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Live Blog #22Mai Day of the barricades – Against #Parcoursup – For a wild May!

Welcome to our live blog. In the early morning hours students started to block universities and colleges. Public services are on strike. Cops were also active against la ZAD this morning. Be aware that we do what we can but there are strikes and protests across the french territory. We will not be able to cover them all. If you want to contribute to our live blog; You can send your pictures, videos, reports and analysis. Go to our submit page: hereClick at the refresh button of your browser to get the latest information. Image above: Barricade made by striking workers in Haute Garonne.

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Read the call for todays Day of the barricades: here. We also translated a German version of the call: here.

09:33pm We will go out now. Them next major mobilization in Paris will be at May 26 but in the coming hours and days there will also be strikes and actions. Thanks for reading.

09:24pm Paris: The cops detained 96 people during the eviction of Lycée Arago tonight. At 09:30pm there will be a solidarity gathering at 30 rue de l’évangile, Métro (subway) Marcadet Poissonniers.

08:00pm ZAD: The cops seem to have left the are around Domaine. 

07:46pm At least 60 police vans in the Quartier Latin district in Paris.

07:46pm The medical team report that the clashes at La ZAD are ongoing. 4 seriously injured. One man lost his hand. The medic points are at Wardine, Bellevue and la Rolandière.

07:40pm WARNING GRAPHIC! The image in the tweet below shows the man attacked by cops this morning at la ZAD lost his hand… More information:


07:29pm Paris: People at the boulevard Diderot ask for support. Cops arrived with vans and a water cannon. Lycée Arago is under immediate threat of eviction. Image by @cortegedetete 


07:05pm La ZAD: Cops summon at the level of Domaine. Tear gas…

06:41pm Paris: The cops want to evict the lycée Arago. People are asking for support.

06:40pm Growing anger on the French territory. The government announced that they would release the parcoursup selections for universities at 06:00pm but the website is down.

06:24pm ZAD NDDL Serious injury this morning – Communiqué of the medical team and caregivers of la ZAD:

05:55pm Paris: About 10 minutes ago cops detained 2 people at the boulevard diderot rue pic pus crossings. Cops also attack with tear gas.

05:45pm In 15 minutes students will start the next round of protests at Panthéon in Paris.


05:30pm Video in the tweet below is from confrontations in Paris about 1 hour ago.

05:15pm According to the cops until now 17 people detained in Paris. 


05:11pm Clashes in Paris. Several detentions. 

05:10pm We are back now and will resume our live coverage.

04:03pm Demo in Paris at Avenue Daumesnil. Images by @cortegedetete 

02:43pm Unfortunally we have to take a break now. We will be back at around 05:15pm. We have a meeting to prepare our trip to bosnia (More on that at: ).

02:38pm La ZAD: New information about the seriously injured man we reported earlier about. According to several French main stream media reports (one of them in the Tweet below) his hand was not broken but teared of his arm.

02:29pm Paris: Plain clothes cops inside the Bastille subway (Metro) station. 

02:22pm Striking railway workers on their way to the starting point of the demo at Place de Republique in Paris.

02:06pm Demo in #Paris started at Place de Republique.

01:53pm Image of the front of the demo in Rennes (from a bit earlier). 


01:15pm La ZAD: Around noon one person was seriously injured with a broken hand because of a grenade thrown by cops. This person was evacuated with an ambulance after the cops took him away. This happened at  La Chateigne. There are also tweets about many tear gas attacks.

01:09pm According to the tweet below the protesting cops were thrown out of the demo in Rennes.

01:00pm Students and activists are still at the front of the demo in Rennes. Cops try to prevent them from marching into the historic part of the city.

12:36pm Thousands took the streets in Lyon.

12:30pm Many people at the Gare du Nord in Paris. Especially many railway workers and students.

12:30pm In Dijon people will take the streets at 02:30pm (14:30).


12:25am Demo of striking workers and students in Niort. Image by @AdrianDuguet


12:02pm Demo in Grenoble at Place Verdun. Many cops around the demo. Images by @berurier_

12:01pm La Zad NDDL, Radio Klaxon: A severly injured person. request for urgent medical support between Bellevue and the Chateigne. People need food at Domaine. Other intervention with two people injured, need a vehicle to evacuate. About 100 cops are west of Rohanne (by foot).

12:00pm Demo in Rennes now marching towards des quais.

12:00pm The demo in Rennes seems to be marching again. We don’t know if the cops in the demo left or not.

11:52am Striking workers and students on the streets of Perpignan. Image by @CgtPerpignansud


11:43am Students are now in the middle of the demo in Rennes, blocking the rest of the demo. They demand that protesting cops leave the demo. 

11:32am A group of students and other activists have just taken over the front of the demo in Rennes. 

11:30am Reminder: At 02:00pm (14:00) a big demo with a black bloc will start at Place de Republique in Paris. Info:


11:28am Striking workers and students on the streets of Rennes. Image by @TVR35


11:21am Striking workers and students on the streets of Clemont Ferrand. Image by @CgtEduc63


11:14am The Lycée Pasteur in Lile is one of many many schools, colleges and universities that are blocked by students today. Image by @ambredbl


11:13am Striking workers took the streets of Marseille. Image by @magdalakoff 


10:57am Striking workers in Saint-Étienne. Image by @SNESLoire


10:42am Many people are taking the streets of Montpellier right now. Image by @lemouvementinfo


10:35am Earlier today striking workers disrupted traffic on the hihgway around Lyon.

10:30am Public service workers are on strike today. Images of striking workers in Haute Garonne. Images by @BeaudoinBoris

10:20am Police violence against students at Saint Charles in Paris. Image by @JassieKiddo.


10:10am French territory: Students started to block schools and universities across the French territiory. This all happenned in the very early morning hours. Image of the blocked lycée Hélène Boucher in Paris from 07:29am this morning. Image by @YannHoneymouth


10:05am Zad NDDL: At 4:46am there was a helicopter of the cops above la ZAD. A lot of cops were moving around La ZAD, including at least 2 armored vehicles. At 06:25am there were 50 police vans and 2 armored vehicles at the D281. They were clearing barricades at the level of Sans Noms. At 07:40am the cops advanced with a bulldozer and other equioment to Fosses Noires. in the direction of the new Gourbi. Images by @ZadStreet 

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