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Live Blog The 2nd wave of expulsions at La #ZAD #NDDL

Welcome to our live blog. Today the French state will start with the second wave of expulsions at La Zad. If you want to contribute to our live blog; You can send your pictures, videos, reports and analysis. Go to our submit page: here. Click at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information.

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Live Tweets by @ZAD_NDDL and @ZADResist 

ZAD Radio Klaxon: here and here.

List with solidarity protests across France tonight against the 2nd wave of expulsions at la ZAD (French):

06:30pm We go out now for today. Thanks for reading.

06:26pm Gathering in solidarity with La ZAD in Lille. Image by @PatrickSeghi


06:17pm The cops are leaving La ZAD (for today!). About 100 police vans driving north at the D81.


06:16pm People start to gather in solidarity with La ZAD  in front of the prefecture in Nantes. Image by @SophieCdr44


06:00pm In Belleville, Paris, dozens of  police vans with riot cops are waiting for people who want to protest in solidarity with la ZAD.

05:38pm The people who empty the evicted cabins and houses are masked. One can understand why…


05:34pm Images of the paint bomb attack in solidarity with La ZAD at the French consulate in Munich. Images by @BlackCatMuc

05:16pm It seems that the police operation has more or less ended for today. They destroyed the cabins that they had targetted for today but not without the resistance of the people that were at la ZAD today. Tomorrow the cops will target other parts of la ZAD. Because of the area the cops targetted today and the other areas they want to evict tomorrow, they have to secure an area that’s much bigger than today. That brings new chances for more resistance tomorrow. Reinforcements of ZAD activists are expected at la Wardine and Bellevue.

05:06pm This afternoon, the excavators are busy, the cops are defending the spaces, but do not seem to be in “attack” mode anymore.

04:29pm Attack with red paint against the French consulate in Munich, Bavaria (Germany) during the night hours. Solidarity with la ZAD! Statement (German):

04:16pm Pui Plu is now also destroyed.

04:04pm State mercenaries are now destroying the datcha at la Hache.

03:54pm The diggers are destroying the Vosgerie now.

03:30pm Solidarity protests also in Saint Etienne and Poitiers tonight. Saint Etienne: 07:00pm (19:00) in front of the prefecture. Poitiers: 06:00pm (18:00) place du marché.

03:13pm La Chateigne before and after… Images by @aureliamoussly

03:07pm Cops started destroying La chateigne.

02:40pm Activists blinding cops with mirrors (video below)

02:32pm Solidarity protests also in Rouen tonight. 18:00 (06:00pm) at Théâtre des Arts. Facebook event page

02:22pm Many trucks, quads, diggers and other equipment are driving on chemin de Suez now. to destroy cabins there. The drivers are wearing hoodies and the license plates are hidden.

02:11pm Trial currently at the court in Nantes and tomorrow 02:00pm (14:00) need support.

01:44pm In Dijon there will be solidarity protests as well. 18:00 (06:00pm) in front of the prefecture in Dijon.

01:40pm Solidarity prostests also in Lyon and Toulouse tonight. Toulouse: 18:30 (06:30pm) chapelle (36 rue Danielle Casanova). Lyon: 19:00 (07:00pm) pLace Raspail 

01:30pm About 2000 cops are carrying out the expulsions at la ZAD today.

While the cops are destroying cabins…. others already started to build new ones…

01:17pm There are always plenty of ideas for actions at (french) the page “Denouncing a Collabo” here , to the best of your ability …

1:11pm Radio Klaxon: Canteen at the wardine, possibility to eat at Bellevue and the lake to the west, message of noe bernard: there is soup and fire in the fireplace (cheminée).

Video by @ZAD_NDDL from the events this morning.

12:16pm Radio Klaxon:  Still cops at the Maquis. Medicinal reminder: if you’re dealing with injured people, do not forget to call the doctor at 07 58 05 74 78.A comrade goes on trial in Nantes today at 14h, come to the court!

12:01pm Last summon by the cops at  la Maison des singes et Saint-Antoine. Confrontations (video below)

12:00pm Things are heating up again. West of La Wardine.

11:57am Clashes at la Chateigne/Maquis. No lunch break for cops!

11:49am The picnic of the cops was disturbed by activists. The refrigerated vehicle of the cops (with their food) is standing in front of La Rolandière.

11:47am Cops and activists have a kind of lunch break… Many thanks to the cartel des cantines from Rennes for cooking food for ZAD acticists. Images by @ZAD_NDDL

11:14am A drone above the chemin de Suez.

11:08am Cops attacking with tear gas again at La Wardine.

