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40.000 took the streets to protest against new Bavarian police law in #Munich

After many demonstrations in cities across the German state Bavaria, more than 40.000 people took the streets in Munich earlier today. The authoritarian CSU, Bavaria’s sister party of Merkel’s CDU and coalition party in the German federal government, is governing Bavaria with an absolute majority but resistance is growing.

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

40.000 took the streets to protest against new Bavarian police law in Munich

On May 15 Bavarian parliament votes on a new state police law (PAG), but this law could be the blueprint of new federal police laws in Germany. The federal interior minister, now called homeland minister, Horst Seehofer, is a member of the Bavarian CSU party and already announced that the new Bavarian police law is an example for the rest of Germany. He said that during a meeting of the interior committee of German federal parliament, the Bundestag. Some other German states, like North Rhine Westphalia are already working on similar new police laws. 

In the proposed new Bavarian police law, the cops are not only allowed to spy on online chats, but they are also allowed to change them. The new police will allow will the cops to spy on journalists, doctors, counselling centers and helpdesks. They can tap their phones, do online raids and confiscate letters. Journalists, doctors, counselling centers and helpdesks can also be targetted with video surveillance. But the cops can also do that with every other citizen when the new police law will be approved. All these measures can be carried out without any specific suspicion or allegation. De facto the new law also ends the separation between intelligence services and the police.

The new police law also allows the cops to force people to move in another city or to force them not to leave the city. The cops will also be able to pre-emptively detain people for 3 months. They will be heard by a judge, but they will have to do while they are already imprisoned and without a lawyer. These 3 months can be extended for another 3 months, without a maximum of extensions. Most of the measures in the new police law are on a pre-emptive basis, when it comes to the CSU, it will be enough when the cops think that somebody MIGHT commit a crime in the future. 

After many mobilzations in the past weeks, more than 40.000 people took the streets in Munich today and although that is a positive sign, it won’t be enough. In 5 days Bavarian parliament will vote on the new police law. Because of the fact that the CSU has an absolute majority there is no doubt the new law will be approved. Demonstrations will not be enough, the resistance has to be brought to another level.

People will be confronted with more repression, more people in prison, more raids and who knows what else the state mercenaries will do with their new authorities. But the new police law will also bring new chances. More and more people will realize the cops are not their friends and not their helpers. That might be the moment that more people will stand up and fight oppression. This is not the time to sit down and moan. The authoritarian state and it’s institutions are showing their real face more and more, this is the time to work hard to create a momentum, a revolutionary momentum. 

See you on the barricades!

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