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#Paris Monday May 21: Self-managed meals and ball to support la #ZAD

The cops evicted another 10 projects at la ZAD in the past two days but people won’t give up. The struggle continues. Comrades in Paris organize a support event for la ZAD on Monday May 21.

Originally published by Démosphère. Edited Google translation.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Paris Monday May 21: Self-managed meals and ball to support la ZAD

We will eat together (everyone brings something to drink and to eat and we share), to give a balm to our hearts while dancing and singing in chorus, to share the latest news, analyzes …

And for, again and again, there, here, and now, to organize: 147 years almost day to day day after the bloody crush of Paris sommune, help initiatives and communes that bloom to stand up against grenades , the clubbing, the repression.

The Invisible Marching Band will be there!

Appointment: Monday 21/05 at 12:00 
Upper part of Louise Michel square, Paris

And if you want to help us to prepare all this, it will be Saturday and Sunday at the Train Station XP (18 Blvd Sérurier) where Maelström takes place ( )

ZAD everywhere, by all and by all

Since Monday April 9 the State has decided to eradicate the Defending Area of ​​Notre Dame des Landes. To maintain his order and his world the state attacks all forms of struggles that defend collective interests.

Like the marginalized and insecure neighborhoods, as in the “jungles” of migrants, the ZAD has become the testing laboratory for these police abuses. This military operation makes the true face of the state visible: since the beginning of operations, 2,500 soldiers are deployed on the area, more than a thousand grenades fired each day, about one shot per minute. There are already more than 300 wounded civilians and several dead animals.

The state attacks all alternatives with this violence,. While they cut the budgets of all public and social services and break the solidarities, the state is ready to spend millions of euros in this operation.

The Defending Area of ​​Notre Dame des Landes is not only the result of the struggle against a large unnecessary and imposed project. This Zone is also, almost 150 years after that of Paris, crushed in the blood, a commune: an alternative design, a place of co-construction, an open space, self-management systems, fighting against all forms of subordination, relationship of domination, merchandising of our lives … Places of life open to all ..

Railroaders, Students, Unemployed, Precarious, Postmen, Farmers, Hospitallers, Functionaries, Exiles, Universities, Retired … It is for another vision of the world that we fight.

ALL together, let’s fill the space so that the people can bloom again.

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