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#Hambacher Forest: We fight back! Join the resistance!

Call by the Hambacher Forest defenders in so-called Germany: We fight back! Join the resistance!

Originally published by Hambacher Forest Facebook page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Hambacher Forest: We fight back! Join the resistance!

Fight for every meter

Call to action for the Hambacher Forst squat

Since 6 years the Hambacher Forst is squatted. People are building tree houses and defend them to keep the trees, in which they live, safe. Besides their best efforts the brown coal excavators are closing in.

According to law the forest belongs to RWE, a huge energy company, which does not only drive out people from surrounding villages, destroys the century old forest and habitats to transform brown coal into electricity, but is also – in the Rhein area only – responsible for 30% of Germanys CO² emission.

In that way RWE exploits the whole world for their profit maximization and is widely contributing to people being forced to leave their homelands. That is because the first people having to suffer from the consequences of climate change are not those who earn the profits, but the humans in the global South. Because of that, this conflict is also a fight against imperialism, oppression and racism. What happens here, does not happen randomly. It is a symptom of the capitalist system. And we are developing ways to attack it.

Since 6 years we are not only attacking RWE, but a system of power and exploitation, which makes the profit insanity of the industrialized company possible in the first place. It is clear to us, that the fight for climate justice is equal to the fight for a world free from power, beyond capitalist constraints, a world in which big companies don’t have power over humans and nature. We strive for a complete change of the system!

Through direct action we have managed to damage RWE, through sabotage and barricades the company suffered losses in the millions. The possible damage to their image, because the consequences of brown coal can’t be erased from the publics mind anymore, can’t be estimated. With the ongoing squat we have shown that it is possible to resist effectively. Only with collective organization and courage have we managed to take over this area of freedom and hold it. Besides extreme repression, even though many of us have been beaten, abused and locked up, we still are and we will stay here! Because in a system that allows a few to exploit the whole planet for their greed, resistance becomes an obligation.

The time’s running. If the brown coal excavation does not stop right now, it is impossible to stop climate change. And the time’s also running for the forest. Starting October, RWE has permission to continue clearing it. If they clear 70 hectare as planned, not only will a large part of the forest be destroyed forever, but the only forest squat in Germany will be completely cleared as well. It’s not only about saving a forest anymore. It is about global justice, it is about to hold a company accountable. We can only achieve that, if we are many!

Everyone who want to fight state and capitalism! Put your theory to action. Help to hold, defend and shape this area of freedom!

Starting October we will squat the forest widely spread, so it becomes impossible for RWE to clear it. If you cannot manage to come around, help us and yourself – wherever you are. Share this call to action, show your solidarity or come over for a few days during the clearing season between October and February. Contact us. [PGP Key on the webpage]

Stay tuned.

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