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#NoG20 In solidarity with G20-prisoner Peike (Flyer)

Flyer about the situation of NoG20 prisoner Peike and report about day eleven and twelve of appeal procedure.

Originally published by Free Peike.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

NoG20 In solidarity with G20-prisoner Peike (Flyer)



—————> Printable versions of the front and  back

Day eleven and twelve of appeal procedure

Yesterday, April 25, Peike’s higher appeal continued with the eleventh day of trial. This time the new witness was finally present, so the session could begin with her witness statement.

During the G20 this cop, Beecken, worked at the GeSa (Gefangensammelstelle, a temporary cell complex that was set up specifically for the G20 in a vacant supermarket). This is where she received agent Marx with Peike. Marx was put in front of a computer to write his report on the incident and Peike was informed of his rights and the accusation. Beecken also wrote the “Zufuhrbericht”, a document which is used when an arrestee is brought in front of a judge for the first time; in Peike’s case this judge decided he would not be released immediately. It is remarkable that this Zufuhrbericht only mentions the throwing of one bottle and one case of assault. When the defence pointed this out yesterday during the session Beecken stated, however incomprehensible that may be, that she did not mean anything with the use of the singular and indeed had meant two bottles instead.

The “Laufzettel” was also discussed extensively; this is a document which accompanies the arrestee from beginning to end in the bureaucratic process and contains all the information concerning the person and procedures. Since this document had not yet been included in the file, the defence requested its addition.

Since the witness statement was not yet finished when the session came to an end, it was continued during the session of today, Thursday April 25. While many German and Dutch people supporting Peike were already present yesterday, today there were even more: over 30 friends and comrades travelled by bus from Amsterdam to be present at the session,
in addition to the German supporters already there, which filled the public tribune completely.

Despite the request of the defence to add the Laufzettel to the file, this had not been done today since, according to Beecken, it is difficult to get it. After a few more questions to witness Beecken posed by the defence the session was closed. Both the judge and the lawyers
will only have more questions once they will have received this Laufzettel.

Peike visibly enjoyed the huge amount of people in the court house. Until now there have been twelve sessions, of which today was the last. The subsequent sessions can be found under “events”. Come and show Peike support at the Hamburg court house!

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