06:01pm The cops at Saulce removed a barricade and left. A special envoy has tried to move east bus didn’t succeed. The D281 is too well guarded, many cops vans are checking people. Strong police presence during the day at No Name and Phare Ouest, but they would have to fight to access the huts with their machines.

05:51pm 5 Gendarmerie (Cops) trucks at foret de Rohanne (near la Rolandière) and headed for La Saulce, need reinforcement. Do not leave Fâché Lama!

05:44pm Still cops and the armored barricade at Fosses Noires / Vraies Rouges, People there call for support.

05:36pm The medics say that 20 activists were injured today. 4 of them severe. 2 of them had to be brought to a hospital. 

05:11pm The Fossés Noires crossing still attacked with tear as by cops.

05:10pm In a press conference the prefecture stated that 10 cops were injured today (until now). Since yesterday 16 cabins (tree houses, huts etc) were evicted.


05:00pm Heavy attack by cops with teargas.

04:52pm Calls for solidarity gatherings today: 06:00pm (18:00) in front of the prefecture in Nantes and at 06:30pm (18:30) in front of city hall in Chateaubriant.

ZAD: Call for a big pic on ZAD, tomorrow Wednesday Aprill 11 at 01:00pm (13:00) between Fosses Noires and Vraies Rouges. 

“We call for a big protest picnic against the evictions and demolitions in progress of homes and agricultural or other projects on the zad . This picnic will take place this Wednesday at 13h on the cheveux blancs camp. This reception area for “young people of all ages” is located right next to the Jardin Rouge and Noir, a market gardening project, the hut of medicinal plants and Vraies Rouges, one of the oldest self-built housing complexes of the zad . All these spaces are threatened with destruction for two days now, like many other places of the zad there is still time to save them. César 2 must stop. Let’s get together! S Tell everybody about this picnic, bring your friends, a meal to share and why not a little bit of food to leave on the spot.

Originally published at (French):

04:34pm The cops advance towards Fosses Noires.

04:32pm The Prefect of NDDL told French mainstream media outlet France Info that it’s much more difficult today (for the cops, EIE). 


04:08pm Report of the press conference held at 14h at the Rolandière, by Reporterre (Google translation).

22 people carrying agricultural and artisanal projects intervened collectively to express their dismay at the prefect’s double-game and their determination to defend a collective project for the future of the Zad.“We have engaged in a dialogue, we have believed in it and we realize that in fact, all projects are threatened,” they denounced.

“The Farm of One Hundred Noms was razed with full knowledge of the fact that there was a project underway, known to the authorities, regretted Vincent Delabouglise, a farmer member of Copains 44 (a farmer collectiv, EIE), pointing out that the ewes were chipped and domiciled at the close one week earlier. One consequence is that all agricultural projects are under threat, including historical ones, to the extent that we can not trust the word of the state. Today, the market gardening project at Les Vrai Rouges has been destroyed.

Farmers bakers, herbalists or seed, nurserymen, millers, brewer peasants, carpenter, beekeeper, breeders, producers of medicinal plants, potters and leather craftsmen, market gardeners. All of them came to remind us of the collective dimension of their activities.

“The prefect speaks only of individual projects, she refuses to examine our collective project, so said Willem, breeder. However, a convention of precarious occupation in a collective title was presented to him, it must be studied. Why would this collective project be bad when history provides us with several examples of great successes for the territories, like in Larzac? The reverse of the collective is isolation, which leads to the expansion of farms and many suicides in the agricultural world. 

Those present also stated that “agricultural projects take time; this work has been in progress for ten years, under the threat of expulsion; we can not propose in two months a perfect project. 

They demanded “the immediate withdrawal of the police and the return to the rule of law”. To a journalist who asked how long Zadists were planning to hold, one resident replied, “That’s not the question. We want to stop the destruction of our places of life, places of our friendships, our loves and our agricultural and artisan projects.

The inhabitants launched a call for picnics tomorrow Wednesday at 13h at a place called camping white hair.

04:01pm Alphonse Fresneau: More than 80 years old and still at the front. “I am here for the future of these young people. The destruction of 100 Noms. What a waste”. 


03:57pm Cops are stuck on this road (image below) for hours now. They are facing fierce resistance. 

Image by @ymonteil

Video from today:

03:39pm Police checkpoint at the Boistière (between Vigneux and the Rose) and between Vigneux and La Saulce.

03:35pm It heats up again on the side of the Fosses Noires / Vraies Rouges. It seems that the tactic of cops is to charge regularly.

03:34pm For those who are in Finistere: there was a demonstration in front of the NobelSports factory this afternoon. Maybe we could play hide-and-seek a few days in a row?

Image by

03:24pm The situation remains stable at the level of the Fosses Noires / Vraies Rouges. An image of about 1 hour ago.

