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Live Blog Day 2 of the 2nd wave of expulsions at La #ZAD #NDDL

Welcome to our live blog. Yesterday the French state started with the second wave of expulsions at La Zad. If you want to contribute to our live blog; You can send your pictures, videos, reports and analysis. Go to our submit page: here. Click at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information.

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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07:37pm We go out now for today. Thanks for reading.

07:00pm Radio Klaxon: Info about what happened at the station: in the forest it’s a real carnage: they brought a big mechanical caterpillar and so now there’s a road instead of the trail with the compressed earth … You are nasty villains !!! Well if not, the cops are from the Domains and so when the bad guys are gone, the cats are dancing !!! Good news from the legal team in the comments: “a camerade who had 1 month of pre-trial detention came out after his trial this afternoon, he was sentenced to 6 months, 5 of which were suspended.”

06:45pm Radio Klaxon: a dozen police vans coming from la ZAD have just arrived at Cassiopé car park NDDL which is booked for the whole weekend …

06:20pm 50 police vans, cars and armored vehicles are leaving Pré-Faillite towards the Temple. Small recap of the day: see below. Reminder: Especially for those who want to make believe that there were no problems: One person seriously injured during clashes at the la Saulce crossing. The injured person had to be evacuated.

06:20pm legal team report for yesterday Thursday May 17: Two people were arrested: 1 was released and 1 other no news but the rumor mill says that this person is in the hospital. Today Friday 18: Nine people were arrested: 3 people released and 6 others of which we do not know where they are: We need information.

06:08pm Radio Klaxon: There are cops in the fields east of the d81 at the height of the Domains.

05:09pm Radio Klaxon: 20 minutes ago a truck with cavity blocks arrived at the Domaines. Probably to seal the house off with a wall inside: it is always possible to go there to look, or what you want… As if… people won’t re-occupy it because of a wall…

04:00pm [Legal team]: Provisional report for today: Between 3 and 5 arrests (at least 3), two people released, one of them because of formal errors.

03:55pm Saturday May 19 14:00 Organize and rebuild la ZAD. Go to the info points at Bellevue, Wardine and la Grée. More info (French):

03:35pm Sunday May 20, 12:00 at Bellevue: Protests against the expulsions and who knows what other kind of actions and cultural events at la ZAD… Spring has come, time to rebuild.

Infotraflic (Traflic.. traffic info about the cops): The military presence on the zone seems to be less this afternoon, but it is only temporary. While the destruction and expulsion were operations to guarantee a good propaganda coup ‘for the national gendarmerie (“clean”, “fast” and “effective”), they will stay and spend the next days to clear the rubbish of the many destroyed cabins. They will also guard the houses that were evicted. Which means that the GM may still be present in mass in the coming days and that they will be accompanied by many machines, skips and trucks, as many potential targets when opportunities arise. A bit of daring, opportunism and creativity that this does not happen with impunity!

And it could start this afternoon as we are told that dump trucks are in the vicinity of Chene des Perrieres, and other construction trucks with blocks have passed through Fay de Bretagne.

02:15pm Cops keep on provoking the community picnic at St. Jean.

01:50pm Radio Klaxon: Bellevue asks for gas (to cook) for the kitchen – If there is too much it will be useful for other places!

01:42pm Radio Klaxon: Message for people taking pictures, especially on barricades: it’s important and even obligatory to ask the peoples on the picture if it’s ok for them to be on, and it should be a priority that we do not have faces of the people on the images. Thank you!

01:34pm Nantes: Appointment tonight at 06:00pm (18:00) B17 to organize a casserole in front of the place of the repression. More info:

01:21pm Radio Klaxon: Denial: About the statements by the cops on the Freuzière: No there was no fire in the Freuzière but there was one in the Préfaillite, but the fire was not by the inhabitants: the journalists were kept at l’eccart during the police intervention, there were broken windows and so on. and so the fire …

01:20pm Cops walking into the picnic at Saint-Jean-du-Tertre

Images from 12:03pm: Clashes at the Saulce crossing. Images by @ZAD_NDDL

12:08pm The six people arrested following the graffiti and the burned backhoe in Poitiers in support of the ZAD left GAV Monday night, May 14. Five of them were summoned to the court. They are being prosecuted for refusing fingerprinting and DNA sampling. Neither the hearings (they kept silent), nor the searches allowed the prosecution to pursue them for sabotage.


