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#Hambacher Forest to #ZAD #NDDL: Love Solidarity & Gratitude: Open Letter

Open letter in solidarity with ZAD, NDDL. This letter is only one from many…

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Hambacher Forest to ZAD NDDL: Love Solidarity & Gratitude: Open Letter

As the reports of constant repression, violence and destruction in ZAD NDDL reach us in the Occupied Hambach Forest [blockaded against RWE’s Mega toxic lignite Coal Mine] many here also see and remember the constant stream of creativity, refuge, support, inspiration and solidarity that ZAD NDDL has provided and became for so many through out the years and continues to do so despite wave upon wave of State repression and violence that has been and continues to be thrown at it. Zad like countless other struggles, uprisings and revolution is the ultimate reminder of how much is possible with so little and how “so little” can signify so much.

That is why at this difficult time, also here in the Hambi(just reading the reports but also preparing for waves of deforestation and evictions this year beginning in October),a mega dose of Love, Solidarity and Constant Support is being sent to you from this ancient also endangered but also occupied, barricaded and defended for last seven years forest.

The anti-capitalist, ecological and anti-mega-project struggles for which all of you in one way or another became such a powerfull symbol, particularly here in the forest, have become an integral fabric with what has occured and is happening around you. You are reminder that as members of the global resistance our struggle is never complete and forever intertwined with other global struggles against repression and injustice in which their members, especially those in the radical and anarchistic part of the movement have always been like the proverbial wondering Jew, like the homeless Palestinian Refugee, and like a Kurd with no political homeland. That is the price not only we have to pay but which many of us are more than willing to pay for speaking truth to power, for putting our bodies in front of buldozers and tanks and in front of batons, pepper spray, tear gas and concussion grenade wielding riot cops and the price that has to be paid and which becomes our pain but also our inspiration for not accepting societal fucked up norms and for continuing to live outside of them. That is why we are a target and for as long as the refusal to compromise will continue will remain a targe. Hoever as repressive as capitalism is , as destructive as extractionism, mega projects and climate chaos is becoming even more and more so, it is because of people like you and countless others like you through out the world and through out history that we still have enclaves like Rojava, Zad, Hambach, etc and why executions and ecocide is not as widespread as it would be without constant and continuing resistance. Thank You for all of your Blood, Sweat and Love it is not possible to describe how appreciated and crucial all of your contribtions and sacrifices have become in so many places where the struggle and the resistance continues, where it breathes and pulsates all around this Planet.

Merci Buku!!


P.S. This letter is only written by one among many, yet it would not be an exaggeration that many of its sentiments are not just alive but also vibrate strongly and not just in the hearts of many of the comrades here in Hambacher Forest and world-wide but also in the hearts and minds of many of the creatures and organisms around the Earth that you protected and defended for so long and continue to do so regardless of the injuries, pain and exhaustion.

Never Forget that Hambacher Forest with its now over 30 treehouses and over 11 barrio occupations is your home as well and that you are perpetually welcomed in its dwellings, structures and in its hearts. It would be an honor to have you visit this forest and share your skills, stories and experiences especially during the cutting season in between October and February when RWE together with North Rhine Westphalia Police intends to destroy half of the last portion of this unique and one of the last remaining in Europe 12,000 year old Millenarian Forests. JOIN US! Join Us anytime but especially during the cutting season, for Direct Action “Boot Camp” at the end of September, for the EndeGeleande mass actions from 25th to 29 of October and for the SkillShares Camp this Fall. Join us in Spirit as Well!!

FOR THE ZAD, FOR ROJAVA, FOR HAMBI and countless other places like it





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