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#ZAD #NDDL: Drop “l’Appel” (the call), take the pickaxe! – Plus image gallery from ZAD from April

Anti-authoritarian criticism on la #ZAD of #NDDL and a call to meet May 13-12. Plus image gallery from ZAD from April.

Originally published by ZAD ResistImages by Torben Ulmer – Photojournalist.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

ZAD NDDL: Drop “l’Appel” (the call), take the pickaxe! – Plus image gallery from ZAD from April

May 14, 2018 has been set by the state as the deadline for the “illegal” occupants that are not wishing to regularize to leave the premises… This raises the question of what is an “illegal” occupant? And what are these “premises”? And where are these people supposed to go? Will the “zone” become a territory with controlled access? Who will have access? Who will give permission? On what basis? In what geographical boundaries? What does this imply as measures of social control? What will happen to people deemed “illegal”?

Part of the movement against the airport and for its world has imposed its vision on the rest of the occupants : if we are kind, if we sign, if we do not barricade the boulevards of the cops, if we agree to the orders of the “zadionale” police and its “zadiocrates”, the state will leave us alone …

After having sold the road of the barricades (RD281) at a “fair price” and imposed the destruction of Lama Fâché by force, the filing of project files (not previously communicated to the entire movement or to all the occupants) was done, despite deep disagreements over this strategy, through a lobbying campaign in a pretext of “state of emergency” (with in the background the real risks of physical punishment in a mode of “cartrunk or pressure”).

For years already, internal pressures and power struggles plague life on la ZAD. For a long time, the anti-authoritarians have stepped on their brakes not to compromise the fight against the airport. Today, time is no longer to compromise with the “capitalist-friendly” or hierarchical fringes. The airport is dead, long live the struggles!

From la ZAD, we organize to fight against all the rulers and against all hierarchies. Because we do not tolerate la ZAD being appropriated by groups that impose their views on everyone, take ownership of the means of production and lock-in the political decision-making structures.

Because la ZAD belongs to everyone, it is maintained thanks to the solidarity of everyone, we refuse its gentrification. We invite all the anti-authoritarians, the rebels, the insurgents, the autonomous, the clandestins, the under-privileged, the marginalized, the social cases, the loosers, the schlags to meet on la ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, fRance, on the 12th and 13th May 2018 (if you want to come before, welcome) to organize horizontally the most unpredictable responses to the authoritarian, state and capitalist attacks.

Fear does not avoid the danger. 
We are determined not to give in to threats, wherever they come from. 
Obviously everything is self-managed and our resistance will be what we will. 
Come with your ideas, your analyzes, your points of view, your divergences, your workshops, your gear, your ski masks…

Let’s be uncontrollable.

Image Gallery (Images by Torben Ulmer – Photojournalist)

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