11:00am Radio Klaxon: Many cops don’t move. At la Saulce a dozen trucks arrive from the north. Cassiopé de NDDL room is requisitioned by cops so it seems that this is where the cops will stay tonight and tomorrow…

Live stream from La Zad (at La Wardine). WARNING FACEBOOK LINK (Embedded)

Solidarity protests als in Nantes tonight. 18:00 (06:00pm) in front of the prefecture.


09:52am Clashes at the edge of the forest at Bellevue. Images by @ZAD_NDDL

Klaxon radio:  If you are north of the Rohan forest, to the Datchacha, there is a a special unit of cop dressed in light blue who ambush people and make surprise arrests. So watch out, do not stay alone! 

09:22am Cops attack with gas at the Bellevue camping. Image by @ZAD_NDDL 


09:00am Solidarity protests in Rennes scheduled for 18:00 (06:00pm) at Place Sainte-Anne tonight. As we reported earlier there will also be solidarity protests in Paris: RDV 18:00 (06:00pm) at belleville.

08:54am Cops checking id’s and bags on a field next to the chemin de Suez. Images by @JFrancoisMartin

08:42am A digger arrived at the La Saulce crossing.

08:11am, The cops took the Saulce crossing. Image by @JFrancoisMartin


08:05am The cops are positioned at the côté du Moulin, la Pruche, all around the Châteigne, on the chemin de Suez east of La Riotière, and now surround a large area.

08:04am Barricade on fire at the Chemin de Suez.

08:02am The cops took l’Ambazada. Images by @telenantesinfo

Tonight: Solidarity protests against the expulsions at La Zad: in Paris: RDV 18:00 (06:00pm) at belleville.

07:51am The goal of the cops is to evict 10 projects at La ZAD today (at least that is what they say). Nothing destroyed yet. 

07:43am The cops are also at l’ambazada. They are positioning at the complete east part of the chemin de Suez.

07:38am The cops are now at Chateigne. Image by 


07:36am Confrontations at the La Saulce crossing continue.

07:33am Regular blasts now at la Chateigne. The cops want revenge for their defeat in 2012 and attack the symbol of the victory over operation Ceasar.

07:30am Burning barricade at La Saulce.

07:19am Cops started an attack against Châteigne.

07:19am First confrontations

07:15am 07:15am The calm…. before the storm… Image by @JFrancoisMartin


07:11am Cops at the edge of the forest of Rohanne, on different points. They are positioned north of the Maquis and announce the first summons.

07:04am The people in the Puiplu cabin were reported to be out. The cops would be doing an inventory inside…

07:04am Cops prepare expulsions at Rohanne Forest.

07:02am There is an info point at Bellevue.

07:00am Radio Klaxon: Don’t walk alone at La ZAD now. Go with people you trust and always take the phone number of the street medics with you: 0675309545

Waiting for the cops… Image by @JFrancoisMartin

06:46am The cops threaten to attack Bellevue when people defend the Rohanne forest.

06:34am The cops advance towards the Rohanne forest. Image by @ZAD_NDDL


06:24am report that General Lizuray, who is in charge of operations has just shown the map of the places the cops targeted for today: the Vosgerie, the Châteigne, Puiplus, and cabins in the Rohanne forest. He said that places that have submitted projects, agricultural or not, will not be evicted. Nothing is known about the number of days the intervention will last. We oppose any expulsion!

06:07am First attacks with tear gas by cops. Image by @ZAD_NDDL


06:02am About thirty vehicles are on the D81 at the level of la Vacherit, part of them went to the La Saulce crossing. People lay down on the road just north of la Rolandière to slow their progress.

05:59am Cops arrived at the D81 at  la Rolandière (image by @AntoineAgasse)


05:56am 15 vans with came to the barricade of Liminbut, summons, barricade on fire and tear gas.

05:27am  We are also told dozens of GM vans heading to Ardillières from Fay at 5:20.

05:11am Added sixty vans, 4 tanks, 2 jeeps and 4×4. They are so numerous that they blocl traffic to Vigneux! In all, at least 120 vans (about 1200 cops)

04:57am There are now at least 70 vans from the school in the direction of Vigneux, plus 4 jeeps and 3 cars including a station wagon.

04:46am Alert! The vehicles of the gendarmes approach the zad: since 3:30 the vans and cars joined in mass (at least more than 70 vehicles) at the dchool , where the cops who operate at La ZAD are parked. Since 4:20 at least fifteen vehicles have arrived in Vigneux, at least a portion of which have forked in the direction of Paquelais. The helicopter is just starting to fly over the zad center.  There is fear of targeted actions, or a start of deployment for searches (which can only be done from 6am).

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