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Live Blog Day 5: Prefect Announced End of Eviction of #ZAD #NDDL

Last night the prefect, Nicole Klein, announced the end of the eviction operation. But the cops are still there and there is a call to retake the sites that were already evicted. If you want to contribute to our live blog; You can send your pictures, videos, reports and analysis. Go to our submit page: hereClick at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information. 

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Read and organize! A call for intergalactic solidarity actions everywhere to end the destruction of ZAD:

We will do some on the ground reporting in France over the coming weekend. But we need your support to finance it. Travel expenses to France etc. Here is how you can support our work: You can also support our crowdfunding campaign (click at the image below)

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Big mobilizations for the weekend: 

– Saturday  April14 – Big demonstration against the expulsions of zad in Nantes – People meet at 4:30pm place du cirque (circus square) 
– Sunday April 15 – Gathering at ZAD on Sunday after a week of expulsion to respond on the ground to the expulsion operation. More information at Nantes Indymedia (French):


We will stop our live coverage for today because we will travel to France now to start with on the ground reporting from ZAD tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

We will do some on the ground reporting in France over the coming weekend. But we need your support to finance it. Travel expenses to France etc. Here is how you can support our work: You can also support our crowdfunding campaign (click at the image below)

Livestream People already start to prepare the rebuilding of…

04:34pm The cops are stopping cars at the boisetière in the direction of the south barricade of Rosier.

04:19pm Two armored vehicles coming down from the Ardillères to lama faché to do what …? And we wonder: According to the prefect the operations are completed!

03:52pm The ploermel collective is currently being nabbed by the cops in court as they were distributing leaflets to the market on the situation here.

Solidarity from Barcelona to ZAD!


ZAD: Barricade at Suez road.


02:14pm Always cops all along the 281 and ardillères …

People are digging a ditch to stop the armored vehicles.

The time has come – Call for massive presence of people at the ZAD NDDL! Read here:

12:50pm The car of a farmer has just been searched and the cops seized tools on the road to  la haie north west of ardillères (from fay to ardillères) He was able to continue  and pich up his tools to at the police station in Blain late afternoon.

12:38pm The prefect announced that the cops will stay at ZAD up to 3 weeks or even a month. They need 10 days to “regularize the situation as long as you do not participate in violent actions or reoccupations!”

12:31pm If you want to come to ZAD: Coming from Fay de Bretagne via the d81, turn right at Le Bourget (sic!) To get straight to chêne des Perrières. It’s possible.

Solidarity with la ZAD from Wiradjuri country, in so-called Australia.
For almost a decade la ZAD in Notre Dame Des Landes has been an autonomous zone, liberated from the French republic. The zone is currently being attacked by a massive police operation intent on the complete destruction of this seed of another possible world, a world free from the logic of capital.

ZAD Partout! zadaustralia

12:21pm People are rebuilding barricades after the cops retreated from the D281. Image by @DubrayFranck


12:00pm Apart from the demo in Nantes (On Saturday 4:30pm place du cirque), there is a call to start rebuildig the evicted sites of ZAD on Sunday April 15. People will meet at 12:00pm at the chemin de Suez (Suez road)

11:25am Solidarity from Barcelona Gracia to ZAD! Image b@Ocagracia 


11:15am ZAD: Livestream

11:00am Paris: Last night the cops evicted the occupied Sorbonne university. They also wanted to evict the occupied Tolbiac university but failed after massive resistance by students. Images from Tolbiac last night.  

10:57am ARRESTSPress release of the Rennes Public Prosecutor’s Office: The search that was conducted at “La Grée” was carried out as part of the investigation opened after the firing of a rocket on Tuesday, on a helicopter of the gendarmerie. “Several elements useful to the investigation” were seized, according to the Rennes Court of Appeal.

Two people were also detained this morning, according to the court of appeal, “unrelated” to the rocket investigation. One was arrested at 4 o’clock for “acts of violence on a person holding the public authority”, the other for having “rushed on the gendarmes armed with a hammer” at 7:30.

ZAD: Cops at Lascars (video)

10:33am Many cops in Paquelais and Vigneux. Checks at the Savenay Lac exit with car searches. There are no more cops in Rosaire. At the Boistière cops move in the direction of Saint Yves…

09:40am ARRESTS: The cops announced two arrests at La Grée. We suspect 2 more in Lascar

09:34am  Identity checks on the road from the Chêne des Perrières at Fay and the exit of the temple.

09:21am WHY THE FLICKS ARE  STILL THERE ??? Because they have an armored vehicle!  Image by @ZAD_NDDL


Or did they decide to use it as a barricade to prevent the zadists from going by?

Why do they keep on shooting? Because they are bored. “Fortunately” a second armored vehicle arrives to shoot first. According to the colonel of gendarmerie they would really like to go home … if they have not left by 20 minutes the vigilant tractors will be put in position.

09:17am AMBAZADA: the cops are still there, they claim that it is to secure the progress of the armored vehicle which is still clearing the Lascars barricade.

09:03am ROHANNE: Cops are combing the forest north of Suez Road, the passage is no longer possible. A new medical point was opened at Liminbout.

09:00am La GREE: except fifty, the cops leave the place to the north. It seems that they also have left the Chemin de la Noue.

08:32am SUEZ ROAD: the cops have passed the Lascars barricade and are now deployed along the road to the west.


