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Live Blog Day 7: On the ground from #ZAD #NDDL

Yesterday morning we arrived at the ZAD and started with our independent on the ground reporting. If you want to contribute to our live blog; You can send your pictures, videos, reports and analysis. Go to our submit page: here. Click at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information.

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Big mobilizations today:
– Sunday April 15 – Gathering at ZAD on Sunday after a week of expulsion to respond on the ground to the expulsion operation.

09:47pm We are out now. Thanks for reading.

07:09pm Clashes at the corner of the field where the Standoff was earlier today. Going on there for about 40 minutes now

06:28pm The cops again and attack with tear gas but they were really tricked with the action with the prepared Hut construction. They even had to retreat from the field where the Standoff was.

05:45pm Cops attacked people with flashbacks and tear gas. The people with the rooftop construction. The kept on marching, others are keeping the cops busy now.

05:00pm People marching on a field with a roof construction to build a new Hut to replace one of the huts that were evicted and Demolished last week.

04:46pm #ZAD #NDDL The cops that were in the forest retreated to the field. Pressure on the cops is increasing.

04:24pm Cops are encircled now after a big group moved around them.

03:44pm The Standoff continues (towards La Gree)

02:15pm We had a short lunch break

01:35pm Standoff continues. People tried to push back the cops more but didn’t succeed with the first attempt. Several people injured.

12:40pm Standoff between cops and ZAD ist on a field.

12:08pm Again and again people are carried away because of injuries. In the past 15 minutes alone we saw 3 people carried away.

11:40am Clashes are ongoing at #ZAD #NDDL after cops attacked protesters earlier this morning

11:02am Clouds of tear gas, flash bangs.

10:42am Cops just attacked this group. Tear gas charge.

09:12am Good morning from ZAD. There were already 2 arrests this morning. Many cops in the area. Take care of each other.

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