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Live Blog: The Eviction of #ZAD #NDDL Day 4: #ZADResist!

Another day of police violence and destruction, but also of stiff resistance- We will continue with the 4rd part (on day 3 of the eviciton) of our Live Blog of the ZAD evicion. If you want to contribute to our live blog; You can send your pictures, videos, reports and analysis. Go to our submit page: hereClick at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information. 

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Live Blog in French: here.

Live Tweets by @ZAD_NDDL

ZAD Pirate radio: here and here.

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Read and organize! A call for intergalactic solidarity actions everywhere to end the destruction of ZAD:

We will do some on the ground reporting in France over the coming weekend. But we need your support to finance it. Travel expenses to France etc. Here is how you can support our work: You can also support our crowdfunding campaign (click at the image below)


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Big mobilizations for the weekend: 

– Saturday  April14 – Big demonstration against the expulsions of zad in Nantes – People meet at 4:30pm place du cirque (circus square) 
– Sunday April 15 – Gathering at ZAD on Sunday after a week of expulsion to respond on the ground to the expulsion operation. More information at Nantes Indymedia (French):

09:18pm We will end our live coverage of day 4 of the ZAD eviction now. Thanks for reading and we will be back tomorrow with a new live blog for day 5 of the eviction. 

Tomorrow night we will travel to ZAD. We will do some on the ground reporting in France over the coming weekend. But we need your support to finance it. Travel expenses to France etc. Here is how you can support our work: You can also support our crowdfunding campaign (click at the image below)

Action in Berlin in solidarity with ZAD during protests against high rents and gentrification. Images by @BerlinSurSpree

08:47pm At the moment its calm. Its like a kind of armed truce. 

Solidarity from Copenhagen to ZAD: Long live la ZAD de NDDL! Image by @agneaudedieu


08:25pm Partial assessment for today by the MEDIC team

7 wounded, most with grenades, including one severely injured. There is probably more but its dificult to count everything at the moment.

08:23pm ZAD: Tomorrow evening, from 19h, go to le phare (the lighthouse) for a vigil-reading.

London, UK: A little ZAD solidarity photo from the 56a collective. On Monday April 16, there will be a gathering in front of the French embassy: 06:00pm (local time), Embassy, 58 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7JT London. Facebook event page: 

Image by @56aInfoshop


07:43pm Flying identity checks of cars north of the zad/limimbout.
Cops to Ardillères. control of traffic coming out and it is possible to enter there.

07:06pm At the moment, flying controls are being held north of ZAD, near liminbout, with identification of all the passengers, opening the trunk of people leaving ZAD. You are reminded that in order to control the passengers and open the trunk, the cops must have a requisition of the prosecutor in their possession. Do not hesitate to ask for these papers before obeying.

Gatherings or messages of support arrive from all over the world like from Mondoubleau (Loir-et-Cher, France),

Image by

06:06pm A few images and a video from the last hour.

05:16pm Testimony of a person present at the time of the attack of the cops during the picnic of Wednesday, April 11 on the cheveux blancs camping. Read (French) here .

05:04pm Cops are still firing tear gas at ZAD

04:39pm The little game of cat and mouse with the cops to enter the zad continues. A priori, there seem to be no cops at  chêne des perrières.

04:21pm Clash in the field of Lama Faché. A hundred cops and a gang of vans on the road. Massive use of tear gas.

04:17pm Cops are firing tear gas grenades at Fosses-Noires again.

03:59pm Every day, the costs of the police operation on the zad is 275 000 € teaches us the Telegram (French):

03:54pm There seem to be checks at the exit of the temple towards NDDL and  la boisetière.

ZAD: Communiqué From the General Assembly on Wednesday at La Wardine after 3 Days of Expulsions. Read here:

03:02pm Info from the ZAD legal team: 24 people arrested, 1 minor, No news about 6 of them, all the others were released.

02:44pm Solidarity from Tokyo (French embassy) to ZAD!


02:41pm Macron on French public TV TF1: “Everything that was evacuable was evacuated,” he said, then we heard the usual blahblah about the need to regularize and the maintenance of public order. Would Macron be saying that there would be no more destruction of huts? Case to follow because of  experience, one knows that the word of the politicians is worth as much as that of the cops

40 police vans seen at the point, who arrived from Fay and drive to the temple Also, at least 20 vans and various vehicles of cops were seen on road from Fay towards Ardillères.

02:30pm According to French mainstream media reports 6 cops were injured today (until now). Its also reported that 3 of the cops have severe injuries. 

You arrive in the ZAD area and you have plenty of questions (where there are still sleeping places, how to send food stocks / stuff? ..)

The PROVISIONAL info phone number for this kind of questions is: 07 81 14 63 46

02:20pm Rémi Barroux (journalist of Le Monde) tweeted: End of evictions on #ZAD? “The operation came to a point where everything that had to be evacuated was evacuated,” says Emmanuel Macron at 1 pm TF1 (French public TV) , April 12. He (Macron) announced that discussions on the future of #NDDL’s lands will continue with the prefect.