Image by

Solidarity message: “It Will Burn Forever”: From Appalachia to la ZAD. Read the message here:


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02:32pm The cops destroyed the first barricade on the way to the black pits, then seem to retreat while people rebuilded a barricade. The road crossing of the black pits and valley road is still ours. Possibility to access the ZAD through the Frémelière and Mancelière. At the moment the cops are blocking access to the D81 at Ardillières. There is a police van parked at Chene des Perrières and 9 blue trucks parked at the Super U (supermarket) de Héric.

02:03pm ATELIER RAP It’s Tuesday, it’s ZSR whatever happens !! Wild RAP workshop at the crossing road of the pits / chemin de la Vallée. The theme proposed for today: “Tonight is expulsions”. Bring back your instrument, your speakers and your punchlines!

Updates (in French) also at ZAD Pirate radio: here and here.

Tomorrow, April 11, there will be a solidarity demo in Gasteiz, Basque Country (Image below).


01:44pm PRESS CONFERENCE at 02:00pm (14:00) in La Rolandière.

01:15pm According to French mainstream media reports 4 cops were injured today. The resistance seems to be even more determined and harder today. As we reported earlier 20 activists were injured. 3 of them with severe injuries. One of the 3 was injured by a grenade from the cops.


01:04pm CHEVRERIE: The person who was beaten has been released, he is severely injured but is fine. Five of those arrested yesterday were also released (without pcharges); Tractors come to reinforce the Real Red :))

01:03pm Music at the barricades in ZAD.

12:40pm People applaud when tractors to support the ZAD resistance arrive. 

Video from earlier today. Activists continue to resist the eviction of ZAD.

12:28pm Video: About 12 vigilant tractors come to support the ZAD activists.

12:03pm According to the medica 20 people injured. 3 of them with severe injuries. One of the 3 was injured by a grenade from the cops. We assume it was a flashbang or teargas grenade. Image by @ZAD_NDDL


11:30am The resistance against the ZAD eviction continues. Images (and the image above) by @ZAD_NDDL

11:23am An armored advances towards the Real red by destroying the barricades. Many shots of teargas and ammo. The armored vehicle would retreat again. Hold on to your friends and take care of yourself!

11:04am Students of the EHESS occupied their school in solidarity with ZAD: 

EHESS students are attending school today (Google translation):

Because it was necessary to occupy a place of power.

Since Monday morning, 2,500 gendarmes accompanied by armored vehicles expel different places of the ZAD, we react as we had engaged in responding to the call of the movement to occupy places of power wherever possible. Despite the appearance of a number of tribunes protesting the military operation on the zone, the university body does not react. This is why the EHESS ZAD Committee organizes blocking and occupation of the school all day long. We call all the signatories of support forums to join us and all the buddies to swell our ranks to organize because we will need world to take the EHESS, the College de France and other places to be able to.

The School is perhaps not the most prestigious of universities, nor the richest, it is even considered to be leftist, it supports easily the struggles in progress, it produces critical knowledge, in the service of struggles seems it is precisely for this reason that we are targeting the EHESS today. Because there are always more bastards, because there are always other places of power more powerful – especially when it is deemed diffused 
- because one always has an excuse not to participate in the struggles in progress other than by the posture of the committed intellectual.

Because words have never routed cops, because militant seminars have never blocked economic flows, and producing critical knowledge does not stop the neoliberal attacks that succeed each other year after year in all. sectors. To sign a tribune in the World does not exempt to go down in the street and does not protect from the blockade – to disperse on the strike does not exempt to do it.

Because the day yesterday was rich in an event normally enough to provoke the revolt in the universities like the destruction of a dozen places on the ZAD, expulsion of the University of Nanterre and arrest of students directly in the University.

We will not spend another day frenziedly updating news feeds, watching helplessly against the abuses of cops and fachos. We do not imagine to follow and teach the classes as if nothing had happened, as if all was well, as if we were not the next ones on the list. The Nanterre staff have announced that they are going on strike, the AGs of railway workers are voting on the renewed strike, many universities are blocked and occupied.

Because a social movement is underway and nothing disturbs the daily life of the EHESS.

Because these are not the reasons that are missing – and for us it should be a simple reflex.

We start by blocking the school all day, program:

8h15: start of the blocking (yeaaahhh) at 105 boulevard Raspail & breakfast in music!

12h: meal

14h: AG in the Furet amphitheater

18h: aperitif / concert / gathering elsewhere? (Askip)

We call everyone to come organize themselves, the teachers to strike, the students to block their universities, to take part in actions of support to the ZAD and its worlds.

The University of PSL, at the request of the Paris Police Prefecture, offers a room for the people concerned by this blockage.

To make the request, you can call the following number: 07 72 09 98 84.

Students from EHESS

This is what happenned until now today:

  • 10:44am

    NEW INJURED: a person took a projectile in the foot and is seriously injured, he had to be evacuated to the hospital.



