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France May 22: Day of the Barricades – Against Parcoursup – For a wild May!

France is still boiling. The next major mobilizations are scheduled for May 22 and May 26. On May 22 students call to block all schools and universities and the public services are calling for a strike. Demos with black bloc’s are also planned and for May 26 there are also calls for a black bloc. May 22: Journée des barricades (Day of the barricades). Nothing is over… it’s all beginning!

Published by Enough is Enough. Written and edited machine translations by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

France May 22: Day of the Barricades – Against Parcoursup – For a wild May

As we reported more and more people discuss an indefenite general strike on the French territory. In the coming week there are two major mobilizations: on May 22 and May 26. On May 22 students are mobilizing for the “Day of the Barricades”and the public services sector will go on strike.

On May 14 there was a first meeting in Paris about the current mobilizations and a general strike. The meeting was organized in less than two weeks by Front Social and about 300 people attended. There is now a proposal for another meeting with activists of various general assemblies (railway workers, postmen, students etc.) to meet in the evening of May 22. Gaël Quirante (a union member of SUD Post 92) said during the May 14 meeting: “It is time to discuss how we go on strike, how to amplify the strike, how we generalize it, how we build a general strike. And a general strike is something different than just not working, it’s not only for those who have a job: a general strike means that at some point, with or without job, is a strike that raises the question of who decides in our lives.”

The number of mobilizations has been massive in the past weeks, but it’s almost as if there is a media-blackout across Europe. German media don’t report much about the ongoing wave of strikes, occupations, demonstrations and other actions on the French territory. Even on websites like the German indymedia you won’t find much about the events on the French territory. Some reports about la ZAD and some about the ongoing wave of strikes, but not much about how we can support our comrades. 

The French state is one of the dominant powers in the European Union (EU). After the Brexit campaign, Great Britain lost much of its influence and because of that the German and French states are the two states who are playing a leading role in the EU. This means that the struggle in France is also important on an European level. Breaking the neoliberal French state, is also an attack against the neoliberal policies of the EU. It will have a major impact on all other EU member states. No borders, no nations should not be just a slogan on demos, we should all internalize this sentence. 

That means we have to support the struggle of comrades on the French territory as much as we can. In France itself but also in the places where we live. Distributing leaflets, posters etc. Doing solidarity actions to spread the revolutionary spirit across Europe, spread the information and start to work on a revolutionary mood… But also to breakthrough the media blackout. 

Tomorrow the “black week” (semaine noire) will start. May 22 and May 26 are the main mobilizations, but as you can see on the images below these two mobilizations are two of many mobilizations.

Here is the call by Comité d’action inter-lycéen and Génération Ingouvernable for the day of the barricades. Translated from a Facebook event page.

Day of the Barricades – Against Parcoursup – For a wild May

Where the media and politicians speculate on the supposed end of the movement, everything starts again and again: Never before so many railway workers have been on strike like last Monday, with blockades of railway stations, rails, sabotage actions and wild (unregistered) demonstrations, There is not a single sector that is functioning normally for ten days, with blocked faculties or auditoriums, votes, dozens of cancellations (of exams), two high schools in Paris were occupied Wednesday and Thursday, which is the first since 2016, etc. !

Everywhere the situation is clear: The government has just relaunched a massive offensive against la ZAD on Thursday. Nearly 2000 gendarmes continued the destruction that already started in April, a government note confirms the hidden intentions of the privatization of the SNCF (French state railway company), and the disaster of Parcoursup (a student selection program) is confirmed – professors already reveal the backstage of the platform, with algorithms kept secret and automatic selective processing of applications, the government communication begins to collapse against the alleged number of high school students who could be denied all their wishes. We are already talking about commission of commission in full summer, of forced reorientation, of apprenticeship, etc. 270,000 high school students would remain unassigned at least until the end of June, 50,000 until September – and these are just forecasts!

And their fear is growing: all the blocked high schools of Paris have recently been evicted, the police watch over all the mobilized high schools, almost all the occupied faculties have been evacuated, the Quartier Latin district is daily under siege by the police, the general assemblies of railwaymen are subject to repression, a ridiculously giant arsenal of media and government communication attempted to counter the massive force of the front of the May Day demonstration.

Once again, whether by evacuating militarily ZAD, facultiess and high schools or by jointly attacking railway workers, teachers, high school students, students, pensioners and exiles, the government confronts us with a level of political radicalism to which it is obliged to answer just as radically: the spring is just beginning, it is time to overflow in all points and in all places. Some have realized that what is happening now and could happen in the days and weeks to come is decisive, so it is time to rise to the level of radicalism imposed by the government. #BarricadesPartout #22MayDeter

In order to make sense of current and future dynamics it is crucial to shake the streets and give life to the major fashion shows. Imagine: the continuation of blockages, occupations, local disturbances coupled with real determination on the street in May.

On May 22, not only the public services call for a strike and will demonstrate, but it is also the day when the first results of Parcoursup will be released. The government plans to anounce them after classes to avoid a junction of anger, so cancel classes and coagulate!

We call all youth mob to:
– Mount barricades wherever possible!
– Block or occupy their high school / college!
– Take the lead of the inter-union demonstration at 14:00 at Place de Republic (Republic – Bastille – Nation)!
– Invade from 18:00 the Place du Panthéon against Parcoursup & his world!

Comité d’action inter-lycéen and Génération Ingouvernable, May 2018

francestrikeassemblage 22 Mai2

Call by the Anarchist union CNT:

May 22, 29, 30… Let’s take the train of struggles!

cntfrancelogo“The Revolution is marching” firing 1 20 000 civil servants, restores the day of deficiency, announces the end of the status of the railroads by 2020, bleeds the Hospital, wants to increase the registration fees and the selection to enter the universities, suppressed the contracts aided by a hand, wants to finish with any social protection.

For them the best way to go is: social selection, merit pay, precariousness, privatization of public services, generalized registration, maximum profit.

But  we resist! 10,000 demonstrators at Notre-Dame-des-Landes on Sunday, March 15, Occupations of faculties flourish in Dijon, Lyon 2, Montpellier 3, Toulouse-Le Mirail, Limoges, Bordeaux, Nantes, Sciences Po Rennes, Paris, Rouen, Amiens, Sciences Po Lille and Nancy. They organize themselves against the Vidal law, denounce the police violence like in Nanterre and the fascist attacks in the amphitheatres with the complicity of the Presidency like in Montpellier, demand information on the severely injured of whom no one has heard of since the eviction of Tolbiac. 
Carrefour and Géodis staff are on strike against precariousness. 
The railway workers continue the strike started in April, as an invitation to join them …

It is up to us to organize general assemblies and to decide for ourselves the best way to impose social justice, the sharing of wealth, starting with solidarity with migrants. These are the real levers to drive back fascism, which is now striking openly on our doorstep.

They privatize public services to enrich the employers when the economy as a whole should be turned to sharing for all!

Fifty years later, “May 68, they commemorate, let us do May 2018”!

Appointment :

  • AG 1st degree of strikers at 10 am: Croizat room of the Labor Exchange, 3 rue du Château-d’eau, M ° République
  • May 29: RIS “CP 100% success” (CNT, 33 rue des Vignoles, 75020)
  • May 30: gathering precarious education at 15h in front of the rectorate of Paris


francestrikeassemblage 22 Mai.jpg

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