NEWS FROM THE PREFECTURE: taken from the article of the World “Emmanuel Macron, announcing Thursday that what” was evacuable was evacuated “, whistled the end of the operation of expulsions on the ZAD.But the tension remains live and the police will remain mobilized.

The end of the expulsions of the “illegal” occupants on the zone to be defended (ZAD) of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire-Atlantique) is official. The prefect of the Pays de la Loire region, Nicole Klein, must confirm it during a press conference Friday morning April 13. (…)

This announcement is the concrete translation of what the Head of State said, during the interview he gave to TF1, Thursday at 13 hours. “The operation arrived at a point where everything that was evacuable was evacuated. There will be now, in the coming days, a work under the authority of the prefect which is to allow agricultural projects legal, organized, to be done, “said Emmanuel Macron.

On the ground, after the violent clashes that pitted the mobile gendarmes for more than two days, 2,500 for the entire intervention, and hundreds of zadists, residents of the area backed by supporters came to join them, and after a day of Thursday a little calmer, the time is therefore to continue the work of clearing, but without any new expulsion.

A total of 39 sites were reported to have been evacuated, most of which, at the time of the assaults, were empty of their occupants. All will be destroyed. The state can thus avail itself of a goal achieved, since the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, had mentioned forty sites to be evicted.

Securing clearing operations

However, this outcome expected by many on the ground as the clashes had become violent, does not mean the withdrawal of gendarmes from the area. “This is not the end of the intervention of police on the spot, says Nicole Klein. There are still many ultra-violent people, the ultra-left who want to continue to fight. The gendarmes will therefore have to secure road clearing operations, since the RD 81 [the departmental road linking Vigneux-de-Bretagne to Fay-de-Bretagne] is blocked by barricades, as well as their rehabilitation. 

The device could be slightly lightened as early as next week but, according to the staff of the gendarmerie, the grid will remain important throughout the area and clearing work will be protected, as well as both departmental roads, RD 281 and RD 81 crossing the ZAD.


Nicole Klein, who had always said that the door was open, must specify Friday that it will “reopen the discussions with all those who want it on the ZAD” to revive the process of dialogue and regularization. That’s also what Mr. Macron suggested on Thursday. “I hope that the farmers who are on site, who have a project for this territory can develop it, but it is not the disorder and it is not the occupation by people who only seek to create the trouble, “he said.

High Risk Weekend

The end of the week will be scrutinized. Saturday, a demonstration against expulsions on the ZAD is planned in Nantes. It promises to be explosive in a city that remains marked by the clashes and the considerable damage caused on February 22, 2014, after a demonstration against the airport project.

Ms. Klein confides to think about the possibility of prohibiting the large protest rally to be held in the grove of Notre-Dame-des-Landes Sunday. “We will look closely at how the event is happening in Nantes on Saturday and we will advise,” she says.

08:13am The sound of grenades: we wonder a little here if the immoderate use of grenades  as offensive weapons is legal.

08:08am An armored car crashed into a ditch at the Lascars barricade, probably a gendarme who is drunk. (Image at the top of the page, image by @ZAD_NDDL)

07:58am The cops retreat from Vraies Rouges and went back to their favorite position around Lama Faché. They really start to like this crossroads, will they ever leave them?

07:45am Big device also around Vraies Rouges. People are on the roof.

07:42am An armored vehicle attacked the “Lascar” barricadewhich protects the access to Suez road and Wardine.

07:39am The cops have taken position on the La Saulce crossingt, the barricades are on fire.

07:35am La Grée: about thirty people are being kept by cops, nassée, in the courtyard. One person was evacuated on a stretcher, we do not know more for now.

07:34am WARDINE: The cops are gone, after checking identities and searching bags of people on the campsite.

07:19am Surprise! The Prefecture lie! 2 minutes after the announcement that the operation concerned only La Grée we learn that the cops are on the campsite at Wardine, ask people not to leave their tent and control identities.

07:13am According to the Prefecture, the massive invasion of the zad in the early morning is linked to an operation requested by the prosecutor of the republic and the Judicial Police, in order to make targeted arrests, including at la Grée. We remain vigilant.

05:30am “I announce the end of the operations carried out by the gendarmes” declared the Prefect yesterday, at 10:00pm (22h), in West-France (article here).

While we must remain vigilant in the coming days, it is only a word of policy … And the continuation is not going to be simple, it will be necessary to fight together to continue to defend what we want for the future in the zad. 
But they have been pushed back , even if they will always say the opposite! 

Congratulations to those who have given themselves day and night to resist their operation, on the ground, from home, behind screens … 
Congratulations to those who stood up to the cops, endured the gas, howled their anger 
Congratulations to those who acted everywhere in support, and beautifully 
Congratulations to those who have created and made living spaces welcome 
Congratulations to those who have been watching patiently 
Congratulations to those who treated the wounds 
Congratulations to those who swung mud, stones 
Congratulations to those who worked on telecom, radio and external communication 
Congratulations to those who came with their tractors 
Congratulations to those who brought supplies, clothing, equipment 
Congratulations to those who did the job with the media 
Congratulations to those who took care of others 
Congratulations to those who walked in the mud all these days 
Congratulations to those who have not slept more than 6 hours in 4 days 
Congratulations to those who took care of kids of others so they can come to the field 
Congratulations to those who cooked for everyone else 
Congratulations to those who relayed everywhere and brought the world to ZAD
Congratulations to those who have taken positions in press releases, stands

The rally of Sunday, April 15 on the zad is maintained, let us find many to defend the continuation!

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