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Still la #ZADResist at #NDDL

Yes they are strong, they come with all this equipment, all this gaz, all this pollution and all this physical and psychological violence, and still the zad resists, still people continue to forge bonds and liberate space while facing the fascist state with his crushing boots that is trying to devour our life’s and environments.

Originally pulished by ZAD Resist.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Still la ZAD Resist at #NDDL

Yes they are strong, they come with all this equipment, all this gaz, all this pollution and all this physical and psychological violence, and still the zad resists, still people continue to forge bonds and liberate space while facing the fascist state with his crushing boots that is trying to devour our life’s and environments.

There is a part of the ecosystem that does not want to be regulated, neither by state, nor crapitalists, nor oppressors. The earth is howling and we’re hearing its call and growling and howling back. Some of us move with a black gentle swiftness dancing on the sound of the resistance fighting to be able to keep dancing to the drums of emancipation, singing with the songs of free birds. But compas are also falling to the beat downs of the violent predators, hungry for power, hungry for punishment, hungry for victory.

Lets not forget those that are in the grip of repression. Those that are being put away behind walls for seeing clarity, objective, common sense. Lets not forget those that they are trying to enchain, those who become movement and those they can’t control or incite to servitude, nor able to force to submission. The states and their hordes of robots mutilate and kill those in their line of sight, those they can’t touch, those that dance with love, solidarity and inspiration or standing tall in the face of oppression and domination. Resisting and struggling with determination and servitude that tomorrow we all could wake up in a world where violence is not imposed or utilised for psychopathic capitalist and egocentric projects, or by sociopathic political social and isolating structures. They are after those that are fighting back, those who are holding on, those that are releasing their anger fed by truth, consciousness and consideration. They manipulate and exploit those who are unable to fight back, crushing and sufficating them untill they break or become of no use and die.

It seems the zad has inspired many of us, in many ways. Today we face a crushing reality. Some want to negotiate, out of fear, out of opportunism, for pacifying and submissive ideologies. Ideologies based on oppression, murder, exploitation, self-destruction. For self-interest, collective psychoses or comfort. Ideas and projects that do not fit many of the visions of others on la zad, projects that doesn’t give place to unconditional solidarity for basic needs to all that walk this once beautiful and vital world. In la zad, like elsewhere, some of the squads are trying to create possibility of liberation, of learning, of exchange of surviving within the matrix that feeds on fear, lies, exploitation and suffering. Compas in these squads try to reinvent or put in place new and old ways of interacting with our environments, our peers, our hearts.

The world that wanted the airport wants to take everything from us, lets give none, lets take back what they conquered, stole or destroyed on mother earth. We are born equally, why would some die crushed by misery, by hate, by frustration and others enjoy life with no conscideration for other life’s. Let us die with dignity, knowing tomorrow will be a beautiful day for everyone and not just for some assholes that decide who lives or die.

Some of us don’t want war, we don’t create wars… We are struggling against a war that is waged on us, waged against many peers alike, waged on natural life and on our rights to exist. Once a compas said, “revolution doesn’t mean anything if you don’t live it on a daily base”. R(adical)evolution exists when struggle becomes movement, a determined movement of change, marching towards the same horizon, marching on the heads of masters, their kings, and on the helmets of their armies. Within the furtile earth and resistance at la zad of notre-dame-des-landes like in many other territorial or social struggles, seeds are planted, seeds of hope, compassion and solidarity, growing progressively in to tree’s that make forests, that shelters, tries to protect and liberate basic needs for life to flourish and for us to explore. Many of us defend and care for basic and local needs for autonomous survival and common sens outside of imposed structures that pushes us to self-destruction and misery. Basic needs of understanding and inclusive activities for everyone, young and old, human or non-human. Their is a real dynamic movement that wants to defend this area and what exists on it, they interact with it, they defend it today for the possibilities of that what will exist tomorrow.

It seems a turbulent and inspiring time for change and struggle. A time that connects many individuals with different sensibilities and realities. It inspires to wake up tomorrow, and to engage in creative ways in a fight for a world that is able to feed many human and non-human existences and healthy, resourceful ways of life. Creative ways of fulfilling individual and collective needs or sens-full desires, accessible to and shared with everyone.

How far will we be pushed, how far will we let them go, these sociopaths of the state that infiltrate, impede or kill our movements ? How much power will we let them keep before they have enough to take the rest of of us? 
Collective power is force. Collective power is an assembly of our individual power which they manipulate and seduce us into giving to them. They want to negotiate our forces and means of creative emancipation and inclusive solidarity. They want us to surrender it for isolating servitude and complicity of murderous violence. In la zad like many other places, this power is not given away, at least not easily, not yet. It is distributed into forces to be reckoned with, forces of free electrons, forming packs, forming collectives, creating, giving and defending the place for ideas and experiments interconnected and compatible with inspiring and new forms of life. Giving place for a more natural life, life that is our source and means of survival. State leaders and dictators, crapitalists, masters, bosses, and other psychopaths and sociopaths, want to exploit that force, our power, to use it against us and abuse it for personal gains, control it and consume it. They play with all life, our lifes, like pawns on a chessboard. To be able to play with our own life’s in harmony with all the rhythms that excites and challenges us or to be able to create our own rules in the complexity and complicity of our intersectional existences and ways of life, we must break the chessboard, break all the rules, break the means with which they try to move us between invisible borders, in their concrete wastelands full of manipulative symbols pushing us into their intoxicating and tiring imposed lifestyles.  

These kind of places of intens struggle like la zad needs constant provisions and rejuvenating forces to withstand the imposing liberal and fascist movements that crushes and try to enslave our common life’s. These places need determined and relentless resisting forces to keep the crack open outside their proprietary, authoritarian, oppressive matrices and institutions. A force that keeps the crack liberated from destruction, apathy and senseless violence. 
Empires colonised the world, and are exploiting and killing it. Lets keep liberating every inch of the earth, and defend it. Even tho we are in an asymmetric and imposed power-struggle, lets not despare, let us keep dancing on the rumble and ashes of their murderous institutions, infrastructures and means of repression, means of existence. We don’t want to negotiate our life’s, we want to self-manage it, and share the fruits of experiences and understanding by the means we feel comfortable with. May it be trough conflict, experimentation or trough intimate encounters. The current situation of la zad gives us possibility of resisting the world that tried to impose an airport. It gives opportunity and means to converge and gather forces and to be able to break and subvert systems that are running on imposed violence and constant fear, constant exploitation, constant suffering. Lets take that opportunity and give strength and inspiration to those imprisoned, or in despair of basic needs and joyful life, lets give strength to ourself and our affinities.   

La ZAD means the zone to be defended, this can be anywhere. Anywhere struggle becomes movement. La zad is our thoughts, our bodies, our compas, our environments … la ZAD is our squad, our home, our world. They want us to present a project, lets tell them and show them that la ZAD is our project. Lets take back our power, occupy their colonised spaces, tear down their isolating and imprisoning walls, exclusive and discriminating borders, cut down their controlling infrastructures and burn down their institutions and means of oppression.

With love and solidarity from la ZAD. 
Solidarity with all those struggling, resisting and retaliating for a more anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-kyriarchic society, communal or neighbourhood..

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