11:21am The cops seem to think that these walls will stop people from re-occupying houses that were evicted… Image by @DubrayFranck


10:55am Radio Klaxon: a police van in front of noé bernard drives in the direction of kerterre or depanneuse.  The cops leave Isolette with a small white car. Medical points at Fosse Noire and Wardine, not at St Jean anymore.

10:46am CONTROLS on the D42 La Paquelais direction NDDL, at the intersection of  noe verte. 4 police vans.

10:45am Some information from the Hambacher Forest occupation in Germany: UP III has been imprisoned for two months now on circumstantial evidence, the defense not being access to their files to be able to organize defense and call witnesses. Read more at:

10:39am Cops in civil clothes (hoodies) inspect the lake encampment. Bellevue needs gas for her cooking.

10:25am La Tarte is being destroyed, there are machines and there are 3 dump trucks.

Images from  pré-failly earlier today.

Image 1: 06:00am


Image 2: 07:00am


Image 3: 08:30am


10:10am Confrontations at La Saulce. Cops attacked people with tear gas grenades at the Saulce crossing. According to Nantes Indymedia apparently 1 person severely injured at la Saulce.

09:44am The cops entered Phoenix, at the crossroads of the Ardillères. None of the occupants were there.

09:38am People returned to les Domains after the cops left. Les Domains is liberated territory again. 😉

09:29am Cops are deployed in large numbers on the D326, between Boissière and Noe Verte, opposite the station.  They prepare for the destruction of the train station cabin.

09:24am The cops are at the phoenix, with the marshal and they are looking for one of the occupants of Phoenix.

If you want to support the comrades in the west, know that it is quite complicated to pass the belt of cops and they are surly, they have a tendency to charge fast.

The cops left les domains. They confiscated a computer and a mattress (?)

09:08am In the last hour in the East, Kerterre was not destroyed, there are 7 vans. Earlier the cops said they were waiting for the inhabitant.

09:03am  Radio Klaxon: Info caught on walkie talkie of a cop: there would be imminence of an arrest of a person equipped with a blue shield near a group of cops.

09:02am A convoy consisting of a tank truck, 2 backhoes, 1 flatbed truck / crane, 2 vans with trailer, 1 dump truck, accompanied by cops passes in front of Maison Rose towards the pre-failly.

08:50am “Directly from Chiapas, the Zapatista supporters scrutinize the situation and send you their fraternal greetings, facing the barbarities of capitalist power, total and international solidarity!


08:31am St Jean farm is still surrounded by cops. Image by @ZAD_NDDL


08:30am Update on the arrests of the day until now: 
1 person at the Freuzière 
1 person at the Domains 
1 person at Pré-Failly

08:29am The 6 projects that are targeetted by the cops today are the red points on the map. The houses will be evicted but not destroyed. The cabins will be destroyed. Image by @remibx


08:24am Just in case.. the majority of projects at la ZAD is not evicted (yet?). They are still there.

08:14am Like yesterday the assistens of the state mercenaries who empty the evicted cabins and houses are masked. Image by @DubrayFranck


08:05am 15 minutes ago, the Pré-Failly cabin was on fire…

A video of yesterdays events at La ZAD:

07:42am Les domains inhabitants had 10 minutes to take their stuff. They were asked to show their id’s. One person in custody and taken to Nantes because he could not show the cops his id. They are out now and the cops are moving. The the pre-failly forest is on fire. Trucks pass by Maison Rose and head for le Temple. Image of  pre-failly forest is on fire by @ZAD_NDDL


07:26am The cops are not evicting the Saint-Jean farm. They were looking for a person that allegedly was at freuzière before. Images by @ZAD_NDDL

07:26am An arrest at the freuzière.

07:18am The cops also arrive at KerTerre. So they are in 3 places at the same time!

07:14am The cops are at Domaines and at Saint-Jean farm. The prefect announces that the places at hard will not be destroyed, word of prefect, simply expelled. In addition, the Freuzière has been destroyed.

07:10am According to the cops (but… never trust a cop…) they will target 6 projects at la ZAD today: Le Phœnix, La maison des chats, Les cabanes anglaises, Ker Terre, Ça geint de la Tarte and La Freuzière. The cops are currently encircling the estates and raiding the St Jean farm.

06:58am The Cops surround the St Jean Farm

06:33am La Freuzière in flames

05:55am 2 armored vehicles and trucks at the Maison rose

5:40am More than 50 police vans started from the school in St Etienne de Montluc, also a dozen trucks and 2 motorcycles 2 armored vehicles, pick up …. 
The helicopter is approaching from the west

05:24am Police vans driving to Vigneux and a helicopter in the black sky.

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