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#NoBorders: The insanity of border policing

Statement by an anarchist who is active on the Greek Border.

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

NoBorders: The insanity of border policing

It’s time we own up to our part in the systems that keeps borders intact. Borders are not a concept constructed by right wing bigots. Fortress Europe is designed, perfected and kept by the social-democratic and liberal parties. The so-called “moderates”. Behind the veil of every politician stands nationalism, exclusion and the will to use force in order too keep the divide between those who have, and those who have not.

Here is a breakdown of a night on the Aegan Sea, and the result of the policies implemented by the goverments of Europe.

One night, 4 boats. That’s approximatly 300 people making it over the sea, in shitty dingies. Kids, Women, Men.

From the African continent, our former colonies.For years we have colonised the African lands, exploiting the natural recources. Enslaving the people and shipping them all over the world like a commodity. From the Middle East, where we fan the flames of war by supporting fundamentalist groups, rebels and militants, in an everchanging came of Risk. Whole villages and people shot to hell by drones and snipers from a comfortable distance.

One any given night there is a couple of groups with vastly different intentions present on the Aegan Sea between Lesvos and Turkey.

We have the Turkish Coastguard, patrolling both the beach and the Turkish waters. Because of the EU-Turkey deal they are trying their best to stop as many migrant vessels as possible. This deal directly supports the despotic leader Edrogan, in his quest to make Turkey a fundamentalist Islamic country in the image of the Ottoman Empire. In the process fighting a war against the Kurds, who have finally gained some autonomy after years of being opressed by said Ottoman Empire, and the Turkish Republic. And everyone else that doesn’t agree with agree with him. Also migrants who get deported back from Europe to Turkey face a minimum of 3 months inprisonment with no way of getting any form of legal assistance.

On the otherside of the line we have the Greek Coastguard, patrolling the waters. Remarkably incompetent, they are on the front of the borders as representatives of a nation that cannot possibly accomodate the amount of people trying to cross into Europe. But is forced to do so without rhyme or reason.
Economicly, Greece is in shambles and in no way equiped to deal with a large stream of people. This makes the fucked for everyone involved. Everywhere you go, you can feel the pressure rising.

Also partrolling the waters, is Frontex. Frontex are the European border pitbulls. Vessels of various EU-countries take the role. Both in the mediteranian and here, they are doing “search and rescue”. And as part of their goals is actualy saving people. But mostly they are there to safeguard the countries of europe against the increasing tide migrants “invading” our lands. The industry behind Frontex is huge, as a lot of new technology is being created for the purpose of excluding people. Weapons manufactures adapt their wartime inventions to suit the needs of “search and rescue “.

Then there are the volunteers on the Shorelines, both North and South, keeping watch every night. Volunteers, people who do that shit without payment or coercion or career persepectives, who stay up all night to make sure boats that somehow make it past the coast guard arrive safely on shore. A job that the Greek Coast Guard and Police should be doing, but don’t. Because they don’t care. That simple.

And then finaly the migrants themselves. Unrequited lead actors on Europe’s stage. So much as been written already about the plight of the migrants trying to get to a place where they can achieve some form of self-determination. Something that is stripped at all levels from them in this limbo we call “borders”. I could imagine it as one of the levels of hell in Dante’s fable. Victems of situations they had no hand in creating. Without hope or reason or to continue.

All in all every night there are, I think, approximatly 150 people occupied with the migrants who try to cross in one way or another.

Exit stage left please, it’s time to end this ridiculous stageplay.

An Anarchist active on the Greek Border, May 18, 2018.

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