Farmers on their way to defend the Saulce barricades.

02:15pm There are indications that Macron ordered to stop the rest of the eviction. We are waiting for confirmation. UNTIL NOW: NOT CONFIRMED

Here is a tweet from the ZAD medics with images of people who got injured from grenade splints. They write these splints go in deep and are hot. 

01:43pm After coming with dozens of trucks, throwing grenades at the south barricade south of the crossroads of the Saulce on the D81 the cops. left without taking the road to the east or the east

Communiqué – #ZAD – After 3 days of expulsions, are they prepared to kill in order to prevent collective action? Read here:

01:14pm Between 50 and 100 Gendarmerie trucks on the D81, are positioned in front of la Pruche, the south barricade is burning now.

01:05pm Cops retreateds from La Saulce after stiff resistance. (video)

01:02pm Fifty cop trucks arrive from Vigneux in the direction La Saulce This morning, about fifty GM arrived and gassed Saulce, people on the spot resisted and the cops are gone. 

Video from La Saulce this morning:

12:56pm At Vigneux in the car park, there are still around twenty polic vans, some of which are the CANINE brigade. Control on the road to the pink house at hameau le grand merimont Between la Fremière and Saint-François, a blocked road to Ardillères, they search the cars and open bottles to check the liquid in them. On the other hand, no trace of these thugs in uniform between the Ardillères and chêne des Perrières.

Solidarity from Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta (Indonesia) to ZAD! (video)

12:28pm The D42 is blocked at  l’épine. Control by cops at the d15, they check id’s but let people pass. Fifteen cops at the damaged croute in the parking lot of the super U (supermarket) de Vigneux

11:22am And it’s off again for a ride: the cops are on the Chèvrerie road from Bison Futé and at the fields at the well north of the road. They gas people on the spot. Need support!

The area around the Zad remains largely under police control, and excavators, mini-excavators, tow trucks, dump trucks are on site to continue the police operation.

11:11am ZAD is relatively calm at the moment. A contrast to yesterdays extreme police violence at Fosses noires. For now…

Image of yesterdays occupation of city hall in Die, France. Image by Collectif “Ricochets”/ Die.


10:28am Here are 2 newly published videos about the evictions of the zad, with images that no journalist could film (I think), are now online on youtube:

The second concerns the third day of the evictions (April 11), and shows how much the national gendarmerie is the enemy of the people who support the zad:

To disseminate as widely as possible. You can also resume or reuse snippets.

Thank you!

09:13am Another picture of the blockade of route 4 N165

Image by

Solidarity with ZAD from Hamburg. Image by @AntifaEnterCafe


09:05am We would like to remind you that there is a call for intergalactic solidarity actions. ZAD is everywhere:

08:46am This morning at 9 o’clock the Prefect will have to explain herself to justice! “An inhabitant of the ZAD of Notre Dame des Landes, residing for several years at a place called” Les Cents Noms “, has urgently assigned Mrs. Nicole Klein, prefect of the Loire Atlantique, to the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nantes, to make to see the illegality of his expulsion from his home, read the communiqué here (French):

08:05am A journalist reports a burning barrucade on the route lanes Nantes / Vannes, at the Temple or Vigneux. We expect more information about this. If it’s an action of solidarity with what is happening here it’s great, it could well clog their device dam filtering! Image by @jfleboite


07:57am Yesterday many organizations and associations issued a (in French) statement “EVACUATION OF THE ZAD, STOP EVERYTHING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!”.

07:05am 45 trucks of cops + 8 cars + 2 armored + the truck reported to the Ardillières, they leave on the D281. On the side of the Grée there was no attack.

06:12am The cops are at the Grée, need reinforcement on the spot. Otherwise little information of positions and movements of cops for now: the D281 is blocked a priori at both ends, the cops are posted in Vigneux, they are between the Temple and the Ardillières. But might go through La Mancellière Richard.

05:51am Yesterday there were many actions of solidarity everywhere: occupation of city hall of Die by more than 200 people (from approximately 12h to at least 19h30!), Blocking at the top of Roc’h Tredudon (Between Morlaix, Brest and Carhaix), many gatherings. See here (French) the page that lists the stories of actions , we try our best to put them online quickly.

05:40am Communiqué of the assembly of Wednesday to the wardine after 3 days of evictions 

Zad’s appeal to railway workers, students, strikers from Air France, Carrefour and all those who struggle  AGAINST MACRON AND ITS WORLD 
Layoffs consecutive to the labor law, from university selection to the deportation of immigrants, it is the same state logic that considers living beings as commodities, the same anti-social bulldozer trying to screw up our lives. Yet, read more here (French):

05:37am Press release of yesterdays developments (French):

04:47am The helicopter turned all night over the zad with a huge search light, and it continues. It’s hellish, but if they’re trying to burn us down psychologically they have to realize that what drives us together to defend this place and what we build there is much stronger than their pressure and intimidation. Good morning !

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