    EASTERN ZONE: we are pleased to announce the birth of new barricades in the non-motorized zone. The resistance continues and the blows do not undermine our determination!



    CHEVRERIE: One of the people on the roof was beaten by the cops and brought to the hospital. Neither forgetfulness nor forgiveness!



    CHEVRERIE: The house is being destroyed. Anger rises in the grove. We loose nothing !



    CHEVRERIE: we are told that a person was arrested at 7:45 am. now the eviction continues and a shovel is approaching to destroy the house. On-site support is needed!



    It is still moving in Nantes: following the demonstration last night (2000 to 3000 people) the GA Nantes decided to maintain the fixed point at the Prefecture level from 10am to broadcast the news from here, as well as the appointment at 18h in front of the Préf.



    The cops have retreated to Vraires Rouges !!! They retreat to Lama! Always need help with the Chèvrerie, maybe way to roll them down too !!! 



    Vraires Rouges: the cops back to the Lama Faché crossroads. Need on-site support to thwart the destruction operation. Come many!



    At least three climbers arrive at the Chèvrerie to get people off the roof. So we do not know what this canoe story is …



    Vraires Rouges: The cops just ordered them to leave. Apparently the prefecture has decided to destroy all agricultural projects of the zad!



    The cops have taken out the truncheons to the Vraires Rouges and ask to go back, they may be able to charge



    CHEVRERIE: the climbers of the gendarmerie are descending the last people still present on the roof



    Always two people on the roof of the Chèvrerie, and men around would be making traces on the ground to delimit the destruction …



    EVICTIONS IN PROGRESS AT THE BLACK BOX Immediate reinforcement needed by the D42 as much as possible. The cops went through the path of Pimki



    Messages of support arrive from a little bit everywhere, thank you, it gives us strength !! Solidarity with the zad from the Native Community of San Francisco Xochicuautla in the State of Mexico Support of the Amicale Brussels / Notre-Dame-Des-Landes



    PRUCHE: this house at the crossroads of La Saulce serves to prepare coffee and other hot drinks. If you want to help, do not hesitate to spend!



    From East to West, the zad is preserved! News from the Noe Verte cannery



    “To the cops who listen to us, it’s not that we like the riot, it’s because we do not like you at all”



    Alert at the Chèvrerie, the place is encircled by hundreds of cops, the violence continues and the cops have a dog. The eggs are also in the field of the Noue No More. And the real Reds are always stormed.Need a rooftop world, and face the cops.

    Cops are deployed on the path of discord, between Pimkie and Dalle. Place where they had not gone yet.



    The Medical HQ has been moved to the Gourbi: tent and caravan.



    Need reinforcements at the Chèvrerie, the cops are attacking and are venerable. Flashball shots without warning, gas and grenades deencclement. An arrest. They prevent journalists from approaching to prevent any scandal, need the media.

    Join us avoiding dams, from the north or west of the area.

    The eggs have taken position in small isolated groups in the fields between the Planchettes and the Sans Chênes.



    Urgent request for tractors on the Fosse Road to help evacuate the caravans.

    One of the tanks attacks the barricade on fire at the level of the Real Reds. Deafening grenades and tear gas galore on the road to the Black Pits. Need support and call to show on the roofs, drones fly over the road.

    Need reinforcement at the Chèvrerie encircled by the GM. Need help.



    Cops at the goat farm, they surrounded him and started gassing. They also move south from the valley road either. We hear several explosions, it gasses a little everywhere



    Barricade on fire on the side of the Black Fosses. They pass the 2nd barricade near Lama. They are approaching the real reds.



    About fifty trucks leave from Vigneux to La Paquelais. They go back on the D281 where they are “much too much to be able to count them”. There are also GMs on foot in the bison field The helicopter is there A hundred GM vehicles also arrive from the paquelais

    The good news: Jessy James is still standing!



    A dozen GM trucks go up the D281 from the paquelais and position themselves at Lama Fâché



    Current status of the device: A vigneux: 10 tarpaulins + 20 vans + firemen + IV4 + 2 armored Ardillères: 10 vans Temple: 9 vans For the moment it is rather OKLM



    10 vans to the ardillères, 9 trucks of GM in Vigneux, direction Saulce + a car, a truck of firefighter and IV4 On the side of the green noé, they saw pass 4 vans of gm direction NDDL, Plus 6 others coming from the 4 lanes still direction NDDL



    The sheeting and the armored leave Lama direction Rignoux wood.



    A friend was checked at the Sacred Lama crossroads around 2 am, papers requested, request to open the bag. She was able to leave again



    Sheets arrive at Lama from the Planchettes, at least 6. An armored vehicle in the lot. Support requested!



    For the moment, there are only a few cops in Lama, out of their vehicles and static. Device size not yet verified

In the late night hours there was a spontaneous demonstration in Tolbiac (Paris). Here are some videos:

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