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Series of occupations in #Berlin: #Squat!

In Berlin activists squatted many buildings today. Until now the cops seem to be unable to cope and didn’t evict the squatted buildings. Updated again and again. Refresh your browser to see the newest updates. Reminder: phone number of the legal team (EA) in Berlin is: 030 69 22222

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Series of occupations in Berlin: Squat!

On May 16 we reblogged a report about the legal situation concerning squatting in so-called Germany. There was a good reason to do that. Today activists squatted 9 buildings in Berlin.

At 02:52pm today the following buildings were released:

Odenwaldstraße / Ecke Stubenrauchstraße (Steglitz) #OdenEckeStuben
Finowstraße / Ecke Frankfurter Allee (Friedrichshain) #EckeFinow
Bornsdorfer Straße 37b (Neukölln) #Borni
Reichenberger Straße 114 (Kreuzberg) #Friedel54 im Exil
Petersburger Straße 16 (Friedrichshain) #Peter16
Arndtstraße 13 (Kreuzberg) #Arndt13
Regattastr. 277 (Grünau) #Funkwerk
Rummelsburger Landstraße #Bootsschuppen
Karl-Marx-Straße 145 (Neukölln) #KMS145

Nine new occupations in one day and activists of @besetzenberlin  announced that more occupations will follow. The Friedel 54, evicted last year, also has a new space. Today activists squatted the Reichenberger Straße 114 in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. 

The new space for the Friedel 54 social center. Image by @besetzenberlin 

Cops are present at the Reichenberger Straße 114 but until now they did not evict the building. The Friedel 54 in exile activists squatted the building to restart the activities of the Friedel 54 social center. Owner of the building at the Reichenberger Straße 114 is the real estate company Akelius. 

In front of the new occupation at the Bornsdorfer Straße 37b in the Neukölln district cops stole food of the squatters in front of the house. The cops also blocked the entrance, so the squatters are now getting their food through the window from activists who are outside (image below).

Image by @besetzenberlin

Like in many European cities, gentrification is a major problem. The rents are rising and rising. In Berlin there are about 20 evictions per day. many people are evicted because they can’t afford their rent anymore. Others are evicted because of new gentrification projects. At the same time about 100.000 apartments are empty. Last month 25.000 people took the streets in Berlin to protest against gentrification and high rents. 

You will find updates of the (ongoing) actions on Twitter. Follow hashtag #besetzen and @besetzenberlin

08:35pm At #Borni Bornsdorfer Straße 37b (Berlin, Neukölln district), the squatters are negotiating. The offer is that if the get out voluntarily the building will be renovated and the squatters will get a renting contract at a “social” price. The squatters would get the contract before they leave the building. But.. still many cops around borni (image below)

Image by @srenoc

08:40pm Owner Akelius (a real estate company) filed charges against the Friedel 54 occupation in the Reichenberger Straße 114. Come to support to Reichenberger now.

0842pm Cops start with eviction of #Borni Bornsdorfer Straße 37b (Berlin, Neukölln district). See image below:


08:48pm Cops attack soundtruck in front of the #Friedel54 in exile project at Reichenbergser Straße 114 in Berlin-Kreuzber (Video in the Tweet below).

08:52pm The cops try to get into the Friedel54 in exile project at Reichenberger Straße 114 (video below):

Cops are extremly violent at Borni and Reichenberger Straße during evictions. Many tweets about cops storming into sit-inns. Many people with blood on their heads. Ambulances now in both streets.

09:41pm Cops carrying people out of the Borni squat during the ongoing eviction.


09:48pm People who were evicted from Borni are brought to a police van. Image by @retep_kire


09:59pm Spontaneous protests now. We go out now but will keep you updated tomorrow morning about tonights events in Berlin. Thanks for reading.

Updates May 21, 2018: Just before midnight #Peter16 was squatted again. While a spontaneous march after the cops evicted the Friedel 54 in exile project at Reichenberger Straße 114 and Borni was still marching, people squatted Peter 16 again. The cops evicted Peter 16 at 01:20am today. The cops also needed a long time to evict Borni. There were still people in the house after midnight. The eviction of Borni started at 08:42pm last night.


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